House Ajunta Pall Quaestor Report #7: Wartime Report


House Ajunta Pall Quaestor Report #7: Wartime Report



Hello my fellow Pallians, our colleagues in Karness Muur and onlookers from the outside. Before I go over the contents for the report I apologise this is a couple days late, I was getting ready to write this a couple of days ago while the dog was incessantly barking so I took him for a walk to shut him up. By the time I got back I forgot what I was going to do and got back onto working on some war stuff. THat being said it's no excuse and I'll make sure to be on time next month. In this month's report, I'll be going to cover the war, as well as the earnings of our members, happenings from elsewhere in the club and the monthly dose of history stuff. So without further adieu, let's get right into it.



So yeah, the thing is almost over. The last day of the war will be the 20th of November, just over a weeks time from now. To find the things that you can do (and there's at least a few everyone should be able to do) follow this conveniently placed link you'll notice that each bin will tell you if you've participated in it as well as the individual competitions. This is a handy way of tracking things that look promising moving forward. Also, you'll notice since the start of the war the site got a swanky gold makeover, hopefully this sticks around in some form post war because I personally like the look of it.


Promotions, Medals, Crescents and Clusters

This section is a bit light because war stuff isn't distributing awards until everything has been judged so expect a juicier section next month.


HAPpenings from around the Club

  • Herald releases some stuff (bunch of curved lightsbaers and a few pew pews).Report
  • GJW Chapter 4 fiction here
  • Ceiling Jac opened a application thing


Time for some edumacation! On this day

Heading towards the various holidays next month, and to lift up after the festival of death that was October, here are some births on the 1oth of November throughout history. * 1483- Future leader of the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther was born on the 1oth of November

  • 1919- Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man who would go on to design the AK-47 was born

  • 1955 saw the birth of Roland Emmerich.

  • 1968 saw both Tracy Morgan and Tom Papa born


Closing Thoughts

That is all for this month, but with the last day of the war on Az's report day, I look forward to seeing you emerge from the metaphorical trenches with me. Until next month, when we'll be 5 days out from The Last Jedi, get hyped!

Can't believe it almost over already! Here's to one last push for greatness!!

You forgot to mention you now have 100% more Viv!

Mmm Ververkers, he is back. looks over shoulder

Actually, Kalashnikov wasn't really the man who designed the AK-47. In reality he was just a high ranking military man who looked like a "model communist citizen" so as part of the USSR's propaganda, he was credited with it's invention. Meanwhile, the twiggy, four-eyed, brilliant engineer who actually invented it remained penniless in his tiny apartment that shared a bathroom with the rest of the inhabitants on that floor because he was smol and not a big, stronk, Russian, manly-man.

The Mo You Know

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