Grey Wolf BTS Report, June 2016


Grey Wolf BTS Report, June 2016

Part Three New Storyline Grey Wolf Battle Team

As Lev sat down looking at the crew, giving a glance at his leader and taking a few moments to compose himself. He then began to speak, at first in a quiet voice, growing ever louder as he continued.

“Hmm, Ladies and Gentlemen. We have been called upon, by a person or persons unknown, to help a civilization survive the wrath of its own Government. The Planet we are talking about is in the Outer Rim, and we have the crew and craft to get there. We will be there to first: observe, and not to interfere with the civilization or Government. The following objective will be decided upon what we find there.”

“I will say that our Clan Summit does not know of this mission, however we will let them know that we are on this mission once we are on our way. By then it will be too late for them to act.”

Lev left a moment of silence before continuing his briefing to the Battle Team. Caesar looked on at the crew to sense any unrest from them, but found none from the crew. The crew seemed calm, collected and ready for action. Lev looked at the Battle Team Leader, and began to speak; “The mission we are going on is dangerous and we need to practice using our senses, mental acuity and bodies. Taped under your seats you will see a box, reach underneath and get the contents out.”

As the crew reached under the floating chairs and opening the boxes, picking out a large pair a black boots: 6inch high heels.

Everyone looked at each other and smiled; Caesar looked puzzled, and said “Balance.” Lev gave a nod.

The crew put on the boots and sat back on their chairs. However Caesar did not have a box or boots. Looking under his chair, the Grey Jedi looked back at Lev once more. The Battle Team Commander gave his sergeant a look and said, “really lev, do I have to? because if I do, I never forgive you if this goes sideways.”

Lev replied, “Don’t worry Caesar it’s for the best, you won’t regret this. ”Lev game a slow Cheshire cat grin, “I promise.” looking at the others and said “if you laugh at Caesar you will regret it… maybe.” as he winked at the assembled crew. Caesar stood up and looked, at his crew, then stood up and took his Grey Jedi robe off and put on a long black dress, and a pair of 6 inch heeled boots, white in colour.

Sitting back down again, Caesar began, “To begin with Black Hawk and James, are to go with Dazta to the Planet for observation. Dazta is to be the First responder and James is to pilot the craft. Black Hawk weapons expert and designer of the new Huntsman, you are to back up James whilst on this important mission and James make sure you have good commutation with the Vitae and I mean at all times please”.

“Lev as you have the information, given to you from the covert source, you are to go with them. If the Clan Summit asks anything, stall them and ask them to talk to me. I’ll keep them busy using the usual red tape they like to use on us”.

The crew all nodded in anticipation. Caesar looked at Ocarae and said in a soft voice, “I like you to stay behind with me, and if there are any problems we can solve them.” “That is all Crew. Get to it.”

Caesar continued “Apart from one thing. We have a Sith joining us by the name of Azor. He is here to put a Darker side to our team. He is here to help so there should be no arguing. He is part of us and our family. Please treat him as such”.

Azor stood away from the floating chairs not knowing where to put himself.

Caesar suggested sitting next to Lev. For the first time Caesar saw an air of nervousness in Lev as his Battle Sergeant lent in to have a quiet word in his leader's ear. Caesar leaned to the left and listened “Caesar I sense this Azor is evil he will do us great harm”.

Looking at Lev Cesar grabbed his second in command’s arm and said gently, “if I ever hear you talk like that again, I have Azor deal with you, it won't be pleasant I promise”.

Caesar let go of Lev's arm smiled gently and sat in silence.

Levathan narrowed his eyes at Caesar, thoughts of Azor out of his mind. Instead he felt that once familiar dark urge to rip and tear, the bloodlust giving his face a wolfish grin.

There was a chill to the room, as all the crew got ready for their trip ahead.

Hello all you beautiful Grey Wolves

It’s me again, the weird and proud of it Sergeant. So It’s just a quick report this month to catch you all up.

With the change in the clan summit, a new Consul in the form of Frosty Romanae and subsequently a new Roll Master in the form of our very own Ranarr Kul, we now have a Grey in the summit…

That’s right darkies, its happening! Get your tin foil hats on!

In other news:

Ranarr Kul has joined us… probably should have lead with that but oh well. A big welcome back to Blackhawk! You were missed mate, good to have you back with us! Also a Darkie has transferred in to GW, please welcome Azor to the family! (whispers) And put your tinfoil hats on greys, its happening!

All kidding aside, it’s wonderful to have you both with us and I know we’re all looking forward to having a blast with you!

On the side on competitions for this month, we have:

Round 2 of Lev’s monthly. Just first 3 this time.

- There be Monsters under ye feet.

This one is about monsters lurking in the oceans of our home world Yridia II.

- Divin Deep, Deep, Really, Really Deep

Let’s be honest, your living on a water world, it’s just common sense to know how to swim and dive. You need training to be a diver, this is it!

- Hexes with lasers

This is just a fun little puzzle game with perhaps a surprise for Frosty, heh heh heh.

- White Walkers Meets Stormtroopers

This is a curious one for all you Game of Thrones fans.

- History can be the greatest training.

A rather curious fiction competition, also a very good way to improve your writing!

- [INQ] I Have a List of People

A cool fiction competition from the Voice, explores your place in the clan and DB as a whole: this one is about the Hearts and minds!

- Clash of the Multiverse Ep. I: Star Wars meets Marvel

Dat title… nuff said!



– Promoted from Neophyte to Acolyte.


– Promoted from Neophyte to Acolyte.

Congratulations to you both and keep it up! And stiff!


Starting off big!


25 Clusters of Earth (wow) 6 Pendants of blood (holy crap!) 1 Dark Cross


2 Clusters of Earth 3 Clusters of Ice 2 Crescent with Sapphire Stars 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

Jarith Krasa

2 Clusters of Ice

Dazta Delel:

10 Clusters of Earth

Telona Murrage

1 Crescent with Sapphire Star

And finally our Leader, leading the way!


12 Clusters of earth 24 Clusters of Fire (dang!) 8 Clusters of Ice 3 Crescents with Sapphire Stars 1 Crescent with Topaz Star 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star 1 Crescent with Diamond Star

And with this round up, it is no surprise that Ocarae wins the Caesar Award for the month. May you be an example to us all, for the month. 


Hence forth, D’Cota James shall now be known as James Rajax! May bring honor to us all.

So with all that done there are just a few things I’d like to bring up.

First off:

You’ve all probably heard or at least seen mention, of the Thunder Buddies Program: This is an initiative within our Battle Team for all of us to get into small social groups, and get to know one another better. This furthers communication and makes the DB a more fun and interesting place to be in. While not mandatory, it is recommended that you take part. A Separate email containing the details will be sent to you soon.


There have been some rumblings on Telegram of inappropriate behavior. Now while I have not seen any evidence of this myself, even after some digging. I am obliged to advise you all, please consider other’s feelings and think of the other person’s perspective before engaging in questionable behavior. In other words: If it feels wrong or off, check yourself before sending, there are actually other people on the receiving end.

Care Bear moment ended.# third:


This one is for moi, the BTS.


When you wear your high heels, how do you feel? For example does the Feminist side of you come out, or is it just practice?


I’m assuming you mean Lev so I shall answer as Lev. Ahem… “I feel like I’m walking on spikes, it’s uncomfortable and makes me feel like a good sneeze would knock me over. However will admit, my legs look damn good in them. The point of my wearing them is balance training. I would never wear them in combat or dangerous missions, thus when I take them off, I don’t have to rely on the Force to have incredible balance. As for feminine… well, fun is fun.”

That’s it’s folks! Don’t forget to send in your questions to either myself or Caesar, and it shall be featured in next month’s report! Seriously Send em in….please!

Luv ya all! Lev


  • New Consul and RM yay!
  • Welcome to Ranarr and Azor.
  • Welcome back to Blackhawk
  • Ocarae is teacher’s pet this month :p (is this still used these days?)
  • Be nice on Telegram
  • Thunder Buddies email coming soon.
  • Lev likes to wear high heels for practice and mischief.

Ready for action heels

You posted that Master and this video came to mind!

I can't believe that I was made Teacher's pet. I understand the the awards but that was a surprise. But I am happy to help the Battleteam when I can

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