House Dinaari Quaestor Report #5


House Dinaari Quaestor Report #5


Quaestor Report

Sith Battlemaster Omega Kira


Talk about leadership changes over the last 2 months. Yacks has stepped down; and the Panda now rules in his stead. Kenneth Zorron has stepped up to ProCon. Nero has parted ways of Tal and moved over to Odan-Urr, I wish him luck in his new clan. We've had a ton of new members!

I would like to talk a little about cloning. We have had a couple of clones join up recently; and I would like to make sure everyone is aware of the cloning policy to sum it up: * Cloning is bad * Cloning is having multiple logins to the site from the same IP * One caviat is if you have family members who join who live in the same house hold; please make sure that leadership knows of this.

As always, my office door is always open; shoot me an email should you think you violate the cloning policy.


With the new leadership in place; I think it's safe to assume we have chances coming! We have several new members, and I'd like to recognize them at this time:

  • Cobra: Promoted to Apprentice!
  • Destroyer: Promoted to Apprentice!
  • Trwah Meney: Promoted to Apprentice!
  • Noland Hyperion: Promoted to Apprentice!
  • FingerLickinGood: Promoted to Apprentice!
  • Sha'hone Mysto: Promoted to Neophyte!
  • Xylnn Wolfstalker: Received 1 Cluster of Ice!

Wow, so many new faces. Feel free to drop me a line either on Telegram or via email. I'd love to hear from each of you!


Gaming Updates

  • Grand Master's Gaming Tournament has entered the Semi-Finals
  • There's a new Gaming Course for Diablo III
  • Journeyman Tournament is in the Semi-Finals Round III
  • We have a new Headmaster for the Shadow Academy: Farrin Xies


Latest Competitions:

Noteable Achievements

Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj

  • Clusters of Fire: 296
  • Clusters of Ice: 15
  • Clusters of Earth: 20
  • 3 Crescents AS
  • 3 Crescents SS
  • 2 Crescents RS
  • 1 Legion of Scholar
  • 1 Anteian Cross
  • Avatar of Strife Title


  • Clusters of Fire: 36
  • Clusters of Earth: 11
  • 1 Crescent AS
  • 1 Anteian Cross


  • Clusters of Earth: 125
  • 2 Crescents AS


  • Clusters of Ice: 15
  • Clusters of Fire: 3
  • 1 Steel Cross
  • 4 Crescents ES
  • 1 Crescent DS
  • 1 Crescent AS
  • 1 Crescent SS
  • 1 Scroll of Indoctrination

  • And a partridge in a pear Treeeeeeee!

Final Thoughts

With several new members; and new leadership's push on JK Promotions, let's try and get these new members rolling and engaged within the house. We are getting close to enough members to bring back a battle team, and if we can sustain activity to warrant it, The Harbingers could make a come back.

-SB Omega Kira

Quaestor, House Dinaari

Good report Omegs

Sweet report and love the sexy gfx! If it'll help with getting more activity, I'd be more than happy to do Jedi Academy training for anyone—mainly weekends!

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