Combat Master Quick-Update: ACC Back Online


Combat Master Quick-Update: ACC Back Online


As of the posting of this bulletin, all ACC activity has been restored.

Starting today, all matches created and finished will be judged under CS 2.0 guidelines.

The next steps we have on the horizon for the ACC are:

  • ACC Fundamentals - Revamp
  • ACC Qualification - Revamp

ACC "Hotline"

As mentioned previously, if you have questions on ACC Mechanics and Realism, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

I'm good at answering PMs for small things, but it is helpful when the whole team can see. Assume that any answer given to you by one of my judges is supported by a conversation with me. We are a very communicative group. I am available for questions even while at work, I am just slower at responding sometimes because I can't technically be on while at work (shocker, I know).

CS 2.0 Bug Tracking / FAQ

As we go, we are simultaneously building a knowledge base for questions we are answering about CS 2.0 and mechanics. You can find the FAQ here: Character Sheet FAQ. This FAQ looks to answer the common questions relating to CS 2.0 Changes.

Spot a typo? See a piece of code thats not doing what it's supposed to?? Still can't believe it's not butter!? Report anything you find to the tracker, found here in this excessively long hyperlink!.

For reference, here is the CS 2.0 Launch Report and some helpful links:

CS 2.0 Links:


I am still looking over Judging applications, and should be picking additional one(s) shortly.

I am still always interested in people interested in being potential judges. Feel free to send me your resume, you can find the details in my last post here.

That's all for now. Expect more from me later this week.



Yay for ACC being back online! Stab and pew-pew all the things! :D

Yay! I guess I should get around to finishing the tweaks to my CS.


Come at me brah!

Interesting. Guess I have to do some edits on my cs.

how do I put in a NSD remotely controlled from planet side to go kashyyyk on opponents

Mhm.. this should be amusing watching the Darkseid stumble over itself, with a drunken elegance.

Wally, I still can't believe it's not butter. Help!

In all seriousness, I redid my CS after 2.0 and it now says it's not valid. What should I do?

Liam, you probably did what I did, and do it too soon. Skill/Force points were tweaked a little after CS2.0 went live (no more +3/-3 depending on order I believe?)

Just go make a copy of your CS, tweak the skills/force points and save. It'll be an auto-approve if you're just changing that stuff.

Just redid mine, much excitement. Good luck to all applying judges.

Wally, I still can't believe it's not butter. Help!

I know. It took me a while too.

In all seriousness, I redid my CS after 2.0 and it now says it's not valid. What should I do?

Check to make sure all the Feats you've selected match your rank (some things might have been changed). Check your Skill/Force pyramids, and check your handedness!

Any other questions email James and CC me!

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