HMR Night Hawks BTL Report: I Spy a CNS Event


HMR Night Hawks BTL Report: I Spy a CNS Event



Ya know this CNS Event, Encounter at Citadel? Well, things are starting to heat up. We're getting down to the end. This weekend is your last chance to enter any of the competitions.

You guys did great in Phase I. We saw some really awesome participation. Our Aedile, Muz Ashen, covered the results in his recent report. It's worth a read. That guy always has important stuff to say.

I just want to summarize by saying that out of a possible 15 Crescents for the first phase, HMR members took 11 of them. Darkblade had 5 of those by himself, followed by Sang with 3. Muz and myself had a couple of other Crescents between us.

Darkblade is really kicking some butt in this event. He makes it look so easy, and honestly, I'd love to shock him by catching up in the points and passing him. I think with this fiction, and gaming competitions, I have a good chance of doing that...

Watch out, dude. ;)

I'd also like to give Teu and Koji shoutouts for participating as well. I love the veterans we have in this House, and I know they'll always give competitions a good shot and do their best. Some people may be pretty busy, but I appreciate your desire to join in.

I especially want to note that Koji, our Quaestor, has participated in every single competition, or almost all of them. He's more consistent than...well, analogies aren't my strong suite, but he is bloody consistent!

Remaining Competitions

There's still a lot left to participate in for this event, and it all ends on Monday, the 27th. For most of us, that means Sunday, because we like, have work or something. So for me, Sunday is the last day. It's a little different this time. There's a fiction, and a PVE gaming competition (that's player vs environment, meaning co-op vs AI.)

Here's the list:

Flash Game


PVE Gaming



Poetry….wait, no, this competition ended on the 20th? Crud! I thought I still had time! This is why you should always pay attention, boys and girls, and probably read reports, like my prior one, which I think said this ended on the 9th. Wow, failure. Gonna have to win without that one!!!

Other Stuff

There is no other stuff. Well, there probably is, but this event ends this weekend, so let's clear it and then talk about other things. Like the upcoming clan runon. Or the wiki restructuring. Or that vendetta in November...


I hope you all have fun with this event. I just want to note that there's been some good-natured ribbing with our brothers and sisters over in HSD and I love some good-natured ribbing. We just have to be careful we don't overdo it and remember that we're all friends at the end. Especially in our current position, where we're a bit of an older House, with older, veteran members. Let's set a good example for everyone who may be watching.


A good report, Locke!

Thank you, Locke! Excellent report!

That was a great report Locke! Hope we all have fun in the competitions.

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