Hoth Battle Team: Wildcards Report #4


Hoth Battle Team: Wildcards Report #4


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The news for the battle team, Wildcards, is as follows:

The Run-On has finished as you can see: Stealth and Recovery. Please refer to this link for the basic information and then the chat in terms of communicating within the team.

Currently going on!

  • New Comps: Decorations of the Ship
  • Weekly Questions: These questions have been going on strongly. I will be continuing to ask these, and hopefully for the next report, I will have some responses that which are approved to post in a report.
  • New Logo/Graphics




This fiction will center around the finale of the Run-On Part II: Stealth and Recovery. The Discourse thread is found here: Link


Roughly Twenty Minutes Before Launch
Inside Hanger, Godless Matron

I have to get to her and fast, Jael’s mind was wildly anticipating the reaction of his sister as he continued to approach the pair who were at a stand-off between seven different mercenaries. Two of these were warriors as he could see their gear and get a sense of their aura from afar.

Vym! His mind called out to Ozosi as she had moved to prepare for her attackers’ reaction to her movements. He continued to call out her name via his mind, but to no avail. Damnit, his thoughts were again in wild disarray as he wished he could stop the skirmish between the groups.

When he finally managed to weasel his way through the crates and around to the backside of the mercenaries, Jael took notice that the fighting had already began. His sister used her sabers in quick maneuver to confuse, and with some difficulty, out-match the male Devaronian and female Bothan warriors. He watched her movements carefully until he took notice of a large handsome man with wild hair.

The Kiffar, Jael recognized the mark across Tisto’s face and figured from the nature of his appearance, this is what he was and that he was of a different clan than himself. He touched his right cheek for a moment, narrowed his gaze to watch the man fight so brute-like against the mercenaries. After a moment of being mesmerized, Jael shook his head of any thoughts and immediately enacted his thoughts of sneaking into the mix and begin to assist the Odanite pair.

Ozosi kicked and spun around in her movements as she wielded her sabers within her hands as her opponents moved in tandem against her attacks, dodging them with just enough skill. Tisto continued to punch and move his body with a forceful tone behind each motion. His desire was to protect his combat partner at all costs. Jael, on the other hand, felt his goal was to assure that Ozosi had seen him and to finish the fight so they could simply ‘catch up’.

“Vym!” Jael yelled as he dodged a kick and took to throwing punches into a mercenary’s abdomen with one landing upon the helmet opponent. “Hey,” he said in a lower volume when he noticed her eyes meet his and then lost her in the mix of bunches, kicks, and a few swings of vibroblades as he made his dodging motions. As the criminal kept up his punches, blocks, and kicks, his eyes caught the attention of the blue Odanite, who had cleared off the Ewok and one of the helmeted mercenaries. The Wookiee had swung his vibroblade into the air, catching Jael off guard of which he barely recovered, feeling the sting of the blade cutting his flesh.

“Karking, walking rug,” he spat out a few more insults while he drew his fists up and punched the ‘rug’ in his face with enough force he managed to knock him out. He continued to kick the torso of his opponent with a few more fancy movements of his feet. Once he figured the Wookiee was finished off, Jael divided his attention to the red hair Odanite and his sister, looking over the hanger’s environment to find his sister was being dragged away. She started to kick once she realized Jael had noticed her capture and wiggled one arm free so she could uncover her mouth from the grasp of the warrior’s hand. Her mouth opened to scream, but soon enough the Bothan woman had noticed and proceeded to punch Ozosi in the side of her face. The Chiss-Togruta hybrid fell unconscious after another strike from the warrior and the Devaronian male moved her to his shoulder with a quick heave of her body.

Realizing he had to act fast, Jael moved to catch the pair, only to withdraw backwards quickly in his movement as he pressed down on his feet with his weight and fall into a backwards flip. His attention had gained a new opponent, Tisto who slid himself between the escaping pair and Jael. The Sephi regained composure only to realize the man had no desire to speak to him as the Odanite began to throw punches, intending to finish off his foes and believing the criminal was another mercenary.

“Hey guy, I’m on your side,” Jael protested more as the punches continued until one landed into his abdomen and another to his jaw, sending him backwards. As Tisto rose his hand up to swing again, he seemingly ignored Jael’s screaming of “they took Ozosi” and the Sephi’s motion of his hand behind the Odanite’s shoulder. After his punch connected with the criminal’s face and broke Jael’s nose, Tisto scoffed at the criminal who was now on his backside and took this time to look around. He managed to catch the semblance of Ozosi’s features as the duo warriors walked out of the hanger and then proceeded to follow them.

When he realize he was not able to be attacked again Jael opened his eyes, finding it difficult to open one of them, while he muttered a few insults in Tisto’s direction. He sighed as he knew the man would be long gone before he even managed to put himself together enough to catch up with the Odanite. His attention fell to the ship of which he had caught people board and eventually he carried himself onto the Idiot’s Array.

Roughly Thirty Minutes After Launch

These idiots are going to allow her to be killed, Jael’s thoughts were swirling with anger and frustration as he eyed the members of Wildcards. His eyes carried from the small gathering behind a rather large woman, Luna, one person he knew he should not attempt to mess with. Luna was given guard duty for now as the main group continued to deliberate Jael’s presence and consequences of being an unknown. She grunted once she realized Jael was staring at her, and narrowed her eyes in a glare, analyzing his character for anything she could gather.

Jael moved to a degree in order to adjust his posture and groaned with a mutter of profanity as he felt the pain of Tisto’s assault. He looked down at his abdomen and lifted his shirt to assess the damage done. After a few moments of his attention being divided, the Sephi-Kiffar decided he should take his attention back to Luna and he glanced upwards towards the woman.

“So are you guys going to kill me?” Jael muttered, rolling his eyes and flicked his wrists to throw his hands up.

“Depends. What happened to Tisto and Vym?” The Mando woman spat back with a tone of an aggressive protector.

Jael scoffed, throwing his hands up again. “I told you already. My sister was taken by a pair of lowlives, a horned one and a hairy dog. That Kiffar? He punched the shit out of me and then ran off without a word.” He continued in a frustrated tone, wiggling his body around to express intimidation towards his captive with which he let out another groan with the shift of his body. His eyes flickered upwards away from his body as he shot a disapproving look.

Luna shifted her stance to respond to the Sephi-Kiffar criminal, but the group behind her called her name with a motion of one person’s hand for her join them. As she began to walk towards the group, Luna nodded at Droveth, who moved from the holoprojector station in the center of the ship. Jael rolled his eyes again, letting out a long sigh as the man walked up to him, allowing himself the chance to take a seat in front of the Sephi-Kiffar.

“So,” Droveth smiled and motioned towards Jael’s face. “Tisto gave you a pretty good punch. I’m sure that nose is broken, ain’t it?”

Jael glared at the man, saying nothing about the conversation and his eyes narrowed more as Droveth chuckled.

“I’m sure that surprised you for him to say nothing aloud. He normally lets his fist do the ‘talking’,” the man made a motion of air quote with his fingers curled slightly in the air.

For a moment, the Sephi and the Odanite stared at each other until the silence became deafening. Once the silence was seemingly “loud” enough, it was broken by a series of grunts, chuckles, and muttering of profanity by Jael which was followed by Droveth.

“So, Ozosi,” the man started after the laughter died down. “You said she’s your sister, but you don’t look like you’re rela-”

“Yes, I realize that. What I’m trying to get you people to understand is she is my adoptive sister,” Jael spoke until he spat out some blood as he relaxed in his position of the floor.

Droveth nodded, taking in this information, with a turn of his head backwards to see if the group heard Jael’s comment. “So she’s adopted by who? Your family?”

“Is this really appropriate to ask right now?” Jael retorted back as he continued, “Ozosi could be dea-”

“We need to assure if you are safe to have on the ship,” Luna sternly spoke out, moving forward to stare down the man with her arms crossed over her chest. Jael smiled, returning her glare with his own and motioned a quick obscene gesture with his hand. Luna merely continued her glare, not allowing this criminal to get the best of her.

Jael motioned his hands towards his face and abdomen as well as spat up more blood. He waved his hands in sarcasm to show frustration and then he held his palms tilted downwards with his fingers slightly extend towards Luna in a ‘I could choke you’ maneuver.

“Do you honestly think I could harm any of you in the state I am in now? Besides, if I wanted to, I would have already attacked you,” Jael spoke with a heavy tone of anger.

The Odanites gave side glances towards one another as if there were a silent stream of communication between them. Eventually, Luna let out a long sigh and uncrossed her arms.

“You will not be any good to us in this condition,” the Mandalorian spoke in a soft tone now, realizing the truth of the matter. She could not risk any more seconds to rescue the missing comrades, and the only thing to do now was to trust this stranger. She grabbed her equipment and started to work upon Jael’s wounds. The others followed suit as Droveth stood up, smirked, gave a nod, and walked back to the holographic display table. Jael, not completely open to the idea of trusting these people, just smiled back and nodded his head.

As half an hour passed by, the Wildcards team moved around the holoprojector display table and Jael joined them from his seat. He began interfacing the control to display the information he knew regarding the missing Odanites.

“Vym was taken pretty quickly before the fight dispersed with the mercenaries defeated,” the Sephi-Kiffar mentioned as the start of the debrief. He was able to utilize information already stored upon the computer to show roughly the appearances of Ozosi, the Devoranian, Bothan, and eventually Tisto upon the projected screen. Small details were implemented into the plan of which was being formed before everyone as Jael continued to work with the computer.

“As I said,” he spoke shortly after he finished with the computer system. “The Kiffar went after her after he realized she was taken. He wouldn’ say a word to me before he attacked, which I can safely assume he believed me to be another mercenary for the Godless Matron.”

Each member of the team looked over the details before them, with the few exceptions such as Edgar and Ruana who seemed to have little interest. Edgar listened yet forced his attention upon his datapad while Ruana toyed around with her weapons, listening only partially.

“Will we be able to track down where they are?” Luna asked, crossing her arms across her chest, calculating cautiously what kind of mission this would be as the others, Tarvitz and Solari, began to look at the data Jael had put into the computer.

As Jael moved to speak, he closed his mouth as an incoming message from the Aedile of House Hoth displayed upon the screen with the a specialized code encryption. “Who is Celevon?” he asked, curiously as he gave a few glances around.

“He is our second in command of our house,” Tarvitz spoke out as he looked away from the data before him and gave a look to Luna with a cautionary expression.

Luna moved to accept the transmission, finding it was a message regarding the start of a war.


This is a collection of information from June 22nd until today.


Luna Okami

  • Sapphire Crescent - 1
  • Clusters of Fire - 305
  • Clusters of Ice - 1
  • Clusters of Earth - 4
  • Scroll of Foundation - 3

Tisto Kingang

  • Amethyst Crescent - 1
  • Clusters of Fire - 78
  • Clusters of Ice - 1

Ka Tarvitz

  • Ruby Crescent - 1
  • Amethyst Crescent - 2
  • Sapphire Crescent - 2
  • Topaz Crescent - 1
  • Clusters of Ice - 2
  • Clusters of Graphite - 2

Jael Chi’ra

  • Ruby Crescent - 1
  • Amethyst Crescent - 1
  • Emerald Crescent - 1
  • Clusters of Fire - 103
  • Clusters of Earth - 2
  • Clusters of Graphite - 11
  • Scrolls of Foundation - 3

Droveth Vectivi

  • Amethyst Crescent - 1
  • Sapphire Crescent - 1
  • Emerald Crescent - 1
  • Clusters of Ice - 2
  • Clusters of Graphite - 5






Tarvitz asks: Given you are in command of the Wildcards, may I ask what would you have us steal and from who?

As I said, we shall steal the porgs and then hold them captive upon the ship with love and care until they can be saved from those who wish only destruction!



That logo is gorgeous, Kris. I look forward to catching up on the RO

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