House Dinaari Aedile Report #2


House Dinaari Aedile Report #2


Aedile of House Dinaari Report #2.

The month of March is almost over, and we are three months away till summer comes to the DJB. That means the next GJW is on its way. I am hopeful that Dinaari is going to step up its efforts on being more active as we get closer to this Brotherhood wide event.


We have several Competitions going on in our Clan, and in the Brotherhood itself:

• The “Taldryan Intelligence Directorate” is on its third set of competitions. The deadline for submission is closing fast so get your submissions in ASAP.

• Yacks “Wade into the Meme Stream” Competition series is in its fourth week. Get your meme in while you can.

• The end of March is near, which means an end to the Poetic Month Competition series. The third week competition “Diamante’s are a Sith’s best friend” is almost done, so finish up your poems. The final week of the competition will be a Sonnet, so get ready for some Iambic Pentameter action. I may continue doing more poetry based competitions if the interest is there.

• Seer Keneth Zoron Sporcle series is still going on so go show us how knowledgeable you guys are. LINK!!!

• April 1st is coming up, and to celebrate this marvelous event, I am running a new Fiction Comp. Go check it out. LINK!!!

As always your Clan Summit encourages you to come up with ideas for competitions. I am here to assist if needed, as I’m sure Omega is as well. Let’s get some more activity brewing here in Dinaari.


The Fist has come out with another Gaming update. Check it out here.

I’ve seen several complaints on Telegram in the past month concerning The Shadow Academy, well now the SA staff have gifted us with a Form we can fill out showcasing our complaints. You can find the Form here, but please be respectful to the SA staff when filling it out, and leave the cursing where it belongs.


Since my last report Dinaari has gained a new member. Please go and welcome Galene Vivek, a Gray Jedi, of the Gray Path.

For the month of April I plan on working through the Dinaari clan Wiki page and getting it more up-to-date. I’m gonna look through our Clans History and hopefully get some form of formal recording about what we have done in the past.

Omega and I will be setting up a Gaming Competition here soon, so get ready to earn yourselves some clusters of Earth, and Fire.


March has been a fun month, and I suspect that the coming months will be even more interesting. I feel like Dinaari could be a Force to be reckoned with, if we can get our member activity up. So guys, and gals, lets show the other Houses and Clans what Dinaari can do. Till next time, I’m Aiden Lee Deshra, signing out. May the Force be with you.

Yaaaay, best Aiden.

returns to grave

Good. Good.

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