Ektrosis AED Report - "A Study in Scarlet"


Ektrosis AED Report - "A Study in Scarlet"


Good evening Ektrosis!

Hello! I will introduce myself as your new Aedile - I am Kenath Zoron, formerly the BTL of Wardens as well as one of the gofers for our DGM. In RL, I'm a shift worker for my city, so sometimes you'll see me on IRC at 10am on a Tuesdays, other times you'll see me at 2am on a Friday. When I am on shift, I do have a slower email turnaround, but I will get back to you - don't worry!

Drudles has stepped down after a good chunk of service and I want to thank him for that as well as his enthusiasm that he put into the job the last few months.

Yes, I know Dru put out a report a few days ago, but I already had this one almost done as a BTL report and I didn't want it to go to waste!

As a heads up, I tend to do long reports because I try to give you all a digest of what has been posted since I last put out a report. I've tried to lead off with the important announcements (positions, promotions, major plotline stuff), then competitions, then digests of all the news and posts. This way, when you get bored half-way through, at least I've gotten the big stuff done already :P


The Gathering Darkness competition came to an end, with half of Taldryan competiting in some way. Participation was pretty even between Ektrosis and Dinaari, though I feel obligated to point out that Ektrosis swept the medals! Yay us!

The Recruitment Tribune position is open for applicants. If you have experience with social media and recruitment, send an application to Muz/Sarin ASAP. This is going to be a very important position going forward as the next wave of Star Wars hype ramps up. Lots of people are going to be looking for outlets for gaming, fiction, and role-playing and we're certainly well placed to take advantage of it.

The new Wiki Tribune has requested applicants for Wiki Staff. If you are interested in helping out, fire an email to Kincaid.

And the Voice is looking for a Praetor and a Magistrate. Get your name in if you can help.

New Gatekeepers were announced for October - Raistline from Wardens and Halc. Another Ektrosis sweep!


Tons of good, quick, comps out there this week. Here's all the current ones in order of when they close.

October 5 - My bi-weekly Sporcle challenge is running here: Speed Sporcle Challenge #4

October 6 - The lone fiction entry here, hosted by the Voice, As Begeren Turns. Make your mark on DJB lore and create a tale about Begeren, which may be incorporated into official accounts of the Fading Light event.

October 7 - Raist and Cat are co-hosting a caption contest here: Cap This.

October 7 - Dru's puzzle contest continues here: Ektrosis Puzzle #4

October 15 - The Fist is hosting a CF race using the new Destiny game as a platform. If anyone has it on PS3, let me know - I'm happy to join and play.

October 17 - The Fist Office's mobile gaming comp here: Spider-Man Unlimited. I've sunk so much time into this one - surprisingly addictive. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

October 19 - The next Sporcle challenge will be here and starts when the last one ends above. It'll be tougher than the last few, but it's my personal favourite of all the ones thus far.

October 31 - Another Fist competition for quick CFs and apparently an inside joke about Destiny here: Loot Cave Simulator

November 5 - Yet another Fist competition (do these guys stop!?) for mobile gaming: Ninjump

Report Round-Up


Rian teases about some new fiction competitions that might be rolling out soon. updates on Gathering Darkness and Fading Light.

Yacks also put out a report where he corrected his previous mistakes and included a beard quote. He wrapped up the Gathering Darkness competition and revealed the winners (Howie, Halc, and myself).


Dru put out an AED report and Halc put out a QUA report the day after my last report. Copy cat.


The Master-at-Arms put out a lengthy report. The most important piece there is about how Clusters of Ice get awarded. Now your word counts will roll over (so if you write 800 words in one fiction then 700 in the next, you get 3 CIs instead of only 2 as it was in the past). Additionally, there's a change in the policy for Crescents that'll result in some clearer rules for what gets awarded where and for what.

The Fist gave a quick update on the end of the quarter for GMRG. A number of the positions should shuffle as new memebers get elevated into posts and some GMRG Accessories have been updated too.

The GM revealed the Rogue Newsletter, which is a great idea for bringing old timers back into the fold as the new Star Wars media starts to roll out.


Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion airs tonight, the first look at the next round of Star Wars products. I'll try to catch it one of these days, though I'm not fond of the visual style they've gone with.

Another Star Wars gaming app is in the works - Star Wars: Galactic Defense is a tower defence game that should be pretty fun. Looking forward to some comps on it when it's released. It just hit one of its

In the theme of Star Wars TV shows, there's been an update from Starwars.com about The Clone Wars.

Gryffon gave a run-down of the upcoming Star Wars comics here. I'm much more of a comic guy than cartoon, so these have me much more excited.

Valhavoc noted that Diablo III and its expansion are 50% off until October 6th. If you're interested and like CFs and PoBs, this is a good time to snag that stuff.

Final Word

I want to reiterate my thanks for Dru's work lately and also thank the Summit for trusting me to not burn the House down :P I will do my utmost to stay flame-free.


SW Kenath Zoron (Sith) / M:DGM-AED / House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan

And congrats to Raist for his appointment to the Wardens BTL spot (pending MAA approvals)!

Thanks Dru, congrats Zoron on your appointment to AED, and congrats to Raist!

Woo, Holmes-themed report titles!

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