[CNS] HMR Aedile Report - March: Leaving On A Jetplane


[CNS] HMR Aedile Report - March: Leaving On A Jetplane

Marka Ragnos Aedile Report

The Fallen Spear
Tarthos Orbit

The footsteps echoed down the corridor as the Nihilgenia and the Lion walked side by side. Silence accompanied their footsteps and both men did little in the way of acknowledging one another until they reached their destination. They stopped before a vast door that led into a great room, a room lined with scrolls and books, and everything that the Lord of the Krath had collected over the decades. It was a bookworms wet dream and the stuff of legends and all that collected knowledge lay now before them as the heavy door swung inwards.

“I see the path you tread brother, and though I do not like it perhaps there is something here you use to help you gain the knowledge you need to come to terms with what is happening with you. I have sensed something in you since you came back into the fold and my presence and so...well it doesn't matter,” The Lion sighed slowly and beckoned for Raikou to enter the room. “You are proud of this cult you have created, but I want you to learn about true power. So the task I set before you is simple. To learn.”

As Rai stepped into the room he felt the Lion turn on his heel and exit the room, the heavy door slamming shut behind him. The clones fist banged against the door but no response came and the door wouldn’t budge. “Just how long you planning to keep me in here?”

Until you have learnt, though on a reasonable time scale. I would say three weeks. You will be granted rations and there is a refresher room in the back. See you then. The voice drifted into the clones head.

The footsteps echoed down the hall and became easily muffled by the room the man now found himself in. He sighed and moved towards the nearest bookcase pulling at books randomly, he found one that took his fancy. The History of the Krath was its title and with annoyance spread across his face he pulled up a chair, turned on more of the room's lights and set about his task.

Mini report fiction which it literally just an excuse for me going on holiday for three weeks and why ICly getting ahold of the fanatic will be nigh on impossible. I’ve made the decision not to take my laptop to Australia with me. I’m there to see my kid so I don’t really fancy wasting my days doing DJB work. I can be reachable when on wifi and on Whatsapp/Telegram but I am not doing Clan or Club work and if I talk I am talking for fun and will push you all towards Muz.

So after Tuesday, I do not exist until the 12th of April.

Projects and News!

Go do the event! The CNS and TAR crossover event is now live, go do it. I have done most of it already and I’ll have the run-on posts completed before I fly. If I can do it, you certainly can. Have fun, meet new people and all in all just enjoy yourselves. This is not a competition in the sense you are trying to beat them, in fact, this is the furthest from that. We are cooperating to solve a problem so cooperate well and kick ghost ass! Tarentum has a bunch of lovely people so go get to know them. Shoo, shoo!

The next bit I haven’t touched because I am still looking for someone to do this!

So I have a small wiki project for anyone who would like to do it, it involves Sands of Time at the moment. I need the fictions wiki worthy and put up on the Wiki with a brief run down of mission details, a small synopsis and so on so forth. If anyone would like this task please PM me on Telegram or ping me an email!

Awards and Promotions

Busy month for all!

  • Tasha - 19 CoF,
  • Firith - 12 CoF, 5 CoE, 2 CoI, Crescent with Sapphire, 7 CoG, EQ2 Promotion WOOOOO!
  • Muz - 3 CoI, Crescent with Emerald, 2 CoG
  • Armad - 3 CoF, 5 CoE, Crescent with Ruby, Crescent with Sapphire, Crescent with Amethyst,
  • Macron - 4 CoI, Crescent with Amethyst,
  • Corvek - Promoted to Novice!
  • Shimura - 10 CoE,
  • Raikou - 4 CoG,

Shadow Academy Courses

  • None this month!


The Huge Event! Go do it, do it now.
New Ties

There are so many active competitions I won’t list them all. Go to the Competition page linked here and have a look and participate in all you can!



So again I am off on Holiday, Muz is always around and people are great. Sang is Consul, we are doomed but we shall persevere. The only other big thing of note again is to go and take part in the Tarentum event. Even if you think we have no hope of winning, go take part and stop thinking we can’t win. This is preparation for the Great Jedi War, it’s a lot of work and if we have any hope of doing well you need to step up and get involved. Otherwise, you let not just yourself down, but your friends and colleagues who are doing their best. Clan Naga Sadow is a good, hard-working clan. Regardless of how others see you. I believe in you, Muz believes in you. Hell, even Pravus I’m sure believes in you between blowing us up.

Take care, and shall see you in a few weeks!


Love to all from the lightning tiger above!


Aedile of Marka Ragnos

Git in dere and don come out til ya git yerself lernt. :p

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