CNS Rollmaster Report #15 I Feel WAR coming...


CNS Rollmaster Report #15 I Feel WAR coming...



Welcome to another fun-filled Rollmaster Report! It has been quite a week. Ruins and Rebels is still going on till the 22nd of June, so make sure you get all those submissions in! We have a few reports here from our various leadership.

Also, We have a War coming up. So Ladies and Gentlemen get ready to kick it into high gear, we will be up against other clans and I want to see you out there on the battlefield when it comes! So be prepared, cause it’s coming….


Member Highlights

I just wanted to take a bit of time to highlight Marbus, he is just a trainee and I have seen him around the shadow academy taken on exams. I am glad to see him studying a bit, he has so far completed 12 courses. Keep up the good work!.

Member Awards

I also wanted to congratulate Macron on his Seal of Loyalty, Amazing job! I also had the opportunity to write alongside him on the Ruins and Rebels coop fiction and had a blast! He is a fun person to write with and I would recommend anyone who would like the company of a dear sweet mad scientist to work on some fiction with him. He is awesome!


You can find more competitions here.


  • Darkhawk Asks: Dark Arts, Sith Magic, this is a study that should be more prominent, how would one open themselves up to such abilities and training?

There are wonderful holocrons and books in our Shadow Academy library and I do have a few books in my library if you care to have a look. I can also train a couple Sith abilities.

  • Muz asks: From me (ooc): if Tasha was a human, who would she look like?

Probably an olive-skinned, dark brown haired, green-eyed human with some tattoos.

What is your worst case scenario for why our probe droids are failing on Yavin IV?

I would think the Collective or some sort of Sith are destroying them.

  • Macron asks: Did you buy any critters, or what would you get if you decided to?

I decided to get a Varactyl and a Vornskyr

  • Ciara asks: How are our new apprentices doing since joining the Clan? Any looking to making a name for themselves on Yavin IV? ;)

Well I know Jannala has reached Acolyte. I would hope to see some action from our new apprentices.

  • Hilgrif asks: what is your favorite probe droid type?

Well I am not sure, I am not a droid person.

Closing Thoughts

As always if you need any assistance, someone to chat with, have any ideas, comments, questions or concerns. Please feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or pm me on telegram @Tashavel. Till then, have fun and enjoy the ride!


Thanks for the report, Tasha!

Nice report, RM!

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