[COU] High Councillor Report #6 - Teetering on the Brink


[COU] High Councillor Report #6 - Teetering on the Brink


Greetings to all Odanites, our allies, and our enemies. It’s been quite a busy month for me, though mostly that’s been personal stuff of no interest to the internet’s fiercest Space Wizards.

What might be of interest, however, is the awesome collection of COU-related art, fun competitions, and news to come out since my last report. And, of course, there’s the upcoming clan event.


Haran “Ji” Urr, by Jedi Art Trick


COU Event: Tipping Point

Tipping Point

In the words of the Dark Council: SOON™

Blade and I are working on getting the event fiction and comp writeups squared away for the summer 2018 clan event. The scheduled launch is July 29th; for those of us in the States, that means Saturday evening or late afternoon when the server day changes over. Although you still have to wait a little bit longer for the full release, I’d like to talk about the general structure a bit.

Last year’s Great Jedi War introduced a new framework for club-wide competitions, and we’re going to try to mirror it as closely as is feasible to help keep everyone prepared for whatever Mav and company throw at us next. For those of you who weren’t around for the GJW or whose memories are a little fuzzy, this is how things are going to work.

As a member, you’ve got two ways to earn points. The first is participation. Instead of forcing you to do every single competition, participation points are awarded by bin. The twelve competitions in the event are split between four bins: Art, Fiction, Gaming, and stuff Turel hates Miscellaneous. If you do any of the competitions in a bin, you get all the participation points for that bin. If you do at least one comp from every bin, you also get some bonus points.

The top five entries in each comp will earn placement points. How many? Well, it depends. The more participation points people earn, the more placement points there will be to go around. Those points will be split up between all of the comps, and then each comp’s points will be split among the top five finishers.

For an example, let’s say you all earn a total of 100 participation points among the whole clan. We’ll triple that, and award 300 placement points. The competition write-up for the solo fiction comp, for example, says it awards 10% of the placement points. So 30 points will be split among the top five entries, with the winner getting 10.2 of them, the runner-up getting 7.8, and so on.

The member with the most points wins. It sounds convoluted, but the only things you really need to understand are:

  1. Do at least one competition in each bin for maximum participation points.
  2. If you think you can place in a comp, do it.
  3. There’s no penalty for doing everything, but at the same time there’s not much benefit to killing yourself to do ALL THE THINGS unless you want to or you think you have a shot at the top five. Focus your efforts where you think they’ll pay off the most.

Additionally, to keep things exciting, the houses will also be competing. The house whose members earn the most points will get all the cash in the clan fund. That’s 1.5 million credits plus the money from every comp entry, cluster, and crescent you guys manage to get during the event. So don’t just do it for yourselves: do it for the glory of Hoth and/or Shan!


Jael Chi’ra by Kaela Croft


Odanite News

Where Are We Now? — For the best in recent Odanite news, see House Hoth’s recent joint leadership report, Celevon’s QUA report prior to that, and Ozosi’s Wildcards BTL report Those looking for recent Shananigans should check out Talis’ AED report and Mauro’s QUA report.

Pretty Blue Stabby Thing of Justice — As you’ve probably seen on the mailer or in Telegram, Mauro Wynter recently received his first sacramental award. Mauro puts a ton of work into this clan and Shan in particular, and I hope you’ll take a moment to read through the recommendations.

Wiki Tiki Tavi — And another shoutout goes to Mauro and former Shan QUA Maximus for their work on the Satele Shan wiki article. The Wiki Tribune staff selected it to be June’s article of the month.

Who Are You, Comrade Question? — One last shoutout, this time to the crustiest of title holders, Ji. As Telegram has gotten such a stranglehold over our communications, the good ol’ Google group has gotten a bit desolate. Ji’s taken the initiative to bring back the old Odanite tradition of chatting away during weekly discussion threads. If you haven’t already, check your inbox and join the conversation.

Wading into a Murder — To tide you over until the event starts, check out the murder-mystery that Droveth and Cel are putting on here. Whodunnit? I dunno, man, you tell me.


Alethia and Turel by TycheTamara


Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom

The Three R’s — If you fancy yourself good at reading and riting, please consider assisting Sera by applying for the PROF position for the Shadow Academy’s Department of Writing. See here for details.

Vidya Gaems — Lots of news on this front. First, Drac’s report outlines some changes to how the portal works. We also bid a fond farewell to Destiny 1 and a tentative hello to Fortnite. Seriously, if you’re interested in seeing Fortnite as a supported platform, be sure to participate in the pilot competiton. Juna followed up with some policy notes in her first ever P:Fist report. Lastly, Juna also provided an update on the Brotherhood Gaming League.

Chaos is a Howlader — Howie covered a few items of interest in his last report, mostly for anyone interested in running competitions. However, I think everyone will be interested in some teasers for the future XP system for promotions.

Turel’s Attempts at Poisoning Clearly Aren’t Working — Atra is still around, and this time he’s brought you the Coach’s Corner results. Perhaps more importantly, he’s also unveiled some new James magic that allows you to automatically accept ACC match extension requests.

Vocalizations — Wally’s last report is just chock full of various minor updates to the character sheet system, the wiki, and even a new exam in the Shadow Academy.

Plot Whole — With The Collective: Prologue, we now have a bit more of an understanding of who this mysterious Telaris guy is.

Check Your Messages — Maximus brings you information overload in his Social Media Tribute report, including a lot of information on the club’s online presence and some ongoing competitions.

Something Wiki This Way Comes — In Bentre’s latest Wiki Tribune report, he managed to find a very polite way to ask you to please for the love of god use the damn preview button. Additionally, he’s got some updates on various projects and a note to those of you who, like me, have a wiki account name that’s three years out of date.


Gulvyr and Luna Okami, by Kaela Croft with edits by Vyr


In Conclusion, Carthage Must Be Destroyed

That’s all for me this time, so for now it’s back to the event planning hole.

Tune in next month for:

  • Event hyping!

  • Dank memes!

  • Probably some more Kaela commissions because seriously, look at this sale!

Alethia Archenksova
High Councillor, Odan-Urr

Haha I enjoyed the reference at the end. If only I could win with Carthage on Total War 2. Nice report Arch. Your starting to turn into one of those old Consuls now.

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.

Interesting news indeed, thank you.

Event coming soon. Also, look at that beautiful art. :)

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