Battlin' Banjos (Or Feuding Clans)


Battlin' Banjos (Or Feuding Clans)


The Blade Sends


Alishu - has reached the rank of Acolyte and also been appointed as Magistrate to the Headmaster. Way to go, Alishu!

Malice - Acolyte and also taken over the role of BTL for the Disciples of Dreypa.. Good to have you aboard, Malice!

Oric Ral - attained the rank of Acolyte. Keep it up, Oric!


The Shadow Academy

Here I will list our member achievements to date since the last report.

Alishu - Sith Core, Mercenary Core, Loyalist Core, Philosophy II : Cults, ACC Combat Studies (Go challenge someone!) and a Dark Maven in Philosophy. Well done and keep up the good work!

Malice - Mandalorian Studies, Galactic Languages, Leadership Management, Leadership Competitions.

Oric Ral - Lightsaber Studies, Advanced Lightsaber Studies, Galactic History IV : The Great Sith War, Galactic History V : Saga of Revan And Malak, Galactic History VII : Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire, Galactic History VIII : Trials of the New Republic, Dark Maven - Galactic History, Dark Savant - History and Lore. (Tearing up the SA! Go, Oric!)

New Members

Firstly, Kalon who has recently joined us as Quaestor of House Ajunta Pall. I look forward to working with you more closely in the immediate future and I’m sure I speak for all the House in saying welcome. We wait with bated breath to see what great things you have planned for us all here.

Kronton - attained the rank of Apprentice. Well done and welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay here in House Ajunta Pall!


Competition update


My first competition to bring to the table is, of course, Between Light and Dark. We all know this is a very important feud between Plagueis and Odan Urr. Phase one is complete and we have a one week rest until phase two begins. Go sign up and do as much as you can. Participation counts, as it does always and we need submissions if we intend to win this feud.

Between Light And Dark

[INQ] A New Order’s Rending

4th (somewhat) Annual Madness Celebration

Why So Serious?

Dungeons And Krayt Dragons

The Division : Divided We Fall

The Division : Race to Level 30


Ending Words

We said a farewell to our Quaestor, Dracaryis who stepped down from the position to take up the mantle of Rollmaster for the clan. Into his place moves the BTL of the Disciples of Dreypa, Kalon who also recently earned himself a Dark Side Scroll. Please join me in wishing him all the best in the position. I can’t wait to see what new ideas he brings to the table in the near future. Welcome to the leadership, Kalon.

As mentioned in the promotions, Malice has moved in to take control of our battleteam. She is a hive of activity and a fantastic person to know. Make her feel welcome as she settles into her first position in leadership and go easy on her!

Now the Feud. Looking at our records for the first phase, the participation wasn’t that great. We all could have done better, tried harder. Let’s just hope that we glean something from the first phase in the form of a couple of placings. In the second phase, due in one week’s time, we all need to do as much as we can.Subscribe, do, submit. Do all those things and we can be victorious over our enemies. Plagueis is great, prove it to the Jedi. Do all the things and let’s kick Light side butt!

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to email me or Kalon, or even talk to us on telegram.

I am, your servant,

Taranae Rhode, Blade of the Fallen

Battlemaster Taranae Rhode (Sith) / AED / House Ajunta Pall of Clan Plagueis [GMRG: VI] [SA: IV] [ACC: Q] [INQ: VIII] GCx2 / SC / ACx3 / DCx2 / GN / Cr:1D-10R-6A-7S-4E-8T / PoBx3 / CFx276 / CIx46 / CEx349 / DSS / SIx7 / SotMx2 / LS / SoLx3 / S:11Cr-9Rv {SA: MVW - DPE - DPV}

Great report. Keep up the good work Taranae! All of you HAP types...GO DO ALL THE THINGS IN ROUND 2!

Thank you for the mention, and thank you for the report!

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