February 2020 Voidbreaker Report


February 2020 Voidbreaker Report



The FIST's office is looking for a Praetor to the Fist if you are looking to take up an officer position and are familiar with the GMRG society, give it a shot!



AVD 2020: Hindsight Is Arconan Valentine's day. A great competition for love, romance, and...other things. A fun competition with five sub-competitions.

One Hundred Days Is your character a budding battlefield commander? Should they never be within a parsec of combat? Explore this concept over 100 days. While not a competition specific to our clan, this is still a great writing competition to explore aspects of your character.

Build-a-Droid Exercise your drawing muscles with this competition. Design a new model of droid, or combine two or more existing models. Be creative! Do the things!

What If... This competition asks the big questions "What If?" it's almost over, but that's no reason to get your participation in!

[FIST] February 2020 GMRG Competitions Are you an experienced gamer? Or have you not gotten into it yet? Give it a shot, get those clusters, and get active in another society with this competition. Who knows? You might just have some fun.

Profile Picture Challenge [Meme] This is a fun little graphics comp. What sides of themself would your character show on different social media platforms? Have fun!

Scurvy How would your character handle a life or death survival scenario? Tell us all about it with this prompt!

Remember to check theCompetitions tab regularly to stay up to date on the latest competitions. Let's keep reminding them why Arcona is First Clan!


Ask The Horny Captain Q&A

Reaver Zig'rahsahe "Zig" Kaliska asks:

"Which ship name do you prefer? Karra, Valkaern, or Serran? #HornyHorns"

Karran answers: "I really need to change the holonet access password to get your off of that blog. On an unrelated note. Which to you prefer? Ziglaisy? Or Tir'kaliska?"

Warrior Alaisy Tir’eivra asks:

"Did you happen to find a haircuff in your office on the Voidbreaker?"

Karran answers: "I did not notice one, but I will check. Most likely one of those Skitters dropped it in there to stir up rumors."

"From 0 to 10, how you you rate your current shipping with Sera?"

Karran answers: "I will keep my private life to myself. I would politely ask that you not pry into my personal affairs."

"Ke'chako has made a truce with P.H.I.L. and seems to prefer places with many sharp things. He also developed an appetite for my ready to go meals. I hope to gain some sort of compensation for that, they are quite expensive."

Karran answers: "If Ke'chako enjoys himself in and around your quarters, then I have no problem with him roaming around. As long as you do not have a problem allowing him in. As for the meals, I will wire some money to you to cover the expense, plus some extra for future meals. If he enjoys them, I do not have a problem funding that habit. He is such a chubby kitty, yes he is!"

"I would like to request an on-demand Voidbreaker airshaft cleanser, preferably in the form of fire or a neurotoxin effective on Bothans."

Karran answers: "Request denied. I will not approve any further modifications to the ventilation system until the Skitter problem is brought into check. Next."

"My cabin now has the warning 'beware of runes' on it. Ignore it and a wild magick effect will be triggered upon entry."

Karran answers: "Thank you for letting me know. I hope this will reduce the number of casualties from unwitting crew members. Would it be possible for these measures to be non-lethal, however? Also, could you possibly install similar runes on my door? Or teach me the ritual to put them in place myself?"

Sulith asks:

OOC: "So those discussions about the potentially shifting future of Battleteam Voidbreaker - Can you share any details about what you guys have in store for us?"

Karran answers OOC: I can't offer much in the way of details at the moment, however, I hope to have some results for you before my next report. So keep an eye out!"

IC: "Are we gonna restock the popcorn?"

"Sulith my friend... Sit down. This is an intervention."

Seer Tali Sroka asks:

"What's made you horny this month?"

Karran answers: "No comment."

"What's left you thorny this month?"

Karran answers: "Slavers and braggarts."

"How is the VB doing? Any new expansions beyond the sauna area?"

Karran answers: "Things are going well. No major improvements or expansions planned as of yet. However, I am always accepting suggestions for amenities from the crew."


Shout outs

Congratulations to Alaisy on her Sapphire Blade sacramental award!

More congratulations to Sulith on his Steel Cross!

And EVEN MORE congratulations to Sera and Aru for their Anteian Crosses!

All well deserved awards! I hope to see more down the line!

Things to remember

The Voidbreaker Crew Manifest is an open access Google sheet that allows any member of the Voidbreaker Battleteam to fill in where they would like to work on the ship. We will be using this as a reference for fictions to create a degree of realism. If you happen to have multiple characters, you can fill in multiple lines. Think about your character and where they would most likely be working day to day on the ship. Are they technically inclined? Perhaps they would be useful either in the engine room making sure everything runs smoothly or on the bridge ensuring cyber security. Is your character a medic? We could always use more hands in the medbay. Is your Sith always itching for a fight? Report for boarding duty. Are they an ace pilot? We've got a couple squadrons of fighters that could use you. Whatever your character is good at, we can find a place for them on the ship.

The Voidbreaker Wiki is also being updated. It is actively under construction by Knight Sera Kaern and Master Marick Tyris. They will be using The Voidbreaker Crew Manifest as a reference for much of the crew information.


Lovely report Karran!

Sweet report, Captain. Give ‘em the horns, eh?

Nice report! ^^ Such shipping on our Qel-Droman Shipping Ship!

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