Headmistress Supplemental 1.1


Headmistress Supplemental 1.1


A quick “but, wait – there’s more!” update to our course offerings and a reminder that we’re looking for your input to help us create a new resource for new members.

New Combat & Warfare Course: Personal Armor

As teased in my previous report, Combat & Warfare Professor Crysenia Orainn is working on revitalizing her department. The first course in that effort has now been completed!

Crysenia wrote the new Personal Armor course to replace Combat Tactics 102: Armor with a course that integrates Brotherhood systems like possessions, fiction and the ACC with knowledge on the various types of personal armor available in the Star Wars universe. We hope this update will make the course more helpful to members, and I encourage everyone to take a look and congratulate Crysenia on her first authored course!

As a result of the retirement of Combat Tactics 102: Armor, you’ll notice that Combat Tactics 101: Land Vehicles has been renamed to simply, “Land Vehicles.” We’ve also eliminated any prerequisite requirements and replaced that Combat Maven degree requirement with the new Personal Armor course. If you already have the Combat Maven Degree, this change won’t affect you.

FAQ Resource Development

Our new member Magistrate, Aru Law, is working on creating a document that will serve as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource for members to consolidate the answers (or links to the answers) to such questions in one space. In an effort to make this as useful as possible, we’re asking you. What questions are you frequently asked about the DJB by new or newly returned members? What questions do or did you have when you were new?

Examples might be …

  • “How can I change my path?”
  • “What is an NPC?”
  • “How do I get on Telegram?”

To make responding easier, we’ve created this handy-dandy Google form.

Please take a few moments to drop a few ideas in the form! We’re only looking for the questions – you don’t need to answer them. :)

Simplified Language for Journeyman Promotions

As a result of the recent revisions to the Fundamentals Department and the creation of the Character Creation & Development Department, our resident wizard James was able to simplify the Journeyman promotion guidelines related to Shadow Academy courses on the website, so new members and their leaders should have an easier time knowing what step to take next – without the overwhelming list of courses and exceptions!

Below is a before-and-after example of what the website would suggest to new members:





Darkness guide,

Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae
Headmistress of the Shadow Academy

The Promotheus change is amazing.

Wow, nice work as usual, friendos!


Awesome work!

Wooooo!! Awesome changes!

Doing great work

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