Clan Naga Sadow - Rollmaster Report - November


Clan Naga Sadow - Rollmaster Report - November


Greetings and salutations my fellow Sadowans,

Another month, another report. Yadda yadda yad- wait a second! Good things happened! Promotions! I know I always talk about the journeymen promotions, which are a big deal of course, but this time I’m on about the promotions after that. Sang got promoted to Equite 4 and Bentre and Darkblade both got promoted to Equite 1. Congratulations guys!

In other news, the Equite time-in-rank requirements were lowered, and trophy’s came out today. Now we can all compare our epeens and rage about them! There’s some pretty cool ones there, my favorite being “Remember the name”. What’s yours?

Almost forgot: The Order of the Black Guard is a special order in Naga Sadow which this link will tell you all about. Competitions are currently being run (see below) by the Summiteers to determine who will become a Black Guard. Get your entries in, because admission into the Black Guard, aside from fictional benefits, also invites you into Conclave.

Master-Student Program

As always, I can’t stress enough that our Master-Student Program is incredibly important, as it can help you grow and find your place here with us. So sign up, whether you’re an eager Student or a willing Master. The experience will enrich the both of you.

At the moment however, there’s not many active students. (If you’re an (in)active journeymen without a master, sign up with the form below!) If you’re antsy for a student of your own, recruit. Recruit from the games you play, recruit from the ticket line for Star Wars 7, recruit at the bar, recruit from your friends. Just bring ‘em all! I promise I won’t hurt them.. much.

Here is the official form for the Master-Student Program to show your interest as a master, or as a student.

Click me, for I am important and flashy and stuff... Okay, I'm important for setting up pairings!


As always, you can find the full list right here

Notable Accomplishments

In order to save me a lot of work, everyone who was in the Clan at the time of issuing received a Seal of Loyalty. And so here is the progress of the Journeymen so far this month:


  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)

Zadenn Kabur

  • Passed 3 exams!

Kalu Burgoo

  • Joined the DJB (Welcome!)
  • Promoted to Neophyte!
  • Awarded 3 clusters of fire
  • Received 1 crescent with Diamond Star
  • Passed 20 exmans!
  • Attained degree: Dark Pundit - Vendetta
  • Attained degree: Dark Pundit - Essentials

Mactire Chemel

  • Transferred to Sapphire Squadron
  • Appointed BTS of Sapphire Squadron
  • Received 1 Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Earned 2 Pendants of Blood
  • Passed 4 exams!

Allistaire Von Drake

  • Promoted to Acolyte!
  • Transferred to Devil’s Shroud
  • Earned 7 Clusters of Ice
  • Received 1 Crescent with Emerald Star


  • Promoted to Acolyte!

Qyreia Arronen

  • Promoted to Yeoman!
  • Passed 21 exams!
  • Attained degree: Dark Maven - Writing
  • Attained degree: Dark Maven - Philosophy
  • Attained degree: Dark Maven - Flight
  • Attained degree: Dark Maven - Combat
  • Attained degree: Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy
  • Earned 20 Clusters of Ice
  • Earned 15 Clusters of Fire
  • Awarded 1 Anteian Cross
  • Won a lot of medals, that I don’t feel like writing down!

Aexod Burgoo

  • Promoted to Knight!!
  • Did the things!

As before: If you’re not listed, it didn’t mean you didn’t do anything, it just means I couldn’t find a record of you doing it. Let me know if this is the case!

Special Recognition

Special recognition! Special recognition goes tooooo…. Qyreia! Why? Because she’s downright awesome and makes my life as an RM a living hell. I mean, look at that list. LOOK AT IT! It took me at least 3 minutes to look it all up and write it down. I mean, who wants to do all that work.

Seriously though, as her Anteian Cross reccommendation mentions: It is absolutely awesome that a member has the drive and motivation to just do all the things. ALL OF THE THINGS! I love that! Keep on kicking!

Ask da RollMastah

Why do I debase myself to these things?! .

Malik asks: What types of questions are you looking for when looking for questions?
Questions. Questions I must see to. Questions that need answering.

Malik asks: What do you think the future brings for Qyreira or whatever the shipping people call the couple?
Lots of impromptu glomping!

Sang asks: Why are you such an annoying bugger on Mondays?
A cocktail experience of ADHD, not sleeping very well and having to talk to you every morning. <3

Aexod asks: What plans do you have to make Journeymen that joined through a specific platform get interested in the rest of the DJB Activities?
A big part of that is you guys. Honestly right now, I can honestly say that joining Telegram, get swept up in the day-to-day communication between the members is the best way for any member to get involved. It makes you feel included.

Malik asks (yet again): Should I watch Jurassic World or Goblet of Fire?
Dinosaurs versus Magic eh? Go with the dinos. Less touchy feely, more bitey scratchy :p

Darkblade asks: Can I /Glomp you in real life one day soon?
I’ll make sure to dodge if we ever meet… -_-

Scarlet asks: What don’t you like about CNS? And how would you change it?
Ohh, that is a tough one. What I don’t like most is inactive journeymen. Some have good reasons for it and they tell us. But others join and never respond to anything. I guess the only way to solve that is to keep trying to communicate with them, which is why I always send out regular “what’s going on” emails to all of the inactive journeymen, to see if they’re willing to talk about what turned them away or has them disinterested.

Scarlet also asks: When you wrote the Loyalist and Merc exams, did you have fun writing them?
Well first off, I can’t talk all the credit. Bentre did help a lot with those, especially the Merc one. But yeah I had fun, it was a little light on content for the DJB-specific part but as the Voice releases new fiction, we’ll have new material to use. And I’m sure the new movie will add in some things.


  • Lots of promotions both in Journeymen and Equites.
  • Blackguard comps are live. Submit and help shape the clan!
  • Trophies are live!


This pleases me. ~ S

Mighty nice wax seal... and nice report!

Awesome report, and I truly dig the classic seal.

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