[CNS] Consul Report - May 2018


[CNS] Consul Report - May 2018


Hi all, welcome to my final report as Consul of Naga Sadow.

That’s right, I am stepping down as Consul, as of this weekend and a replacement will hopefully be in place soon. I’ll give more details on why I’m stepping down later on in my report.




Well done to everyone who participated in Inferno. We had 8 unique participants from each House, for a total of 16, plus Bentre and Tasha, to make a total of 18.

The top three scorers were:

  • Locke - 47 points
  • Kojiro - 39 points
  • Marcus - 29 points

Tasha and Armad came joint 4th with 20 points each.

Congrats to the top 5 scorers.

I include a link to the document so that people can see the scores overall.

Future storylines

The plans I had for the future of CNS will now fall under the purview of my replacement. As such, they are subject to change. I’ve regrettably been unable to write an ending fiction to Inferno due to issues with my real life health, which has gone steadily downhill these past 3 months.


My resignation as Consul

I’ve spent over 3 years in CNS now, first as Quaestor, then Proconsul and then Consul. I joined back in February 2015, when my friend, Cethgus, phoned me one night when I was visiting a friend in Bradford and I was drunk as hell. He excitedly told me that he had been given the opportunity to become Proconsul of Naga Sadow. At the time, I was in Odan Urr, but I drunkenly promised that I would move to Naga Sadow that very night to support him in his role. I did so, to my eternal regret, because it meant that I had to put up with Locke and Malik for 3 years... (and that kids, is why I don’t drink. I make terrible choices when I’m drunk :P).

I joined Naga Sadow and took over as Quaestor of Marka Ragnos for just over a year, serving with several Aediles, such as Maelous (the bearded wonder) and Tasha (who I nicknamed Blue, as I had just seen Jurassic World). I then took the role of Proconsul when Cethgus left to be FIST. Locke was clearly a glutton for punishment, as he saw my application (I bribed him with a picture of his favourite pokemon, Ludicolo), and decided to give me a chance. WORST CHOICE EVER, LOCKE!!!!

After pretending to work for a year, I got the chance to be Consul of Naga Sadow. Never, in my just over 8 years in the club at the time, did I ever think I would get to be a Consul. For me, I thought I was doomed to be a Quaestor forever, before I got Proconsul. I was like... this is all I’m good for. All I ever will be. A piece of advice to anyone who is still reading. Don’t let yourself down like that. Don’t ever give yourself limits or doubt your ability. Always keep striving and pushing yourself. If I can make it, you can. I was, for a long time, seen as nothing more than a safe bet as a Quaestor, but nothing more. Take the chance to serve your Clan, serve your Club. This is a community that thrives when we take ownership of it.

Anyhow, I digress. I have spent the last 15 months as Consul of Naga Sadow, and it’s certainly been a learning curve. I’ve had my highs and my lows. One of the highs was that we came 4th in the Great Jedi War, only narrowly missing out on 3rd place to Scholae Palatinae. Seriously, that was amazing, but also so frustrating at the same time to me, ahaha. I was so glad that I had the support of my amazing summit and friends within the Clan to clip me around the ear and give me advice. Muz, Locke, Bentre, Malik, Marcus, Kojiro, Evelynn, Darkblade, Tasha, Macron. All of them have, in their own ways, been a supportive member who has tried to make me a better leader. I haven’t always succeeded, but I like to think I’ve tried.

The reason why I’m leaving? Because for the past 1.5 years, I’ve been suffering medically, which has really pushed my body to the limits and I’ve hidden it pretty well by ignoring it. Today proved a case in point, when it took the staff at my local hospital 11 tries to get a canula into me so that I could get an IV. Alas, that has led to the situation I’m in now, where I could lose a limb, or even my life if I’m not careful. This means that I have no choice but to resign for the good of the Clan. I am simply too tired to continue to push forward as Consul, while ignoring my own health. It isn’t fair to me, and it isn’t fair to you, the members. You deserve a Consul who can give 110%, who can support you and drive the Clan forward.

I leave you now, in the capable hands of my Proconsul, Bentre, who will steward the Clan moving forward, until Mav and Vyr decide on my replacement as Consul. Expect an announcement on what they plan to do soon.

I will return to House Marka Ragnos, my first home in Naga Sadow, to annoy Kojiro and remind him of how much of a git he is, the bleedin’ Scot! <3

To all of you, I want to thank you for the time you’ve given me to serve Naga Sadow. Thank you for all of your support and time. I hope that I’ve been able to give you the ability to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Now, I will while away my time playing Heroes of the Storm, spamming the puzzle and trivia competitions to annoy Malik and complain about the good old days, just like the rest of the old fogeys (You automatically have to do it when you get a Clan title, it’s in the manual :( )

Once again, thank you and good night.




  • Inferno Clan Event over. Locke is the winner!
  • I have resigned as Consul. The witch is dead!!!!!
  • Bentre will steward the Clan moving forward until a new Consul is in situ.

Thank you for your time as Consul and for your friendship and mentorship, Sang. Enjoy your retirement, and I hope your health improves.

I hate you. You suck. Come back. Marry me?

Hoping for a speedy and easy recovery, Sang. You made the right choice.

Will miss you bro x

Welcome to the retired Con club.

You are awesome and thank you for your service. You were a lot of fun. I guess this means I can now spam you with even more cat pics! Muahaha

Hugs from your "Blue" as I always will be. ^^

Thank you for all the kind words and respect you showed me while I was in CNS. I hope you heal soon.

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