Ektrosis Quaestor Report #4: The SRI Recovers... and Stumbles Again


Ektrosis Quaestor Report #4: The SRI Recovers... and Stumbles Again



Today's report brings you the results of SRI Research Project #2, a sneak peak on where Research Project #3 will be going and some breaking news. This report is a bit overdue and I do apologize for that. My intentions were altruistic though, I really wanted to be able to squeeze in the end of Research Project #2, the start of #3 and, as you will see below, I was waiting on a few awards to make it through the MAA's office.

House and Clan News

Although this is old new by now Halcyon has become the Proconsul of Clan Taldryan since my last report. In conjunction with this appointment, Andrelious and Quejo swapped positions with Andrel joining me on the Ektrosis summit as Aedile and Quejo taking over the role of Rollmaster. Additionally, there has been a round of awards handed out to a few of our illustrious members. I just want to add that writing award recommendations is definitely one of the best parts of this role. Keep up the activity because I can't wait to write more of these up!

And the awards go to...

Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj: Anteian Cross
Quejo: Dark Cross
Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj: Steel Cross
Raistline Taldrya Majere: Steel Cross

There have been a handful of great reports release by other members of the Clan Summit recently:

Quejo has released his first report as Rollmaster. He has great updates on everyone who has joined recently and some of the Clusters and Crescents earned recently. Instead of redoing this work and posting it in my report I will be lazy and direct you to his.

Chapter 3 of the Caelus Chronicles event is also on-going. There is a coop fiction as part of this chapter, if you would like help finding a partner email me because I am happy to help organize teams.

A joint competition with Clan Scholae Palatinae was launch by Rian and CSP Consul Elincia Rei.

Our very own Andrelious J.M. Injah placed second in the May the 4th event (I know that his name is spelled wrong just click the link).

DB News

Moves within the club as a whole have been coming at a fever pitch lately but not all of the news is good news:

In extremely sad news we have lost one of our own.

Farrin has announced his retirement from the position of Headmaster.

Mav has announced that Clan Naga Sadow has a new Consul and he is also looking for a new Headmaster.

Wally has released Voice Report #16. Among other announcements my favorite is that Weequay are now a playable species!

SRI Update

The second Research Project for the Sphere of Research and Intelligence has officially been completed. We had even more participation in this round than the last and I hope the next increases it again. For now, I do plan to keep this event open to all of Clan Taldryan if only because Rian seems to like participating and this way I don't have to disqualify all of his entries. I do reserve the right to revert this back to Ekrosis only in the future but for now since we are a one House clan I will keep it open to all.

I was very happy with how different each of the Multi-Objective fiction prompt submissions turned out. Only the winner is official canon but I encourage you to find the closed competition and read all of the entries because they were all so good. In a perfect world I would have used them all in some way but I would have really had to do some acrobatics to make that work.

With that said, I am happy to announce that the winning entry of the Research Project #2 fiction was the submission by Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj!

Read Me, I’m House Canon

Unfortunetaly, these Mimosa-Inahj's seem to have a knack for ruining all of Justinios' plans but not all engaging stories have a happy ending. The good news is we at least have some datapads to work with and that will lead us to the beginning of Research Project #3 and it's prompt. I have a mini-fiction below that is a little sneak peak on where we will go next. Halcyon actually spontaneously came up with the idea before he even knew what thw winning entry was, thanks for the idea Halc!

The SRI Tracking Sheet has been updated to reflect the results of the Research Project #2. Going into the next round, the moral standing of the SRI is remains Marginally Unprincipled. As defined on the SRI Systems wiki page: Members should take care to minimize all casualties, especially innocent casualties. While on a mission the member can aggressively defend itself if under duress but should not initiate combat. SRI officials will likely look the other way over members breaking property laws or misdemeanors.

I did update the amount of morality points required to move between the different moral standing levels. I had always planned to keep an eye on how the numbers worked out once this whole thing kicked off and I believe that the more compressed moral standing levels will lead to more frequent changes in the personality of the SRI.

I frrely admit that I am overdue on updating the SRI wiki pages and I hope to get that all taken care of this weekend. Unless I decided to play Battlefront 2 with Kaz instead (just kidding I can do both).

SRI Research Project #3

"I suppose I am the fool for sending a Mimosa-Inahj on a mission and expecting to receive anymore more than a few useless datapads," Justinios Drake, Quaestor of House Ektrosis stated as he tossed one of the devices towards his assistant, Major Laes Celyn. "To those two minimum casualties must simply mean don't destroy the entire city."

Major Celyn and Justinios' KX-Series droid, designation K1-L0, had been using their own skills to see if any of the information on the surviving datapads was remotely useful. It was the droid, nicknamed Kilo, that spoke up next, "Sir there is a name here that is very intriguing, have you heard of Torin Morgath?"

The look the Aleena shot the jet black droid cleary conveyed the message that he had never heard the name and the droid continued.

"Why am I not surprised," the droid responded tersely, "I spent 6.25696 standard hours writing that dossier for the mission to Nancora and why should you in your infinite wisdom have spent any time reading the hard work of a droid such as myself. Maker forbid we have feelings that you organics..."

Justinios knew there was only one way out of this rant, "I read that dossier front to back but my feeble organic mind could never hope to remember such a mass of information. I would have surely died on Nancora if it had not been for your exemplary work Kilo." The droid might have been a strategic genius but it's self-pity fueled rants were easily halted by effuse praise. "You no doubt have the dossier still in your databanks, who is this Torin Morgath?"

"According to the Inquisitorious she is one of the Collective's top cybernetics researchers, she even leads her own team." The droid paused, which was odd for him when he was on a roll. "But the information on this datapad shows multiple credit transfers out of the accounts of Kagu Shi to accounts in Morgath's name, on Chyron. Even better, some of the transactions pre-date the attack on Nancora. If she was working for Shi's organization, the Inquisitorious wasn't even aware of this defection." The droids tone seemed to indicate he was proud to now possessed information even the vaunted Inquisitors didn't have. "Fun fact, Torin made the Inquisitorious' priority list of individuals to assassinate in order to disrupt Collective operations. Number 27 on the list actually."

Major Celyn interjected, "So Kagu Shi recruited a top notch cybernetics researcher away from the Collective before the Brotherhood even had any clue the Collective even existed, there is a missing piece of the puzzle here."

Justinios couldn't argue with that line of thinking but this was an opportunity that the SRI couldn't pass up. With Shi's organization in shambles and SRI agents regularly knocking down the doors of his former facilities, Torin Morgath might be able to be sold on becoming the Supreme Director of his burgeoning organization. This former Collective researcher clearly had the scientific background and leadership experience, but someone had to convince her.

"Find out where she is hiding out and let's set up a mission to get her on board. If I have to be the Supreme Director for any longer I am going to make myself grow hair just so I can pull it out." Major Celyn got up from her chair, saluted, and head out of Justinios' office to make those orders a reality with Kilo in tow. Before she left Justinios yelled out one final command, "If this mission goes to one of those to either Andrelious or Kookimarissia you tell them that if they do not bring Torin Morgath to me alive and uninjured that I swear to the Force that I will buy their children all of the loud toys and sugary snacks that I can find in the closest dozen inhabited systems."

Wrap Up

I know there was a big gap between this report and my last one, as well as a wait for SRI results, but I was being picky in that I wanted to be able to report on all of these items in one shot. My goal is and remains to provide you with reports of substance and value and not just fluff to make myself look good on an activity log. If there is anything you'd like to see more of just let me know. I love getting good feedback and I love brainstorming with my fellow Taldryanites. The same goes for the SRI or any other ideas you may have to improve the experience of being in House Ektrosis. I am really excited for the path we are on because I feel we are once again moving back towards world dominating greatness. Keep up the amazing work everyone, I can't wait to see what the next month brings!


Justinios Drake

Congratulations to the medal recipients! Hoping we can hand out even more soon!

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