Battleteam Wildcards - It's War Time!


Battleteam Wildcards - It's War Time!

Report Time

Hey folks, guess it’s time for me to make my first real report. Lot’s of things are happening so let’s get right to it.

News Things

  • First our Hoth Aedile report
  • Turel’s Consul report
  • All the War fictions, Info and comp links for GJW XII can be found here


This right here is our time to shine. Time to prove that this still new Battleteam is not just for show and to look pretty. Time to show that we can crank out comps and be active. We don’t need wins (though they are welcome), what we want is at least participation. You should always do your best though, and I look forward to seeing all of you doing well in this war.

Also, as a note: reminder that all House members should avoid arranging any PVP matches with anyone including and especially any other COU members. The best practice is just to queue up for a match and, if you don't get a hit right away, announce in djbgaming that you have queued for x game and are waiting. Please refer to the Justicar’s News post on this issue; this is something that is being watched. It’s simple just queue up, play, earn glory for you and your clan.

Another thing I’d like to point out is what your actions in the war mean for the clan. As per the Regent’s latest news post for every member getting participation credit in every bin (not every comp mind you), the clan will earn 500,000.00 bonus credits per member doing so. This is a great way for COU to leave the war much stronger than we entered it. He goes on to remind members that the War Battle Plan comp is broken into the 2 phases. So, if you’re on a team or need one, now is the time to get moving.

Member rewards and achievements

These are since last report:

Augur Daniel “Seraphol” Stephens

  • Clusters of Fire — 7

Corsair Yuki Suoh

  • Clusters of Fire — 17

Commander Darro Zhen

  • Pendant of Blood — 4
  • Cluster of Fire — 206
  • Cluster of Earth — 12

Raider Alifal Bav

  • Cluster of Fire

Privateer Keiji Suoh

  • Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • Cluster of Ice

Peacekeeper Ka Tarvitz

  • Crescent with Ruby Star
  • Crescents with Amethyst Star — 2
  • Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Clusters of Fire — 28
  • Clusters of Ice — 6

Peacekeeper Droveth Kathera Vectivi

  • Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Clusters of Graphite — 9

Post-War Plans

So clearly my plans story wise for us vary for how this wars ends, but I can say that I do plan to run a Battle Team comp session for us. Help flush out the team and strengthen team bonds. I’ll also start to focus on our team wiki more and help develop it more with other people. (Let me know if you’re interested in lending a hand with the wiki work)

Final Farewell

I hope to see you all on the battlefield with me. Do well out there and let nothing hold us back.

Yay reports! Keep up the good work, Keiji!

Great report! You're doing great work and can't wait to see more.

Good stuff. Looking forward to all the Clan coming together even stronger for the endgame in the war!

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