HMR QUA Report October 2020


HMR QUA Report October 2020

Vindicator-Class Cruiser Phoenix
Tarthos Orbit
Orian System

The Acclamator-class cruiser was directly outside the viewport. Quaestor Hades stared at it absently, the drink in his hand all but gone. Noticing the tumbler was in need of a refill he leans over and grabs the bottle of liquor off of his desk and pours the last few ounces out of the bottle. He grunts at the empty bottle and throws it against the wall, smashing the offending bottle to tiny shards of glass. The Quaestor downs the last of his drink and sends the glass to meet the same fate. He slumps back into his chair and returns his gaze to the Acclimator.

House Marka Ragnos’ QUA had been in a… mood..for the past several weeks. His newly appointed AED, Robert, abruptly left not long after assuming his role as second in command to pursue personal objectives. While Hades is all for achieving personal goals, it was just bad timing and it left the House in a bad position.

But that wasn’t the crux of the issue consuming Hades at this point in time. Having secluded himself on HMR’s Flagship, the Phoenix, the Quaestor has poured himself into old habits of a former society. One that focuses on the more mysterious aspects of the force, spending much of his time in meditation and research.

It was the high-pitched chime of his communication console that snapped him out of his thoughts. It was a broadcast from the Consul. As Hades watched, a small smile began to appear on his lips. By the end, he was openly laughing to himself.

“Finally, the Clan is out in the open!” Hades knew what this would do to some of the population, they would run. Then there are those who would fight for a number of reasons, morality, revenge, money. It didn’t matter, they would fall in the end. This new direction for the Clan has given the old Quaestor something to work for.. Something to enjoy. Turning back to his comm station he connected himself to the Operations officer.

“Commander, please arrange our fleet around Tarthos to cover all hemispheres but maintain line of sight communications just in case. Also, for the next 48 hours increase our CAP patrols by 50%. Our focus will be catching weapons smugglers into the planet and artifact smugglers going offworld.” Hades cut off the officer’s reply.

“It’s a new day.”

Greetings Marka Ragnos,

I want to thank everyone for bearing with me the past month. Many unexpected things have happened in my life since my last report. But with the help of a wonderful Clan Summit, I am now good to go. A lot has happened in our little corner since my last report, so let’s get into it.

HMR AED Needed!

First thing that needs to be addressed is our AED. Robert Sadow had to abruptly leave not long after assuming his role as AED. He had an IRL opportunity that he could not pass up which would cut his time here to nearly zero. So he did the right thing and announced his resignation. I would like to thank him for some of the talks we had in that short amount of time. He is quite insightful and really funny. I sincerely hope his opportunity pays off big for him.

That leaves us with yet another opening for AED. Applications will open immediately and go until November 1st. Applications are to be sent to myself as well as the CNS Clan Summit.

NightHawks BTL change

Someone else who has been following their dreams is Koji. He is now hard at work in the veterinary field and is loving it. Unfortunately that also does not leave much time to properly lead a battle team. So, with that Koji has asked to be replaced and at his request I have approved the appointment of Hunter Corvo to serve as the new NightHawks Battle Team Leader! Congrats Corvo!

Corvo has been climbing the DB ladder quickly and is making quite a name for himself. I am eager to see what he has up his sleeve for his Battle Team.

CNS Consul Report and New Comps

Today our Consul, Warlord Bentre Sadow, released a report detailing the new direction the Clan is taking. This will be an exciting change of direction for the clan fictionally and can open up a lot of new storylines for all of us to pursue. Please read the report to get the full rundown of what is going on.

The link is here:

PCON Report, too!

Our amazing PCON has released a report with further fiction on the clan’s movements and direction. I saw this after I had written most of my report so quick addition.

Link here:

Activity report out later this month.

One of the most time consuming jobs of a leader in the DB is gathering activity data for your members. Now with Squadrons out and everyone flying a LOT of battles it looks like it’s going to be a long list! Once finished it will show all of the activity for all members and will be up to date as of the positing. So look for that in the weeks to come.

Ok, that is all I have right now. Please feel free to email me anytime you need to ask a question or have an idea for the house.

Nice work, old friend!

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