Herald Report: June Fever


Herald Report: June Fever

News & Updates

Summer already?

Yup, and I'm behind on GoT so I have no idea if Winter ever came. Up in Michigan we had a second winter though, does that count?

This report will be a long one as we finally get caught up. One miscellanous item I'd like to announce is that we've opened up the DB-Herald egroup so that everyone can email the staff at once. This saves us from having emails lost and we can assign tasks as necessary. Anything DS or DC level just send to my inbox though. Email: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Dark Crusade Ribbons

"The Dark Crusade ribbons, after a long wait, have finally been completed. After multiple Heralds and multiple iterations, we're proud to deliver you the finished product."

That is what Mirus wrote up after I asked him for a preview. What you aren't seeing in that writeup is the fact that this project was entirely done by him. I was giving out assignments to the staff and he chose this one, and got it done with several iterations using DC feedback. Mirus has tackled everything thrown at him with vigor and this latest project is definitely a winner.


This is a preview of the case itself as well as the decorations and ribbons available to you. Completing certain amounts of events in each chapter will earn you Diamond Clusters, and earning Novae will earn you equal recognition in the form of Laurels. On top of this, your case can have one of six different colours of background available (yes, you Krath can have purple) that you can choose regardless of your Order.

The request form will go live at the end of Fading Light, so stay tuned!

Rally the Bannermen!

We have made a couple more Warbanner rules changes. Unit logo can be requested as a crest only by those qualified for the medallion. Clan title holders may request medallion and unit crest. SA background requirement is now SA:IV and ACC tasset requirement is now ACC:Q.

Herald Staff:

(These guys rock)

Rhiann has been a great addition to the Herald Staff, pounding out several warbanners for members. I am happy to announce that she is now a full Magistrate. Thank you, and keep up the good work! But I am sad to announce that the talented Verse has stepped down. Her skills and wisdom will be missed, thank you for all you've done.

Second Sons

I have unfortunately gotten behind on my baby project, but it has come to light that we need more diverse artists asap for club work, especially someone with hand-drawn skills. Anything that goes through my office will of course be well-rewarded, and also public work that members will get to enjoy. Anyone that signed up for Second Sons or applied for any positions will be automagically added to the new Sons egroup (if I get around to it). I'd like to fill it up with a lot more folks, even anyone that's interested in the arts or just want to lurk and see what we're conspiring on. To that end I've opened registration to the public so you can jump right in (for now):


[Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Muz created a G+ hangout and recorded a tutorial for avatar creation. Anyone interested in making their own should really check it out!

Avatars fall under DB graphics, so if you would like, please do upload yours to DeviantArt and submit it to the DB DA group so everyone can see it! That goes for the GFX forum too. If you get commissions in and outside of DB, we have DeviantArt sections for that as well!

Sabers, Avatars, Warbanners, & Stuff


V'yr Vorsa

Mirus Hi'ija




Mirus Hi'ija

Rhiann Baenre

Verse Theris


  • Mirus Hi'ija completed Devil's Shroud battleteam logo request
  • Mirus Hi'ija completed Knights of Allusis report header/divider
  • Mirus Hi'ija completed Report header with .psd for Clan Arcona reports
  • James Fixed warbanner size that prevents WB from stretching and blurring
  • V'yr Vorsa created Youtube Lightsaber Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akKADhHEmDg
  • V'yr Vorsa created Owyhyee Atlas: http://s30.postimg.org/z7eakxqf4/Owyhyee.jpg
  • V'yr Vorsa created Kamuekiko Atlas: http://s10.postimg.org/9o6m6gfwp/Kamuekiko.jpg
  • V'yr Vorsa created Mililea Atlas: http://s14.postimg.org/gqtms26b5/Mililea.jpg
  • V'yr Vorsa created Sanulu Atlas: http://s8.postimg.org/94ra4c2n9/Sanulu.jpg
  • Socks Edited warbanner request form to change SA background requirement to SA:IV
  • Socks Edited WB wiki to reflect ACC:I change to ACC:Q tasset requirement
  • Socks Edited WB wiki to reflect new Clan Title medallion award
  • Socks Edited WB request form to reflect new Clan Title medallion award
  • Mirus Hi'ija Edited WB wiki to add rule no Clan logo as crest unless eligible for Medallion
  • Mirus Hi'ija created Base Socks rolling header
  • V'yr Vorsa created Muzfasa rolling header
  • Mirus Hi'ija created Nighthawk Battleteam report header/divider
  • Wally Created Desktop BG for Aabs
  • Socks sized and uploaded Ji avatar
  • Muz Created youtube video of avatar creation
  • Mirus changed Teal warbanner color to actually be teal


Today we see yet another awesome Ji commission from Jedi-Art-Trick.

If you'd like to show off your own DB works, make sure you submit it to the DA Group! We can upload it for you as well with proper credit of course.

Ask the Herald

(Aabsdu): Would you pick my new desktop background?

Done, thanks to Wally: http://i.minus.com/jS6nXRXUw1VJb.jpg

(@Legz): Socks, will there be expansions to the accessory selector soon? How's the rollout process for those, they just gonna be random things based off vendetta wins and such?

GMRG accessories are on the horizon for sure. I don't have information about further accessories at the moment.

Last Words

If you've done something Herald related for the DB, or even unrelated to DB, give us a shout as we would love to see it, and also reward any club work done. Don't forget to post it on DA and the forum, or just email us a link so we can showcase it!

Massive thanks to Mirus for formatting a heavy chunk of those million links for me. <3


  • Herald egroup open for emails
  • Ribbons completed
  • More warbanner changes
  • Staff changes
  • Need more artists
  • Tons of banners and sabers to look over between GoT commercials

Muz sounds like Nicholas Cage xD

He secretly is.

Where's Mufasa gone? :(

Great report!

Watch Muz's video. It's how he did my avatar.

Apparently, Brimstone is to be portrayed by Count Dooku himself, Sir Christopher Lee

Thanks Muz

Great report as always

Cool cool on the ribbons.

When is the information on the seal per event to ribbon conversion going to be released?


Per event, Howie, it's simple:

No events, no ribbon. If you're in anything up to half the events, you get a basic ribbon. Over half is one pair of diamond clusters and perfect participation in that chapter is twin diamond clusters.

Is that what you were looking for?

It wasn't, but that's helpful too!

Traditionally, seals were awarded (ie: ID line items that generate both credits and prestige) for vendetta participation. During discussions between the SCL and MAA offices, there was no indication that these ribbons would break that tradition. So I'm just wondering how these ribbons will shake out and convert into something that is displayable on an ID line or dossier history.

Hm. That's a good question - as far as I'm aware, the events themselves were just competitions and were tracked like normal comps.

To be truthful, if that is any kind of thing that's happening, I'm in no way involved - I just make the pretty colours happen. I'll be making these cases off an event tracker spreadsheet provided by the wonderful Solari as to who was in how many events per planet. If that does become a discussion, do let me know how it goes ;)

Howie, from what I remember, the choice to move away from seals was made for a long list of reasons, mostly to try something new. I don't believe there will be seals from it at any point. I'm not sure if Muz and Crew had ever intended to award 'stige for the ribbons, as they were working nova only this time around I believe. At least, that's why I have from rummaging through my email archives when the original discussion was had.

Muz of course can correct me if I got it wrong, but I don't believe we'll be seeing any seals or seal-like perks from these Ribbons.

Remember that everyone who participated in the first two phases get the full participation ribbon as per this report.

And of course if we don't get seals then at least remember that the better the ribbon the higher the prestige value attached to it, also according to the report listed above.

Aw, I miss Orv's version of the ribbons. :(

But these are nice, too. Good graphic monkeying, graphic monkeys!

My desktop background has been changed! Thanks Socks/Howie!

Hahaaha Panda on the town. That's delightful.

Also, what Malik said. :P

Yarp. Can we get an update?

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