Ektrosis QUA Report 7: Two reports away from raving over Rogue Squadron


Ektrosis QUA Report 7: Two reports away from raving over Rogue Squadron


The Force Awakened in Halc's pants (and mine too)

Woo! Got my tickets for the 29th. Don't tell me anything. I haven't seen the non 3d version, so I don't want 35mm to get spoiled. But if you do want to talk spoilers, we got a room for it. Just ask in telegram to join. I actually left the main DB room since the names are so similar.

Also, TFA's novelization will be out in another week or so. "But I don't want to wait!" you cry? It's available for digital download now as an eBook.

Caffeine Rush

All that movie theater soda giving you some extra energy? There are only a week left in the DJB Episode VII Celebration. With 9 sub-competitions, brought to you by the Dark Council, there is a large variety of activities to participate in.

And speaking of caffeine rushes, Bobecc has knocked out 4 Shadow Academy courses this week and earned a Dark Pundit. Awesome work.

Popcorn Poops

All that fiber got you down in the dumps? There are plenty of reports to read before that sad moment comes when you must flush. I suggest drooling over the Herald's Holiday Special and the Grand Master's End of Year Address. Pravus' report shows what we have done this past year and what to look forward to in the future.

Fresh Blood

Lets all welcome Vale Everheart to Taldryan. Vale has already been promoted to Novice. Great job.

The To-Do List

There are plenty of competitions out there to keep you busy:


So much awakening in the pantaloons

The Pantaloons Tighten?

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