COU Rollmaster report #4


COU Rollmaster report #4

Odanites (and others),

Welcome to yet another report of COU Rollmaster. This month, I talk about some stats (again), highlight the most active members and provide you other valuable information about things, which may help you enjoy your stay in the Brotherhood. Enjoy!


Clan Odan-Urr consists of 74 members at this point. As a unit, we have earned:

  1. 77 Crescents (2 Crescent with Diamond Star, 6 Crescents with Ruby Star, 17 Crescents with Amethyst Star, 18 Crescents with Sapphire Star, 20 Crescents with Emerald Star, 11 Crescents with Topaz Star, 3 Crescents with Quartz Star)
  2. 67 Clusters of Earth
  3. 2055 Clusters of Fire
  4. 34 Clusters of Ice
  5. 12 Scrolls of Foundation
  6. 8 Pendants of Blood

Excellent job all of us, but I am sure that we can do even better!

Members highlights

I would like to thank and congratulate all members of Clan Odan-Urr, who take active part in our community. However, I would like to highlight the most active members of our Clan.

Edgar Drachen is an example of activity whirlwind. He has participated in 23 competitions and earned 6 Crescents of various levels. His activity has brought him 498 Clusters of Fire, 9 Clusters of Earth and 1 Cluster of Ice. Excellent job!

Suur has also displayed an amazing level of activity. He has entered 18 competitions. His activity has earned him 11 Crescents, 319 Clusters of Fire and a Pendant of Blood. Congratulations!

Aaleeshah has also shown exceptional activty. She has submitted to 18 competitions, earning herself 7 Crescents, 368 Clusters of Fire, 28 Clusters of Earth and 2 Pendants of Blood. Really well done!

Mako Henymory has also almost matched Aaleesha and Suur. He has participated in 18 competitions and has earned 2 Crescents, 214 Clusters of Fire, 6 Clusters of Ice and 2 Clusters of Earth. Great job!

Darro Zhen has participated in 15 competitions. Thanks to his great activity, he has accumulated 7 Crescents and 118 Clusters of Fire. Good job!

Seridan Brehevik has participated in 15 competitions too. His high level activity has earned him 7 Crescents and 6 Clusters of Ice. Well done!

Both Alethia Archenksova and Len Iode have participated in 14 competitions. Alethia has earned 6 Crescents, 5 Clusters of Fire and a Cluster of Ice, while Len has earned 5 Crecents, 100 Clusters of Fire and 2 Clusters of Earth. Good job!


It is the time for special section of the report. The Feud between Clan Odan-Urr and Clan Plagueis has been planned for a long time and we can see its Phase II happening right now. There is still several days to submit your entries, before the Phase II ends. It is a great opportunity to show your activity and earn merit awards for participation in the Feud. I hpe that you will enjoy it!

Here are current Feud competitions:

  1. Backwater Brawl
  2. Sides of a Coin
  3. One Pirate's Junk
  4. Decode the Message
  5. Transmissions from the Surface
  6. Drawing the Line


Apart from the COU-PLA Feud, there are several other competitions, which are definitely worth attention. Among them, there are the following ones:

  1. There I was
  2. Alignment shift
  3. Gotta Catch Em Al
  4. Crack the Code IV
  5. Jawa Jail Break
  6. Poetic Month
  7. INQ A New Order's Rending

As mentioned in the previous report, I have focused on preparing a guide regarding how to write stories. Now, it is undergoing the phase of proofreading. Thus, if you would like to help our community, do not hesitate to e-mail me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) oraz PM me via Telegram, so that I can share the document with you.

My next goal is to prepare Leadership and Management Training Programme (LMTP). I am planning to prepare necessary materials before mid-April. This is going to take a form of regular classes held on Telegram and e-mail, dealing with the most important matters regarding various matters, which are important for current and future leaders. It will be hosted in cycles (full training should take three to four months), so that you may take part in the programme, if you decide to enlist for it later.

As mentioned in my first report, I have other projects in my mind too. However, I want to focus on one of them at a time, so that I can effective complete them, instead of spreading efforts on numerous projects without making any real progress with works. Still, stay tuned!

What to do? – Shadow Academy (this is going to be a long section)

It is probably one of the most underestimated areas of activity in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. If to be honest, I sometimes hear opinions that it is completely useless. Some people claim it to be just a waste of time to take courses offered by the Shadow Academy.

However, I strongly disagree with such way of thinking. Certainly, if you have certain knowledge and experience in a given area, you will probably find SA courses covering it as too basic. Yes, the SA courses are aimed to provide you with basic knowledge and tools, which are useful in everyday activities or leadership. They will never replace real life job experience or studies. Still, they are extremely useful, when you need to refresh your knowledge or get necessary information about basics of given activity. So, even if you are relatively experienced in a given area, it is wise to make use of the Shadow Academy. It may turn out to be really beneficial for you.

Apart from vast knowledge, the Shadow Academy offers you other benefits. The Shadow Academy Society provides you with additional accessories to display on your profile. When you advance through ranks of the SAS, you also receive additional Prestige. When the Possessions system comes into life, your Prestige level will determine the range of things, which you will be able to buy. Do not forget that taking SA courses is another field of activity. By taking various SA courses, you may complete some tasks for your promotion (for the Novitiate and Journeyman promotions) or bolster your general activity in case of promotions for higher ranks. It may also earn you merit awards, if your activity is high enough.

However, there is also the other side of the coin. You do not need to limit yourself to being just a consumer of SA courses. You may become a Docent or a Professor, who grades courses and helps other members of the Brotherhood in learning new things. Also, if you have ideas for courses, which deal with matters that have not yet been covered by the Shadow Academy, it is really a good decision to approach the Headmaster and his Preator. You may discuss the matter with them and, if they agree, you may write a brand new course for the Shadow Academy and become its grader. No contribution to the Shadow Academy shall remain unrewarded. Service as the Docent or the Professor of the Shadow Academy counts towards leadership requirements for higher Equite promotions.

What do I personally think about the Shadow Academy? It is an awesome place. I have been one of the Professors for last four years. I have worked in the Department of Writing Studies and the Department of Leadership Studies (co-authoring some of its courses). I really enjoy my service there and I am glad that I can help you gain additional knowledge and develop your skills. I had had enjoyed the Shadow Academy long before I became a member of its staff. If you look at my dossier, you may notice that I have complete majority of the SA courses. Some of the remaining ones are beyond my immediate interest (like gaming-related courses) and I find some others very difficult for me. Still, there are several more SA courses, which I am going to complete in the upcoming months (hopefully). All this despite the fact that I consider myself as an experienced member of the Brotherhood and might be convinced that I do not need to do anything else regarding the Shadow Academy. Still, I see it as an important matter to learn new things, so that even I do not use the knowledge or skills myself, but I may utilize them to assist other people (for instance, I am not a gamer, not even a Pazaak player, but I am aware of the most important matters related to gaming).

Final thoughts

The COU vs PLA Feud is still undergoing. There are numerous competitions, which we may take part in. Let's show that we are the best! By this, I mean friendly competition. Work on the quality of your works, submit to as many competitions as you can and do not cheat. We all are here to have fun!


Vanguard Xantros

COU Rollmaster

Very cool report. I need to finish my courses!

Love the member highlights! Great report!

Awesome report and lets keep and remain active. Yes I too need to finish my degrees

After the feud though.

Great report, and congrats to the eight people mentioned! Let's follow their examples and we'll have an awesome showing in the Feud.

Nice report! I like the straight to the point style.

On another note, is the LMTP program for Odan Urr members only? Or are you offering it to anyone interested?

It will be limited to the COU only. We would like to help our members develop their leadership skills, so they have the top priority in this matter. Still, if there are enough volunteers from the outside of the COU, I will be open for discussion regarding hosting such programme for all interested people.

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