Consular Conclave Report #2


Consular Conclave Report #2

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Planet Vedun

Scavenger Camps

Consular Emergency Encampment

39 ABY

The sounds of monitoring equipment thrummed throughout the camp, flood lights setup around the encampment illuminated the area dispelling the darkness of the midnight hour. Within the area, robed and masked forms moved from place to place checking on patients, various species, labored breathing hissing alongside the clicks and beeps of the hastily established med-bays.

Padawan Gar Harik moved quickly, his haste causing him to have to catch himself as he stumbled across the fields of debris and junk that blotted Vedun’s landscape. Most of the planet consisted of little more than a few small bands of settlers surviving in the junkyards of the abandoned Imperial factory world. Catching his footing, the young Jedi continued further into the camp, his senses expanding within the Force as he searched for the senior Consular.

He came to an abrupt halt in front of another tent, the exterior nearly glowed in the bright lights of the encampment. He drew the entrance curtain aside, he steeled himself as he entered the tent and saw the worst of the quarantine patients. Their racking coughs and disfigured appearances nearly twisted the young Jedi’s insides with pity and a small pit of fear. He stopped himself from adjusting the rebreather, covering his face.

The contagion had spread through the nearby scavengers quickly, many suspected that in their pilfering of broken down equipment something had been released that quickly spread among the populace quickly transferred by proximity, within a few days many began to experience more severe symptoms, rashes, boils and lesions covering their skin as their lungs began to seize. Were it not for the equipment, medication and a coterie of Consular healers, many within this tent would have drawn their last breath days ago.

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Hello and welcome to my second report! I had hoped to include a few more scenes for the fiction update but will continue this particular story in following reports. Unfortunately real life has sapped much if any creativity I have for the moment. I have been thoroughly enjoying seeing the activity across the House and Clan as members participate in this month's events and hope you’re looking forward to the upcoming Clan Events from Revak and Turel.



What Does the Future Hold?

  • Do you have an interest in holding the Aedile position? Training to run the House and eventually replace me when the time comes? We’re not officially opening these positions at this time, but I would love to start having conversations with those who are interested so please reach out to me via Discord.

Establishing the Conclaves

  • What would you like to see from the Consular’s moving into the future? What types of competitions? What types of storylines? Do you have ideas for how your character could be featured for future fiction updates? Feel free to leave comments on this news post or reach out to me if you do.

  • I would love some feedback on one piece that has come up as I’ve been writing fiction. What should our members be referred to as in fiction? Consular’s? Jedi or (appropriate rank for NFU), for our Sentinel adherents how do you think you’d be referred to?

Clan Event in November

  • Be on the lookout for a new Clan Event in November!


If you have any interest in helping with recruitment or serving as a Master to Journeymen, reach out to Bexa and discuss the opportunities available.


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Ask #IraOjiman

Essik asks “What is best in life?”

A: Whatever brings you joy, so long as it doesn’t hurt others. Do whatever makes you get out of bed for the day. (Yeah, I know it’s not quoting the movie ;) )

Aura asks “Which rocks should we lift?”

A: Always lift a rock capable of challenging you, but take care not to throw out your back doing so.”

Aura also asks “Has Ira met Zoe and Sasha yet?”

A: I’d be down for actually doing this via an RP session at some point here soon.

Aura also asks “What kind of stuff is coming up/shenanigans we can get up to?”

A: The Summit continues to work through building an ongoing opposition for Odan-Urr to face that may in it’s own way challenge how Odan-Urr sees itself. We are currently in our High Republic era of COU, but what does that mean to those outside our realm of influence? What does it mean for us to be upholding our stance as Lightsiders while being influenced by the Brotherhood? All things we can explore in future fictions, RP’s and Run-Ons.

Kah asks “Give us a taste of your favorite thing to come that you’re planning”

A: Kah, keep your dirty Gungan tongue off the members of my House :P - In all seriousness though I’m excited to see members beginning to see their characters in the essence of the new House. Speaking with various members, some seem to be taking an interest in placing their characters in these new environments we’re introducing.

Essik also asks “Do you feel that the rank of Aedile is needed under the current structure, or something that is superfluous at the moment?”

A: So I’m not quite at a point I think the Aedile role is necessary for our House structure, I’d personally love for us to see some recruitment and as newer members begin to fill the House out, an Aedile to split those responsibilities with would be more helpful. However, as with everyone who’s held a position in this Club, I know life happens and while there are many people in the Clan who could replace me, I would rather have a hand in training and passing on my ideas to that person before that day comes. So I think we’ll be proceeding with an Aedile in the near future.

Ira Ojiman

Quaestor of The Consular Conclave

Nice fiction and great report Ira Omaji. Thank you for that.

Thank you for the update, answers, and for the fiction. I will be most interested to see just where this story goes.

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