HMR QUA Report - The Night Before


HMR QUA Report - The Night Before

HMR Quaestor Report - Twas The Night Before Christmas

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the House,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (Droid);
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Sanguinius soon would be there.

I will cut this short so as not to go on,
Sang arrived and soon the presents were gone;
They filled the House with joy so much that they would say,
Have a bloody good night and a Happy Holiday.”

First off I wish to apologise for missing last months report, I had attempted to wait out Sarin and his end fiction and it rolled over and rolled over and well I missed it. Also apparently tomorrow is a special holiday, though what it might be I am unsure. Something to do with eating too much food and opening loads of presents? Oh right, Christmas! Or Yule, or Saturnalia or <Insert all the holidays>.

I’ll admit I hate writing these things. It’s part of the job to keep you ‘orrible lot updated with all the news of the house and what’s going on.Though half the time I wonder if anyone actually reads these things. They are usually filled with lots of information, most of it useful. Especially the upcoming one with a brand new storyline in production not just for House Marka Ragnos but for the clan as a whole.

Right away I wish to say Well Done to every single one of you for the hard work and effort you put into the war. We had 15/17 members participate in 1 or more competition and though as a whole Clan we came 4th, which is not bad at all, I feel we could have achieved 3rd easily! But I will say well done for being the top house in Naga Sadow, obtaining the most placements and points!

Still, there is always room for improvements and I, alongside Armad and Tasha, will aim to look at what was good, what was bad and what needs to be improved. I am proud of you all. Very very very much. I’d like to point out a huge well done also to Muz who became Clan Champion proving age in the Club means nothing when you have the heart and will to do well for others, well done!

Time will tell how we improve as a House, recently we have taken on 5 new members! Two newbies and three oldies coming back into the fold. Bolstering our numbers quite well with more weirdos. So I would like to welcome Naruz and Kodais! Plus a heartfelt welcome back to Maelous (who got stuck right into the war), Kano and Manji!

Other main news would be the sad closure of our close friends and partners, Clan Tarentum. After many years of deliberation and fact finding Sarin, and the DC has taken the decision to close the Clan. Please pass on your condolences, and gently hint at how awesome CNS and HMR is.


State of the House

Right so in our lovely clan channel I have been talking nonsense about Fleets and ships and positions and hinting at things to come without actually saying. I am still not going to tell you everything and there is a reason for this. It’ll ruin the story and surprise if you know everything at the start!

Don’t worry what I can tell you, and Sang mentioned this prior, is we will be leaving the Orian System and abandoning Tarthos due to an invasion by superior forces. Now I know people get attached and are attached but this decision is simply to shake things up and allow us to have new experiences, especially for those new members who know nothing but Tarthos.

Everything you love and adore however will remain, it will just be occupied. So once we return and kick the heck out of the invaders we shall have everything back as it was! What this means from a story point of view is we will be fleet bound, living on HMR’s three new ships. The House will take on the role of salvagers for the Clan or in a more fun term. Pirates. We will raid and plunder to gather resources to help the whole Clan survive. Of course with the story of Koji leading HMR against Sang’s decision to help the Lotus how this will all pan out is still in the making. Our new ships will include a Vindicator and Two Raider-II’s. We will also gain two new Squadrons and vehicles, but I cannot tell you what they are because it may give the game away!

Right now I have the first few major events planned and sorted. I have taken the decision, that whilst we raid, we will adopt a mask. Pretend to be someone we are not so when we raid not everyone knows who exactly is attacking them, the first rule of raiding is you don’t announce who you are. Who will we be masquerading as? Well, guess you’ll have to find out.


Ta Ta

Right, it’s Xmas eve and I am writing this whilst surrounded by family so I am going to stop this here. Enjoy your days, get lots of pretty things and eat everything you can, just so you can regret it later!

You are all stars, never stop doing what you do.


I read this.

Nice Carol.

I only read this cause it has more interesting tidbits than HSD reports atm. Looks like you got a solid fanbase of HSD folks :p

A new storyline! We're pirates!? Who are we making walk the plank first?

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