Combat Master #19: Operation: Tempered Iron


Combat Master #19: Operation: Tempered Iron


So, to quickly start I'd like to take a moment to once again thank everyone that applied for the vacant judge position. There were lots of quality apps and it left me in a tough position for making a choice. It's great to see so many members wanting to give back to the club in whatever way they can. Obviously, everyone should know by now that Mune Cinteroph made the cut. He has taken to the training and the team with zeal and it's gonna be a good time all around.

That said, the focus of this here report is the upcoming ACC event scheduled to start this Sunday! With that in mind, we're gonna give both a quick fictional foreword and reiterate the outline of the competition here. This should be a fun event to fill the mirk that is September. While this is still standard fare, we wanted members to have just enough of a push that they can make the "scenario" play out for their characters while still retaining control of their story. There isn't too much hand holding, but with the sitrep below I'm confident every first poster will have a good place to start.

So, yeah...go forth and have fun! Also, do with the making of combat. I want blood to go with my popcorn.

Table of Contents


ACC Event: Foreword

IGV-55 "Nox Revus I", AIN Surveillance Vessel
Unknown Location

"Contact established from origin AUREK-SEVEN-TWO."

Pings and beeps filled the cabin of the surveillance ship. Each operator manned their station dutifully, seemingly devoid of emotion as they announced frequencies and new processes. There was also a distinct lack of overhead light panels. The pale shifting tapestry of the terminals' displays penetrated the darkness instead.

"Patching through. Completing link with NERN-THREE-EIGHT."

The operators were efficient, as always, in handling their tasks. Multiple terminals were handled by a single individual. Their hands moved from across each interface deftly, hitting exactly the needed input at the right time.

"Link: start."

The secure feed was successfully instantiated, as was the norm for communications through the Advanced Inquisitorius Network's channels. It allowed for communication between operatives without having to worry about such trivialities like 'identities'. Input provided on either end of the link was converted and relayed as a modular synthesis, rather than the actual vocal transmission of the agents on either end. This allowed for complete anonymity. Well, almost. While the "who" remained hidden, the "what" was retained. The Senechal, head of Research and Development, had designed the system himels in order to counter the growing threats against the agents of the Brotherhood. As a result, in addition to its standard procedures, it recorded the transcripts in full.

It never hurt to be too careful, after all.

The signal from AUREK-SEVEN-TWO began speaking first. "Nancora data analysis complete. Outcome as expected."

"That's less than ideal. The situation will need to be remedied," NERN-THREE-EIGHT replied.

"Of course. A corrective action has been included."

The conversation held for a moment as data packets transferred through the link. Then, longer still as the proposal was reviewed. "This will work," NERN-THREE-EIGHT stated. "What of those resources that are less receptive to us?"

"Scenarios can be manipulated to force their hand. Requesting additional resource allocation in that regard."

"Granted. Assign the dossiers to Operation: Tempered Iron. Begin immediately."

Across the AIN, commlinks and datapads pinged as they received operational objectives. While the members of the Brotherhood used the Inquisitorius and its resources in different ways and to varying degrees, information—ultimately—was agnostic. Those that did not wish to comply, however, would be made to as they were placed into situations that left them little choice. There was knowledge to be gained and knowledge, after all, was power.

Ness'arin Ohnaka, Director of the Inquisitorius, smiled.


Operation: Tempered Iron

For those looking for the competition post, it can be found via this link.


After the events of Nancora, it was shown that information had become one of the Brotherhood's greatest weaknesses. The lack of information, specifically.

It was a weakness to be overcome. To do so, the ACC's operatives have engaged in "inviting" the members of the Brotherhood to test their skills against each other. Dossiers have been prepared and distributed based on the observations made during the initial onset of conflict with the Collective.

Not all, however, would accept such an invitation to test themselves. Instead, more subtle means have been implemented to ensure the right member is in the right the right time.

Comp Info

Awards: Cluster of Ice, Elo Scoring/ACC Society advancement, First Level Crescents
Canon: Matches are not automatically made canon. Any lasting wounds to your characters are up to you as a member to decide. Members may coordinate after a match if they wish for a joint canon history of the battle with the opponent.


  • Matches will be graded using the standard ACC Grading Rubric.
  • All matches will be set up as 2/2 Alternate Ending matches in the Operation: Tempered Iron Hall.
  • Matches will be set up with a 3-day (72 Hour) post requirement. A single extension is allowed per match for each participant, allowing an additional 24 hours.
  • In the event of an emergency (member is hospitalized mid-fight in real life), the Combat Master / Voice may extend a match and, depending on time restraints, allow the opponent to re-queue.
  • Members will use the Challenge Queue to set up matches, selecting the on-going competition.
  • Matches will be automatically created as per the competition criteria.
  • Members can use their Alternative Character.
  • Members can only request 3 matches at a time.
  • Members can encounter the same opponent 2 times.
  • Members cannot face the same opponent in consecutive matches.
  • All Matches will expire when the competition ends. In this scenario:
    • If both members have posted at least once, the match will end in a draw, with each writer earning a point.
    • If only one member has posted, and the other has not, the match will end by Time Out.
  • For the purpose of this competition, the minimum word count per post is 350 words and the maximum is 1000 words.
  • The rules of good sportsmanship apply. Match dodging, throwing, and unsportsmanlike behavior should be avoided by any means. Matches brought into question will be reviewed by the Combat Master and evaluated if further escalation in accordance with the Dark Covenant is required.
  • The competition will run for one (1) Calendar month from date of launch.
  • ACC Judges will be allowed to participate in one (1) single match to help ensure that there are enough opponents for members who might get stuck waiting for a challenger.


Members will earn points per match by the following standard:

Win: 20 Points
Loss: 7 Points
TO Win: 10 Points Multiplied By Posts Made
Disqualification: -10 Points
Timeout: -20 Points

The member with the most points at the end of the competition wins. Top 3 placements receive crescents, and all matches fall under the Voice Staff Guidelines for awarding Clusters of Ice. In the event of a tie in score, the winner will be determined in the following order: number of matches played, average Elo of opponents defeated.


All non-clan venues are available in the random pool, no Arx venues are included.


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,


Ohhh, comp. Sweet. Also, congrats to Mune. :D

Will there be dossier goodies like with the JM tournament? Or is this just for kicks?

It's not a tournament, so no dossier goodies.

Oh! Neat to read about the inner workings of the Inq. Can't wait for the event!

Congrats, Mune!

Super exciting!

Though... I honestly don't believe blood makes a very good popcorn topping...

Thanks for the grats, Zujenia and Bentre! And thank you Atra for the opportunity! :D

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