CNS Rollmaster Report: Blackguard Update


CNS Rollmaster Report: Blackguard Update


Blackguard Fiction

A cold chill permeated throughout the air as pairs of boots pattered heavily across marbled stone. It was dimly lit and one could feel a surge of dark energy surrounding the room. There were several marbled pillars that lined the walls and a few pedestals with Sith artifacts displayed. Angry humming could be heard from a nearby Sith Holocron and a statue with red crystal eyes seem to stare at two figures approaching the large marble doors with Sith symbols etched into them.

Both figures walked silently through the doors, one in full Sith armor decorated from head to toe and masked so none could see his face. The other dressed as a Mandalorian. As they passed through, they could feel an intimidating presence before them. Koji knew this feeling well, it was the Lion of Tarthos. Xuner also knew better than to disrespect the authority before him. Both were humbled in his presence and respectively bowed.

Muz however, was not the only one watching them, a human Corellian with a glowing-red Tukatan eye glared down towards the pair as he sat down on an antique chair, as though it were the finest throne. To his right, his auburn-haired Proconsul looked on silently. To the left of the seat, a hooded figure stood, her blue lekku hanging down freely. Meanwhile, across from the Lion of Tarthos stood another humanoid, this one clad in black stylized armor. The Clan Summit had been called, and the pair stood before the assembly.

Suddenly a commanding female voice split the silence as Tasha’Vel stood and walked towards Xuner and Kojiro.

“You have both performed admirably well and successfully completed your mission. Therefore as Captain of the Blackguards you are both hereby promoted to the status of blackguard. Kojiro, you have been a blackguard before and are familiar with combat, therefore I will be assigning you to guard Ashia Keibatsu.” She then turned towards Xuner.

“You have shown exceptional skill-” She was then interrupted by Bentre.

"You have shown," Bentre interrupted, making a whimsical grasping motion in the air as he sought the words, "exceptional valor and spunk. As such, I am claiming you as my Black Guard. You can ask your fellows before you, I will likely abuse my authority over you over the course of this arrangement." The Warlord pointed at Xuner expectantly. "You have shown proficiency. To those who show capability, more is expected. It's a blessing, it's a curse, it's a pain in the arse. I will be taking time to help refine you into a tool, for the good of the Clan, for the good of our Empire, and to your own gain."

Stahoes waved a hand dismissively as he flashed an aloof smile.. "For now though, both of you will go with the nice blue lady with the head tentacles. I am sure she has some tasks before you get released to my tender care of myself and Ashia.."

The Twi’lek looked up at the Consul, her face twisting just slightly from the playful jab.

“Right, as Bentre stated you will become his Blackguard, Xuner. Congratulations on achieving this status. I look forward to how you will deal with those who oppose our Clan’s leaders. For now you are both dismissed.”

Closing Thoughts

I would just like to give a hearty congratulations to Xuner Holst of Shar Dahkan and Kojiro Keibatsu of Marka Ragnos for a job well done on their placements in the blackguard competition. Xuner will be guarding Bentre Stahoes, our Consul and Kojiro, our Proconsul, Ashia Keibatsu! I wanted to write out a special fiction just for them and give a shout out! Awesome work you two! I hope to see both of you on many more blackguarding adventures in the future!

As always if you need anything, feel free to send me a message!


Well done, lads!

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