Consul Report: Those Old Haunts


Consul Report: Those Old Haunts


Good day to all you wonderful Sadowans (and folks in other Clans) out there. I hope that this October finds you all well. We are in an interesting time of year, what with spooky spooky October shenanigans and of course the release of a new Star Wars game that seems to harken back somewhat to the days of X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter!

And yeah, while the release of Squadrons gives us plenty to be excited about, that isn’t all that the only thing to sink your teeth into this October. So without further ado, let me get into this month’s Consul report for ol’ Clan Naga Sadow.


Orian System ISD Perdition

The Consul of Naga Sadow sat at his desk intently studying intel reports from his encrypted Holocaster. Being linked into the Dark Council’s Holonet network, he was going over orbital scans of the familiar planet of Sepros. He rubbed his chin, engrossed in the detail scans of the terrain.

He reached across the desk and activated the control panel. The intercom switch illuminated green as the Consul toggled the switch to transmit. A low audible beep could be heard. “Yes Sir,” the familiar voice of the Proconsul boomed over the speakers.

“Takagari, convene the Summits, I have received reports that warrants all our scrutiny.

“Copy that Sir.”

Within minutes Takagari had the Consul’s ready room set up. The two Houses were out patrolling different sectors of the system, but the holographic images of House Marka Ragnos Quaestor and Aedile sat in their respective chairs. As well as House Shar Dakhan’s Quaestor and Aedile. The Rollmaster of the Clan, BattleLord Tasha Vel’Versea entered the room first followed by the Proconsul and Consul.

“Thank you all, I have just received some vital intel that is in need of a closer look.”Bentre said.

Pressing a sequence of buttons on his data pad, Bentre brought up the images of the orbital scans of Sepros. Large scans displayed above the conference table, causing Malisane to sit completely upright in his seat.

“Those are troop movements outside the temple ruins.” The Quaestor stated intently.

“Indeed,” replied Bentre.

“There has been more in the last forty-eight hours.”

“Has their identity been confirmed?” Sanguinus Entar was leaning forward now.

“Not as of yet, no.” replied Bentre.

“Collective?” asked Tasha’Vel.

“Presumably, which is why I am tasking the Clan for a recon and recovery mission. We need a closer look. If it is the Collective, we need to ascertain their occupying logistics.”

“Why are we not just laying waste?”asked Kojiro Keibatsu.

Bentre abruptly stood up from his seat, the Consul began to pace with his hands clasped behind his back. Carrying a stoic expression the Overlord was momentarily deep in thought.

“Laying waste, yes I intend to. If it is indeed the Collective, I want to know why. I want an assessment of our resources. We were away from Sepros for a long time. Back during the Inferno Operation, I am sure several of you remember that our former Consul Augur Entar was one of the last to have eyes on scene.” Bentre paused, a painful memory stirred.

“Yes Sir. The Temple of Sorrow, also known as the New Sadow Temple, took a direct hit from a clandestine saboteur. Summit offices took the brunt of the damage, as that area of the temple was ground zero. The structure of the temple is still intact even with the tower collapsing. The complete extent of the damage remains unknown.” Sanguinius stared at the images, deep in thought.

“What are we to do about any combatants?” asked Hades.

Bentre paused briefly before speaking. “We lay waste.” His eyes went from the images to his second in command. “Takagari, I want you to lead this operation on the ground. The fleet will rendezvous at Sepros. Flush them out and take no prisoners, Thorough sit-reps of our assets across the surface, savvy?”

“Understood Sir,”replied Takagari.

What will this latest development mean for Clan Naga Sadow? Has the long-term stability of the Clan been thrown into question?


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Parting Words

As very briefly detailed in the fiction above and in our latest Pulsefeed, things are still stirring in Orian. I am sure that the little snippet does not seem the most satisfying. Do not worry, though. We will be trickling out some more details/updates fictionally to the Clan in the next few days. The movements on Sepros are not the only things that stand to shake up our system.

How will the Summit react to the stability of Orian being at risk? Is this unrest hiding something bigger in the system? Is the Collective the only threat to the Clan? Are there greater secrets still held in the Orian System yet unknown?

We will find out this and more in the next few weeks. Darkhawk and I are already working up the fiction to help set the stage.

Stay tuned, and stay frosty, Sadow.

Oh, yeah, besides the immediate fiction updates coming, we have a couple of really neat ideas to wrap up this year, and to head into the next with. Should be fun.

I remain, Yours In Darkness,


Overlord of Naga Sadow


Time to lay waste. Takagari, I will be right over.

Lay waste. Visit destruction. Invite to oblivion. Consume eternity. Words strung together in meaningless cacophony to inspire introvertive reflection. Drivel from the pitiful wretch. And so on, and so forth. I shall attempt to extricate myself from the depths of nonsense to enrich myself of your madness and mirth. :)

Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war! (little w)

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