[COU] High Councillor Report #13: A Decade in the Light: Ten Years of Odan-Urr


[COU] High Councillor Report #13: A Decade in the Light: Ten Years of Odan-Urr



November is here and with it comes a bunch of news. To highlight a few we have some Scimitar of Hoth results, Antilles Classic Round 1 results, some upcoming summit changes, and our birthday bash aka marquee event for this November. Yes, it’s our birthday and we turned 10! And of course all the usual stuff I cover like promotions and spotlights. So let’s dive right in. Roll the cameras.



A Decade in the Light: Tens Years of Odan-Urr

It is my pleasure to bring to your attention a very important Clan event for this month. It's our birthday! Some of our titleholders have put together a series of celebratory competitions to get into the spirit. Here are some words from one of them, aka Arch.

Hey, Odanites. This month, specifically the 15th, marks Odan-Urr's tenth birthday. Early reports made it very clear that House Odan-Urr was an "experiment" to see if there was any interest in a Jedi-focused unit for a club that had been Dark Jedi-only for fifteen years. I think we can say the experiment was a success. To celebrate COU's tenth anniversary we've got a bunch of comps going. They're open club-wide so I encourage all our friends and former clanmates to join in as well.

I highly encourage everyone to do as many competitions in the event as possible. Most are pretty easy and they are all fun to do. It’s our birthday and a big one so let’s have a great party with it. That said, what is there to do? Here is the parent competition, but let’s look at the details.

For those not on telegram, we posed a hypothetical question of what you’d ask for as a birthday gift, given that we are now 10. So far our master list is the biggest lego set, our own smartphone, and a switch. Feel free to add to it. XD

happy birthday


2020 Scimitar of Lord Hoth results


It’s my pleasure to announce another batch of winners for the Scimitar of Lord Hoth. For those new to this, we tally up all your activity and whoever gets the most gets that above fancy sword. Each month’s tallies are counted for an overall winner at the end of the year. So without further ado let’s get to some September and October results!


Everyone join me in congratulating our September winner, Jafits Skrumm, as well as our runner-ups who placed in the competition! It was great to see the rankings shake up again once more.


We had 23 participants so we stayed strong. That’s just great to see. To those who placed in the top 3, very well done. I saw some really close races this month, which was awesome to see.


Everyone join me in congratulating our October winner, Edgar Drachen, as well as our runner-ups who placed in the competition! This month was quite the turnout and it toppled our reigning champions’ streak!


Moreover we had 25 participants and we had our strongest 200+ points month (number of people at or above 200)! Well done, my friends! To those who placed in the top 3, very well done. You did even better than September and it warms my heart to see how many of you were active. <3

Standings So Far

As promised, here are the Scimitar results so far by overall points and generally where they came from. As a reminder if you have any points questions, all Scimitar comps have a grading rubric attached with change logs.


Also as a bonus, here is a little snippet of the ‘Highest Point Total Per Month’ record for the top six scores. Some old and new names there which is amazing to see. :) I’ll have more info charts like this at the close of the 2020 Scimitar of Hoth.

top month score


Upcoming Summit changes

My wonderful proconsul, Vyr Vorsa, informed me that real life was starting to take up too much of his time and that he would have to step down from the position of Proconsul. We talked over our options as a Summit and have decided on a few changes to summit staff that will take place as of this report. I’ll cover each in turn, but I’d like to just say that I’m very much looking forward to what the new staff composition can do.

First, I must linger a bit longer to thank Vyr for his excellent service as Proconsul to Odan-Urr since December 6th, 2019. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I’ll miss you on the summit. Whether it was doing everyday tasks, providing advice, creating new stories for the Clan, or sticking up for and improving the vision for the Clan, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it all. Being a Consul can be difficult at times and it helped having you to confide in. During this time, I hope I’ve taught you a few things as well and I hope that one day we get to work together again. My friend, thank you for being there.

Second, I am happy to announce that a replacement for Vyr has already been selected. Over the last year or so Vyr and I have been keeping an eye on the development of our clan leaders. The goal was to improve their skills to the point they could confidently take on even greater challenges. The stronger our pool of talent the better our clan will be. That said, we believe that Revak Kur has earned the opportunity and is ready to take on the next level of clan leadership. He has successfully run House Sunrider for over a year now as its QUA and has shown a wonderful commitment to extracurricular projects. To name a few, he has done excellent work in community events and the first of many leadership manuals. His dedication to the clan, initiative to improve it, and his ability to make time for the club have been commendable. I look forward to seeing what he can do as Proconsul.

Third, promoting Revak up to PCON leaves a gap at Quaestor, which I have decided to fill with Alethia Archenksova. We looked at our prior applicant pools for Sunrider apps and we are really looking forward to seeing Arch implement his vision for the House. He also has a great deal of experience at all levels of the Clan leadership. I’ve heard that older clans stockpile such leaders as assets to be utilized at the right moments and I believe this is a great time to do it. If you don't know Arch yet, chat with him. I think you all will find he is a pleasure to work with and has a lot to share. (Say hi to your new boss, Jon and Raziel. Make sure you learn well from him!)

Those are all the changes for the Summit that are upcoming. Over the last year or so, I’ve watched our leaders grow in both skill and confidence. It has led to the changes I can make today. Making Odan-Urr stronger and a great place to be is work worth doing. I promise to ensure that it stays that way and anyone who knows me knows how serious that promise is. We have a great leadership team and I look forward to taking on our next challenges together.


House Story Update from your Quaestor

Revak Kur has left you all with a parting gift aka the final chapter of Vatali Unsettled, the House story arc over the last year. I highly encourage you to read over the linked latest chapter. If you are behind on the fictions, it's worth reading the earlier chapters that can be found in the full story document linked below. Thank you for putting this all together Revak!

Vatali Unsettled - Last Chapter

Vatali Unsettled - The Full Story

Additionally, remember to give feedback on the storyline. Revak has provided you all a form to do so here.


Odan-Urr Escapades Highlights

After the war, I put together some light competitions for you all to explore the fun side of our character’s daily lives. Here I’ll cover the overall results and spotlight some really great entries I received for it. First, let’s congratulate our overall winners of the event! An even bigger congrats to Jafits Skrumm for taking first place!


In addition, I’d like to highlight some exceptional results from the competitions.

  • Edgar Drachen and Takota Okami for so many collected pebbles.
  • Jafits Skrumm for an awesome pre-party playlist. I hope you all like 80s music.
  • Len Iode for a very well put together stuck in the spaceship playlist. There are other playlists there as well worth checking out.
  • Arch for the fastest puzzle time.
  • Raziel for picking the best pants in TOR (aka Conquest points)
  • A funny chilling with the squad picture. This is one by Raziel called “I don’t see nuthin’”


There were other pictures but sadly they are hidden. Maybe we can convince their authors to share them! Off the top of my head I recall fishing, surfing, and sun-bathing. Overall, it was a fun competition series so for those who participated thank you very much. It’s always wonderful to see people do entries with characters other than their own. :)

Antilles Classic Round 1 Results!

We currently have a big Squadrons competitions going on fashioned after the famous Boonta Eves of the Star Wars universe. Hosted by Odan-Urr for all the Brotherhood, it is called the Antilles Classic. There are three rounds in total, each one anointing an ace. In addition, there is an overall ace for the event as well. Each round is judged on three main components, which are Dog Fights, Fleet Battles, and Fleet AI Battles. That said, we have Round 1 Results. Everyone join me in congratulating our Round 1 Ace, Kenath Zoron!!!


This doesn’t tell the whole story though so I’ve broken things down for you all even more. It’s my hope that with these detailed results you can all get an idea of what you have to shoot for to beat the current champ. It also gives you an idea of just how close this Round 1 contest was, which forced the tiebreaker!


I hope this helps you all with your second round. Thank you very much for participating in the first round. It was awesome to see all the fliers. Here is to hoping for some more in Round 2. Good luck everyone!!


Group Opportunities (Has Trivia now too!)

Our group activities have kicked off again once more. Every Saturday and Sunday we plan group events and try to get as many people as possible to do things together. This club is all about making friends and hanging out with them. What better way than on the weekend when everyone is free? We usually do gaming get togethers and roleplays and we just added trivia! There are other events we run from time to time like Among Us or Cards Against Humanity. I highly suggest you attend the events, which are posted each Friday.

If you have a particular activity in mind you’d like to do, just let us know and we’ll try to plan it. And of course, if you’d like to help the clan out we are always looking for more event hosters!

Activity Shoutouts

Several Odanites did exemplary work during this last month, whether it be competitions, Shadow Academy or something else. As such, I’ve dedicated this section to their excellent efforts for the Clan. Please take a moment to look over the triumphs of Odan-Urr and congratulate your fellow Odanites.

Gaming Stars:

  • Edgar Drachen
  • Takota Okami
  • Len Iode

Graphic Stars:

  • Agate Gua’lara
  • Jafits Skrumm
  • Revak Kur

Fiction/ACC Stars:

  • Raziel
  • Jon Silvon
  • Gui Sol/Alethia Archenksova

Shadow Academy Stars:

  • Edgar Drachen
  • Jafits Skrumm
  • Elyon de Neverse

Miscellaneous Stars (think puzzles/flash gaming and stuff):

  • Vez Hirundo
  • Agate Gua’lara
  • Jafits Skrumm

Event Hoster Stars:

  • Revak Kur
  • Jon Silvon

Event Attendees:

  • Zanothi NightBlade
  • Elyon de Neverse
  • Raziel
  • Natro Liwep

Great work to all that participated and placed. Thanks for all the energy and effort you put into the club. You make Odan-Urr a great place to be. :)

Merits Medals, Sacramental Awards & Promotions

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the following awards and promotions. Please congratulate your fellow Odanites and their recent accomplishments. Lots of new Equites!!

  • Len Iode promoted to EQ4!: Big congrats!
  • Agate Gua’lara promoted to EQ2!
  • Gui Sol promoted to EQ2!
  • Ryan Hawkins promoted to EQ1!
  • Elyon de Neverse promoted to EQ1!
  • Zanothi Nightblade promoted to EQ1!
  • Revs promoted to EQ1!
  • Jafits Skrumm received a Grand Cross!
  • Sulon Tiful promoted to JM1!
  • Eva Gagemon promoted to JM1!
  • Titanic Thuder promoted to Proselyte!
  • Tiraxo Vhunar promoted to Recruit!



Club News

DB News

Clan News

Competition Highlights

For the full list check out here

By the Clan




Recruitment [ACTIVE]

This club requires people doing things together. This project is nothing less than bringing in more members. Have a great idea of how to do it? Want to help out? Feel free to let us know! Here are some current things we are working on.

  • Active Recruitment

POC: Gui Sol

Tabletop-style Roleplays [ACTIVE]

The idea of integrating our character sheets with roleplay has always been something we’ve wanted to do. I am pleased to announce that Tassk Adroc has taken charge on this project and is looking for volunteers to help craft the final project. If you want to help and care about making those +1 survival skills finally matter, or even a good tabletop-style story, please reach out to Tassk.

  • Refine Ideas for Initial Version of the system
  • Test it out in a community event

POC: Tassk Adroc


Our wiki pages always need work and we’ll be cleaning things up. This helps us remember our history. We have all the volunteers we need at the moment but if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to Vyr Vorsa.

  • Wiki updates
  • Wiki page restructuring

POC: Aura Ta’var

Future Leaders of Odan-Urr [ACTIVE]

Many years ago, I joined Odan-Urr and fell in love with it. Fictionally, I stepped out of the darkness and into a much brighter world full of heroes of all walks of life. I saw light-side characters unabashed to be who they wanted to be. I saw characters putting up the good fight for what they believed in, unafraid to stand up for what was good. Since then I’ve worked tirelessly to give back. I want to make the light of Odan-Urr shine as bright as the sun. I want to make sure that Odan-Urr gets stronger and even better than we are today. If you care a lot about Odan-Urr and want to help build its bright future, I am offering you the opportunity to learn more about what it means to be a clan leader. ^^

  • Tell me if you want to be a clan leader one day or once more!

POC: Aura Ta’var

That’s all the projects for now. This list will change over time so if you want to get in on some project work just let one of your leaders know. My door is always open. We don’t have all the good ideas and you get cool shinies/promotions for helping out the clan!



Edgar Asks: “when will you be opening the pcon spot to applications?”

This time around we have decided to promote up rather than hold PCON applications. See above summit changes section for more details on why that decision was made.

Elyon Asks: “I have a question. “What do you wish for Odan-Urr for the next 10 years?””

I don’t really operate on wishes to be honest. I look at something I want and I go and get it. That said, I will tell you my top 5 things I want for Odan-Urr for the next 10 years.

  • Continue to be an awesome place people won’t ever want to leave and of course improve it!
  • Keep growing stronger community bonds
  • Moar members (kudos to Gui’s enthusiastic number of 10,000 members haha)
  • Keep trying our best at what we do
  • Continuing to invest in growing future leaders

This is all hard work but work worth doing. It’s also the key to our future success, in my humble opinion.


This one had a lot of stuff in it but I hope you read it all. I’m excited for what the future has in store for us. The summit always has plenty of work to do but seeing happy Odanites makes its all worth it. Speaking of which, it’s our 10th birthday this year so let's go celebrate with some competitions!

#forOdanUrr #lightsideRepresent

~Signed with Pheromones


Congratulations on 10 years, COU! It's crazy to think how quickly the years have passed by.

Thanks for the kind words, your friendship and your hard work. You've taught me a lot :)

Congrats COU (my first home!), congrats on all the promos, nice report, good on you Vyr, yay for the new summit changes, and hmm... Hi!

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