HMR QUA Report - Winter is Coming


HMR QUA Report - Winter is Coming

House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report


So here we are. My first report as Quaestor for Marka Ragnos, because this isn’t scary. I follow in some large footsteps but if there’s one thing I’ve learned that regardless of how worried you are or how nervous you may be about something just do your best. So I’d like to thank Muz for his hard work and stepping in to teach and support me after his predecessor departed the position. I’ve done what even I never expected, obtained QUA and now it’s time to lead you wonderful lot through a Great Jedi War, once it arrives.

I’ve also chosen Marcus to be my Aedile. I had some excellent applications for the position but his application stood out just a tad above the others. Some may wonder why I chose to choose someone who had left the clan and only returned recently. Well, the simple answer for you is everyone deserves a second chance and that’s also something I learned from Muz. I’ll let him introduce himself in his Aedile report to come but for now, that's all I have to say on that.

Before we get into the meat of the report I’d like you to all use your imagination and pretend there are shiny report graphics everywhere to make this look awesome. They are in the works so Hopefully by next report!

State Of The House:

So I had a look over numbers a while back as Aedile and again recently as Quaestor. Though I cannot say I am overly impressed with our actives to roster participation I can say those of you who are involved and doing things make me proud as punch. The reason I’m bringing this up is two fold.

1.During a major event like a GJW, the usual scoring these days is based on Participants to the Active roster. So if we have 25 members in the House and only three members took part? Well, that utterly destroys us as a House and we barely scrape any participation points never mind wins.

2.I need everyone to pull together and step up. Veterans help our newer members. Newer members getting involved and asking for help from our vets. Work as one coherent unit to ensure we can, when the time comes, destroy all competition in any major event.

Our House numbers are fluctuating and in recent weeks we lost a fair few new members to the Rogues, or are in the process of doing so. This cuts our active roster down but also assists with the above situation of active participants to roster during major events. The House currently sits at 26 members and 15 of those are in the Night Hawks. However, with those about to Rogue that will knock our numbers down by about 6/7. Bringing us back down to roughly even numbers with our sister house.

Though these numbers aren’t life threatening, so to speak, we need to be on point especially when it comes to challenging larger units. We all have our likes and interests. Some of us are graphics fiends, some enjoy gaming and a lot of others enjoy fiction. However, during a war, you don’t get a choice of what’s presented to you when it comes to competitions. So I will impart one final piece of advice to you before I move onto the next section:

Do everything available regardless if you are good at it or not. Can’t draw? Try and if it’s rubbish submit it for participation points. Hell one of my older entries for Graphics was a Star destroyer going pew pew and Sangs secret pink and pony covered bedroom. Don’t like writing stories? I am sure you can find 500 words, or whatever the minimum is, to put together to tell a story about your character. This is a staple across all wars and events. Participation matters.

The War:

So for those of you who haven’t seen the war has been postponed. There isn’t much to say on this matter except that Pravus wasn’t happy with the direction the story of the club was going. I am going to link the report he put out for you all to read as I would rather it be his words that explain the situation rather than me attempting to reiterate them.

Pravus Report

So what happens now? Do we have a small break and do a few comps? Nope, not this time. In replace of the war, I have moved up one of my events, been given the green light and it will be launched on the 1st of August. In honour of the new Season of Game of Thrones I label this event:

Winter is Coming.

House Marka Ragnos forces have been arrayed on the Southern continent of Tarthos in Terra Do Gelo. This is a frozen wasteland that to those in the know hold a myriad of treasures to be discovered. Chief among them are two secret Dlarit bases. What secrets do these bases hold? What horrors await? What ever happened to the enemy forces that held the main city and we pushed out? How many pairs of socks do we have to wear?

Wrap up warm it’s going to get cold!

PS: That’s probably a hint to look at possessions for this upcoming event in prep for fiction comps. Unless you think you can get your character through the Frozen wasteland in a Bikini. This will be a staple going forward for my events that use the voice fiction rubric on grading for realism. Remember you can sell items so you won't lose credits.


Only one major Project at the moment being headed up by Armad. He is going through our Wiki and culling, editing, altering and bringing it up to scratch. If you wish to get involved please message him to see what you can do.


Not much to say except I hope I can serve you all well. Should you have any issues or complaints throw them at Marcus and me. We will try our best to learn and develop alongside the house and help you achieve everything you so wish.

Thank you.

Kojiro Keibatsu
Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos


Add some images and I'm a fan :)

Interesting. So a new loadout may be in order. Along with some furry boots and earmuffs.

As for the war stuff I'll see what I can do to help out. I may be busy with RL stuff if it keeps getting pushed back. Right now I'm free, but come Sept?

Ok, I'm actually looking forward to creating a winter loadout.

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