Hoth Quaestor Report - February 2016


Hoth Quaestor Report - February 2016


  • War Never Changes
  • Personal Matters
  • The Scorching of New Tython
  • The Future of House Hoth
  • Upcoming Feud
  • Competition Corner
  • TL;dr


War Never Changes

Esstran Sector

Yhi System

New Tython

In the year 29 ABY, war came to New Tython. The Brotherhood of Dark Jedi began their campaign against us, and the war began. Standing boldly in the expansive fields outside of Menat Ombo, an old Gand Jedi watched with calm determination as flocks of dark daggers swooped out of the clouds. To the untrained eye, they would have been nothing more than birds, albeit on the large side; this was, however, a flock of TIE starfighter squadrons, driven from all directions towards Menat Ombo, the capital of New Tython.

High Councillor Ji ignited his lightsaber in defiance of the approaching Brotherhood army. He would later lose his life to the New Dawn terrorist group - but then, sacrifices were part of war.

Arconan forces led the charge, and ultimately went on to claim the greatest prize available: the title of First Clan, awarded for the sport of hunting Jedi, the spoils of war earned in the invasion of New Tython.

An invasion of New Tython - I have since learnt this would be the first of many, which we would be blamed for.

31 ABY

Returning home from a guerrilla campaign against the Dark Crusade, we found ourselves without a home. The self-proclaimed prophet and hermit Cy Thuron had employed a mercenary army and seized control of New Tython in our absence. Still, we would not give up, or give in; even when our backs are pressed to the wall, the Force remains our ally, and a powerful ally it is. This time, the lightsaber was raised by a different hermit - Liam Torun.

"You’re right, Liam," Elleron shouted. "The House needs its leaders."

Denath felt Elleron gather in the Force for one final act. Liam and Morotheri were thrown into the hangar, and Elleron’s lightsaber flew out, severing the external controls and sealing the door shut. The young Jedi sighed and turned to face the advancing soldiers, raising his silver blade as he recited the Jedi Code.

Shots ricocheted against the blade as one of the commanding officers took careful aim with her blaster, her brilliant blue eyes like sapphires staring down the barrel. She watched and waited, like a spider in its web, waiting for just the right moment to squeeze the trigger...

Elleron fell, and I awoke.

32 ABY

We instigated the next war ourselves, invading our own planet. The Nebula-class Star Destroyer Fey'lya's Last Stand secured a swift victory over the meager mercenary forces that held our space, polluting Yhi's presence with their own. On the ground, the battle raged through the streets until Cy Thuron joined those streets, from the top levels of his own palace. Struck down and defeated by the old man, he was then stomped like an ant, his light extinguished. Jonuss Rai and Turel Sokar became the next casualties of war.

33 ABY

The O'reenians, an alien armada from another part of the galaxy, invaded next. They had tried to crush us with an overwhelming fleet. Caught in a space battle we weren't prepared for, with our NSD rushing to our aid, the Sanctuary space station was destroyed. Not everyone made it to safety, but those who did, made it because of her sacrifice: Kaira Rohana, the next Jedi to fall in war.

Then something miraculous happened: our desperate cries for help were answered by our old enemies in Arcona, who once again won praise for their invasion of New Tython. This time, however, they invaded at our request; strange how our greatest enemy had now become our closest ally. We were safe, and secure, and with our powerful new allies close to our sides, we rested, reassured that the danger had passed. The war was over, and a golden age of peace could begin.

Peace, however, was a fickle mistress, often serenaded by the poetic voices of the hopeful children of tomorrow. Everyone courted her, and when she saw fit to bestow her favors, songs were written to mark the sacrifice of those whose lives were lost in her absence. Diplomats like myself went to great length to charm and woo her, while her wanton need for attention wore away at our patience; peace was always changing.

Today - 34 ABY

Our NSD held it's own last stand today, falling under the weight of the Iron Legion. All that remained now were a pair of corvettes and a wide gathering of civilian cargo ships, shuttles and transports, like the one I'm standing on now. My platinum-blond hair reflects back at me in the viewport, shared with the reflections of scattered families I had tried to rescue.

Not all of them had made it, I thought to myself as I clutched hands with the younger person standing next to me, waiting for the final preparations for a jump to hyperspace. Solari, another of our bravest Jedi, was crushed today. I felt his light disappear, extinguished as he tried to buy us the time we needed to save more lives.

My eyes return to the fleet before us. The Iron Legion had gathered around the planet in their star destroyers and ships of war. Darth Pravus had invaded New Tython, but this wasn't just an invasion. Sparks of light rained down from the gathered vessels, covering the surface of New Tython. A hollow emptiness ripped through me and I wept as I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

As the entire world unravels beneath us, and peace becomes a distant memory, we rush through hyperspace. Standing on the brink of an uncertain tomorrow, I am afraid, for myself, for my House and for our future, because if my time with the Jedi taught me one thing, it's that war...

War never changes.


Personal Matters

Hello House Hoth! First of all, apologies for this report being so late in the month. I will be adopting a different system of reporting, moving forward. A lot of matters have been discussed over the past few weeks, and I'm making some adjustments to my style of leadership. Expect to see me more regularly active, more communicative and more in charge than before.

Another one of these adjustments is the weekly Hoth Nutshell. Ultimately, I am trying to do too much, too frequently with that; with the recent chaos in my life, it was unsustainable. I also wanted to add yet more stuff to it, and it was basically turning into a weekly full report.

I believe I can better spend my time by adopting fortnightly reports instead. They may or may not have a fiction component to them, depending on time; I have a few big projects that I need to manage, including one very big one: a new planet.


The Scorching of New Tython

As you've no doubt seen from the recent Grand Master fiction, New Tython is lost. Not just a little lost, it has been burnt to the ground by the Iron Legion. The Arca Praxeum was destroyed by an invasion, and the majority of the population has been killed by brutal orbital bombardment.

Some survivors were gathered on to our corvettes, and a decent mixture of civilian transports. These ships and their contents represent all that remains of our Clan. We became too complacent, and the Grand Master seized on this opportunity to scorch and salt the earth, to burn every town and city, and to slaughter millions, including our beloved Solari who bravely chose to stand against him.

For the moment, we are drifting in space, nomads on our ships. Hope still remains, however; OOC, Grand Master Pravus has been very forthcoming and generous in striking deals with our Summit. Part of those deals is to allow us to create a brand new home system.

I must admit, I have very mixed feelings about the loss of New Tython; I am one of the members who was pretty invested in our lore and culture, and it is very hard to see it go. I was also very invested in storylines on New Tython moving forward; the basic summary for the Sons of Tomorrow was eight pages long, resulting in an event that would have lasted around 22-24 weeks.

I won't be writing anything on that scale again for a while lol.

With the heart-breaking loss of our old world, we are in the process of creating a new one, to fit in to the new Clan system. The new system is going to be very similar to the existing DJB concept of every Clan in one system, with each House and the Clan Summit having their own planets. These are, more or less, our "sandboxes" to play in and I am discussing and brainstorming what I feel will give us the best potential future.


The Future of House Hoth

I will be creating a formal draft for the new planet shortly, and working on it with the other members of my Summit team during the Feud. We are seeking your opinions on what kind of planet you'd like, what kind of features, etc. Fictionally, I am wanting to preserve our "soldiers on the frontier" feel, and look forward to having a finished planet proposal for the upper Summit in the next 2-3 weeks. There is another storyline that I am looking at working with, but I won't spoil that here.

One of the bright sides to take away from all of this, is that the Brotherhood has clear antagonists once again, and the whole us vs DJB matter has been clarified - and we will be striking back.


Upcoming Feud

Our Feud against Clan Plagueis is approaching very shortly. Edgar will be covering this in more depth soon. Expect an increase in awesome as I join you in the fight against Plagueis.

Remember, also, that this Feud is recognized as a Vendetta-level event, so I can swing some better-than-average awards if you can bring the hurt down on Plagueis. I expect the recent turn of events will help our Clan to dominate this Feud, and I cannot wait for it to start. I hope that's something we all have in common!


Competition Corner

There are a few competitions I'd like to feature this fortnight:

  • The current flash game being run by our Aedile, Edgar Drachen, is Train Runner - Mobile. Amusing game.

  • An interesting competition is being run by Wally, to create a playlist for your character's music. Very different and left of center.

Both of those competitions are winding up shortly. The two competitions I wish to highlight the most, however, are focused on the recent scorching of New Tython:

  • Day of Infamy, where you come up with a moniker for the event.
  • Darkest Hours, a fiction competition documenting the last hours of New Tython.



  • Fiction.
  • Different leadership style, more in charge, more frequent QUA reports.
  • We lost our home world, but are working on another.
  • Feud is rapidly approaching.

Nice report, much info, many Wow

Great report! I too have mixed feelings about NT, but excitement for our new home world is overwhelming. Can't wait to see where we are headed.

Excellent report fiction, I liked the journal style that tied all the time periods together.

Awesome Report Long Live HOTH!!!!

Enjoyed the fiction, nice report dude.

Cool report, boss. I'm biased toward a specific part of that fiction. :P

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