Disciples of Baas - August Report


Disciples of Baas - August Report

Disciples of Baas

Tetrarch Report - 7 August 2014


  • Comedy Month

  • Event Hub Updates

  • Leadership: Rewards Exam

  • House History Project

Comedy Month

As you’re all aware, we’ll be running a comedy month through August, with a number of fun competitions on offer, including epic rap battles, sharks with freakin’ laser beams and a few other fun surprises. I’ve included a schedule below under the Competition Updates heading. Most of these competitions are very short and can be knocked out in around 20 minutes so please ensure you participate where you can.

Here is the schedule for the month:

And for those looking to sink their teeth into more serious writing:

Event Hub Updates

The Road to Peace

Honeyed Words, the diplomatic mission to the Geonosian Hive, has closed with one really good entry from Gresee. She has been awarded first place and earnt a Topaz Crescent for her efforts. It was quite an enjoyable read. With this, the Road to Peace event hub has now been shut down.

Short Reckonings

Call for Aid

This is the last competition that I will be running for the Disciples, and is a free-form diplomatic assignment. One of the leaders of the various signatories of the Treaty of Menat Ombo has requested aid from the Jedi to resolve a situation. Create what you like and draw upon our colonies in the wiki. You are required to make it clear which major faction or independent colony you are helping; the remaining details are up to you.

Fiction competition. Closes 10 August.

Leadership: Rewards Exam

To reiterate, the MAA’s office is running a special competition regarding the new Leadership: Rewards course. It is a very short and simple course, and the Clouse with the highest ratio of completion will win a super special prize.

It is a very quick course that can help give you some insight into how awards are provided to our members. I kid you not when I say that there are some awards I wrote recommendations for four months ago, which are still in the pipeline.

Please aim to have this course completed in the next couple of weeks so we can stand the best chance of winning the MAA’s special prize.

House History Project

I do have an unexpectedly busy week this week, and a lot of my DJB time has been taken up with research and writing for this project. A solid overview of House history has been added to the main House wiki page, and I am working on the last three specific pages at the moment. I aim to have this project completed by the end of next week.


Sick report, dude. Love it. I'm hoping to get a huge turnout for comedy month!

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