Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - Now with poorly made comics!


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - Now with poorly made comics!

Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report May 26


What’s with the poorly drawn comic?

Well as you might have gathered from it Xanos is stepping down as Proconsul but don’t worry, Macron is stepping up to replace him. So be sure to congratulate him, if you don’t he might use you for his alchemy experiments.

How did we do in the AWOL check?

Not as great as I had hoped, it took our roster count below 40 which puts us in danger of being declanned if we don’t get back over 40 within six months, but we have seen a new member, SebazMed7, join and an old member, Dessan, return so we’re already on the way back above the magical number.

How are we doing in Fading Lights round the second?

Well, I’m pleased to inform you that all three participants from Naga Sadow have made it to the second round, granted both Shirai and Methyas got a first round bye and I got there by virtue of my opponent timing out… but those are all minor details, the important thing is that we’re still in the game!

Is anything happening in the big wide DB world?

Well of course there is the ACC round of Fading Lights, but in more widely relevant news there has been made some changes in the Shadow Academy, new degrees and courses have been added, other courses have been upgraded. There is also an open spot as a Professor (course grader) for the Combat department. More info on the Shadow Academy news can be found here.

Taig is also looking for new people for the Appeals Panel, info about that can be found here.

What about outside the DB?

As you might have read on the news page Disney has announced that the Star Wars expanded universe will change with the current stuff being regarded as “Legends” while any new books published will be canon.

They have also begun shooting episode 7, and have opened up the possibility for fans to appear in the movie by supporting their charity at Force for Change. It’s possible to donate anywhere from $10 to $50,000… hurry up, only three left of the $50,000 option!

What is happening in Naga Sadow at the moment?

Besides a couple of competitions the summit is currently ironing out the setting for our next clan run on, we will get that ready for you as soon as possible.

That’s all for this time.

SWL Malik Sadow (Sith) / M:MAA-CON / Clan Naga Sadow [GMRG: VI] [SA: IX] [ACC: Q]
ED / RS / GC-PoTP / SC-SoH / AC-RoF / DC-PP / GN / SN-BL / BN-AuL / Cr:4A-11S-12E-6T-6Q / PoB-AuL / CF-PlF / CI-PC / SI-AgL / SoF / SotM / LS-SL / SoL-TC / S:1M-1R-1C-6D-1P-10U-2B-3De-7Dec-7Aff
Son of Sadow

I like the comic. The tree is pretty funny.

Good, Malik. Good.

The tree it speaks! I dig the comic and this report.

Anyone got a spare chainsaw? I got a tree that needs felling.

I was initially going to use something British like polo or morris dancing... but in the end I decided on going back to a Goat-classic :P

How many times must I tell you, I don't play polo :P

Comic <3

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