Ektrosis QUA Report #2: The Catch Up


Ektrosis QUA Report #2: The Catch Up

It's late July now, the GJW will be upon us soon enough and I say it's time to kick it up and start warming up. We are coming in first this year and we are going to dominate the competition. I am starting to worry that we are getting rusty, so we have something new to present.



Flashpoint: Teams

I threw around the idea of doing a smaller quicker version of the TID competition, but instead of individuals competing I thought it would spice things up to make it a team based competition. So everyone look around the room and grab 2 other teammates. Each competition will be smaller and only run for 3 days, but because more work goes into creating a work of fiction than playing a flash game I'm going to weight the scores differently.

Competition Type Participation 3rd 2nd 1st
Flash Games 1 3 4 5
Graphics 2 5 6 7
Fiction 3 7 8 9

Instead of submitting as a group we are going to take theindividual score of each teammate and total it up at the end, meaning that all of your teammates can submit to the competition earning your team more points. Reminding your teammates to compete no matter what will probably be in your best interest. Remember, the main issue is that activity is down, I think this is partly because people think they're going to lose so they don't make an attempt. Participating in a competition is worth something and it adds up in the end.

Flashpoint is underway and the first rounds results are in:

Team Name Round 1 Total
Deshrinaj 31
Angry Green Panda 25
Howie's Angels 14
Team A.E. 7

Round 2 will begin on Friday the 22nd

Other competitions

Congratulations Are In Order

I recently ran another competition about graphics and here I can proudly display all of the great entries that I recieved.

First up, a lovely piece by Yacks


Second, we have another masterpiece by our current Consul Howlader


Third, we have some artwork from Halcyon


Finally, the winner made by Rian


Nice work everybody and keep it up!

Thank goodness for Rian :P

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