House Galeres Report: A Red Dawn on a New Year


House Galeres Report: A Red Dawn on a New Year


Your New Leadership (aka A Word From Our Sponsors)

From the Quaestor

A quick note to start off: thank you Junazee and Skar for holding down the fort in what was probably one of the worst possible years to be running anything, much less a House in the DJB that has some very potent personalities. For those of you who don’t know me, I sat in the QUA/AED spot from 2017 to 2019, so the chair still has a bit of my butt imprint left over. I’ll skip any self-aggrandizement beyond that. Just know that moving back into the seat, I’ve got a lot of plans that can’t be achieved without the rest of Galeres doing what I know she’s capable of. It’s both mine and Sera’s intent, as your Summit, to maximize fun within the House and address your concerns as best we can.

That said, take it away, Ms. “Kicky Commander” Kaern.

From the Aedile


Cough Ahem. Right. Professional. To start off, I would also like to offer my sincerest thanks to Juna and Skar for providing leadership in this house for a long, long time. You two are the very best that this clan has, and the epitome of what leadership in this club is meant to be. Without you, I wouldn’t be here. So, again; thank you, for everything. Moving on...hi again! You should hopefully probably know me, but for those who don’t, I’m Sera, or Orion, or whatever you wanna call me. I’ve been in the position of Spectre Cell Battleteam Leader since April, and just took the step up to Aedile in Skar’s place. The chair doesn’t have my butt print yet, like Q’s does, but it will! I’ve got a whole slew of ideas on how to help out crimson Quaestor out, and get this House into an even stronger position.

Another year has come and gone. 2020 was particularly rough on many of us. So, it’s my person goal to ensure that everyone here enjoys 2021 to the fullest. I look forward to continuing this journey called life with all of you over the next few months.

Strength and humor, friends. Back to the Quaestor!

Changes to Policy & Procedure

A new administration means new means and methods. Some, if not a lot of this, is experimental, and will require long-term observation to see how well it worked out. Those that have been in the House a while will recognize some things as merely legacy bits from way back when.

Galeres Chat

I will be “that guy” (or that Gal) (ha) and say that we have too many chats. Spreading the House’s business across two of them is not something I intend to maintain, so as of this message, the legacy chat will become the de facto Galeres Chat. “So what?” you may be asking. This shift means that we’re going to be putting a few limits in place; things that would normally be unspoken, but we’re putting down here for transparency.

  • First, the “business chat” can be maintained as some sort of safe space for whoever wants it, but it ostensibly will no longer be a mainstay of information or, as the name implies, business.
  • Second, we will be restricting new joins to Galerians only, barring changes in Clan summit, which will necessitate shuffles accordingly. We’re not currently looking to purge the inclusion of members from our sister House (hello Qel-Droma!), but peanut-gallery commentary will not be looked kindly upon if we’re in the thick of anything.
  • Third, and probably the biggest concern for some folks, is that the chat will get inundated with roleplay (RP) chatter and we’ll never get anything done. More on that below, but we will be regulating RPs a lot more to allow room for business, banter, while still doing the RP thing. A one-stop shop, if you will.

Roleplay Sessions

As was said above, there are to be some changes to the Galeres RP scene. Understand that these measures are a bit of an experiment, with the goal that we free up space for business, and maximize the ability for our members to participate.

  • Time Restrictions: We will be restricting RPs to the weekends, generally starting on Friday, and no later than Saturday when they happen (this won’t be an every weekend thing, realistically speaking); ending on Sunday, with some wiggle room through Monday or Tuesday as the situation dictates. If the plot isn’t done, then it gets paused until the next weekend, or it gets ended.
  • Participant Restrictions: RPs in Galeres Chat will be for Galerians. Probably the most unpopular move, it doesn’t come without reasons. Smaller numbers mean things move faster because there are less characters to manage, and fewer writers to wait on. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of folks getting lost or, in the case of larger groups, simply getting talked over. Inclusion of non-Galerians, including Clan Summit, will be on a case-by-case basis, which the organizers will share in such cases. Cooperative RPs may also be held in the Clan RP chat. We have the resource; might as well use it for what it was intended.
  • GM/DM Openings & Restrictions: There’s no longer going to be a “who’s running this show?” question. We’re going back to the basics. When it’s a House plot RP, the QUA will be the primary DM (dungeon master), and the AED the alternate if not available. Non-plot/event RPs may follow the same methodology, but are open to be DMed by others. We just ask that you (the DM/GM hopeful) PM or e-mail us with your premise, plan, and alternate DM/GM in case of unavailability, and we’ll set you up as necessary.

Event Calendar (aka Not Your Dickens’ Great Expectations)

For those of you that like to know what’s happening well in advance, and thus plan accordingly, we’ve got something for you. It’s not a formal calendar, but it should work in a pinch. This was hashed out through some rough math with two things in mind: 1) don’t have an “event” every month, and 2) maximize our House plot movement. It looks a little something like this…

  • January: Break time as you wake from hibernation, too much sugar, and all those Sithmas/Life Day competitions.
  • February: Clan event for the next phase in this Selenian archaeology plot.
  • March: Club event for lead-up to the summer Vendetta AND House event to get this Eldar ball rolling again. We’re anticipating the Club event will be low-impact enough that the House can still do its thing, and may be offset slightly to reduce the simultaneous pressure.
  • April: Break time, minus any offset from the House event.
  • May: Anticipating possible start time mid-month for the Club Vendetta. Nothing set in stone.
  • June: Vendetta will be in full swing, possibly ending mid-month if it starts in May.
  • July: Break time.
  • August: Clan event; another step on the train of monster creatures or whatever Lucine and Rhylance are cooking up.
  • September: House event that will be half plot, half development for Eldar.
  • October: House mini-event with spoopy themes because October. Less plot, more antics.
  • November: Break time.
  • December: Hey look, Sithmas and Life Day are back. No House/Clan events planned.

Upcoming House Event

Gird your loins, kids, it’s gonna be a busy transition into spring. But you knew that already from the bullet-point calendar. Let’s talk fiction.

When last we left our heroes, the pirates and slavers that were infesting Eldar in Galeres’ absence have been either destroyed or scattered to the winds, along with their supplies of Nova; that little designer drug that meandered over from Selen. Now, with aid from Galeres, and the smallest trickle of immigrants from the other local inhabited bodies of Dajorra, the Keadeans are very gradually rebuilding their lives post-plague.

But the Keadeans aren’t the only inhabitants of Eldar. No, we’re not talking about that one Twi’lek from the first House fiction. On the other side of Eldar is another continent that has, until now, been isolated from the rest of this conflict, inhabited by the Sardinian peoples. This primarily-human group, once the ancestral slaves to the Keadeans under the Tao Feng Shogunate, may still be present and, as such, dictates that Galeres travel to their side of the world and establish contact. What that contact will look like remains to be seen.

Look forward to seeing some lead-up fictions and RPing in January and February so that, come March, we’re ready for Second Contact.



Sera again! Let’s see what’s brewing in the wider DJB, shall we?

  • The Celebration Store is open once again! This is an excellent time for all you guys to spend all of those hard earned credits on limited-time only goodies. I went and blew all my creds on a new set of armor, so…
  • A new PulseFeed update is out, giving everyone an opportunity to catch up on the fictional comings and goings of the other clans. Got some good reads in here, so I recommend it!
  • There looks to be some sort of special Shadow Academy X Antei Combat Center event coming soon to a troubled ecosystem near you! I’m certainly looking forward to it, so this is a great time for everyone to go and try for the ACC Qualification Exam if you haven’t before!

And that’s about it for the news segment. Now, onto the competitions!


  • Good little mix of Overwatch Comps for the winter wonderland event! Even got some puzzles in there for the non-gamery folks, like myself. Ends January 7th.
  • You ever wanted to pull an Atty and hit someone right in the feels? Hard? Real, emotional sucker punch? Then this fiction comp is for you! Ends January 7th.
  • Got any New Year’s resolutions that you’re staring down the barrel of? Your characters have any! Great! Get out there in this art comp, and show off a new you for the new year! Ends January 7th.
  • Now, for the string of comps that I’m the most hyped for, the Nightmare Before Sithmas comps from Wally! A new arrival to the clan is in peril, as are some of our most beloved members. Will you strike out to rescue them? Or...are you too busy opening presents? Ends January 8th.
  • And, as always, a bunch of GRMG Comps for January! JA, Battlefront 2, and some Destiny 2! Get out there, Arcona! Ends January 31st.


Activity in the Last Month

Note: this only reflects Crescents, Clusters, and other Awards, and does not directly reflect participation.


  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 4x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 2x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star
  • 1x Crescent with Quartz Star
  • 6x Clusters of Ice
  • 7x Clusters of Graphite


  • Rejoined the House! Welcome back!
  • 8x Clusters of Fire

Kashiro “the Log”

  • 60x Clusters of Earth


  • 2x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 2x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 2x Crescent with Topaz Star
  • 1x Cluster of Ice
  • 3x Cluster of Graphite


  • 2x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star

Rrogon Skar

  • 1x Pendant of Blood


  • 2x Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star
  • 7x Cluster of Ice


  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star


  • 3x Clusters of Graphite


  • 1x Crescent with Diamond Star
  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 5x Pendant of Blood
  • 72x Clusters of Fire


  • 1x Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 2x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 4x Clusters of Ice


  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 7x Clusters of Ice


  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 9x Clusters of Ice

Q&A with Q&S

Atty asks: Are we keeping two Galeres chats or can I archive another yet?

  • Q: We’re going down to one chat, supplementing announcements with e-mails.
  • S: What Q said! Just shaving things down, hoping to centralize our activity and center RP within one channel.

Nero asks: Can I offer you the alternate name #ColbrayTerminator?

  • Q: I don’t know what that is, so you can offer, but I’ll respectfully decline.
  • S: that a type of cheese?

Xenna asks: What's the company policy on turning Hutts into dining chairs?

  • Q: ...Why would you or anyone else ever want a Hutt as a dining chair? The policy is no.
  • S: Would that be like...a bean-bag? With Hutt hide upholstery? Intriguing...but, probably smelly. I vote no.

Nero also asks: If you could have any real-life weapon that currently exists in Star Wars, what would it be?

  • Q: Probably the A280C blaster rifle. Good mix of range, accuracy, and stopping power.
  • S: that even a question? Yeah, yeah, blasters are cool and all, but if you’re not taking home a working lightsaber, I don’t know what to say.

Xenna also asks: Do you know where I could find a slightly maimed Trandoshan for research purposes?

  • Q: We could always maim Grot. Why go shopping when you already have it in the cupboard?
  • S: ...since Q has already supplied you a house member to maim, I’m gonna bite the bullet and ask why?

Kordath asks a lot:

1. How's the office? Does it still smell like damp Ryn? -- Q: It didn’t smell like Ryn after you left it the last time, so unless Kord was spraying since then, haven’t noticed anything. -- S: The Aedile’s office smells great! Like...lizard scales and machine oil.

2. *quietly looks between Aedile&Quaestor Heh.* -- Q: That’s not a question. Moving on. -- S: Eyes down, blue balls.

3. Any big storyline ideas in the works? -- Q: Continuing the Eldar plot to a proper conclusion, for the moment. -- S: This, mainly. We’ve (Q, mainly) got some great ideas brewing up to push us forward, and I can’t wait to get things moving!

4. Will it be a happy new year for Galeres? -- Q: One more bad guy dealt with, so not horrible. --S: Of course! We’ve done so much good and fought so hard in the past year, I think we’ve got wonderful things coming our way. Just what we deserve, right? :)

5. How many kicks can a kicky Zabrak kick if a kicky Zabrak were to kick? -- S: A kicky Zabrak could kick as many kicks as a kicky zabrak could kick if a kicky zabrak could kick kicky kicks. -- S2: Alternate answer, 69 kicky kicks.

6. Is office work going to put some rustiness on Q's shooty prowess? -- Q: Would Kord like to personally test this? I can always prep my blasters.

7. As leaders, how do you feel about the current batch of Arconae, meddlesome or otherwise? -- Q: Did the batch change? -- S: The three most recent, Lucine, Kordath, and Zuj? Sera absolutely adores Lucne and Zujenia. The former is someone that she holds up as a shining example of leadership ability, with poise and control and grace and, well, everything in hand. Zujenia, on the other hand, is a consummate protector, something that Sera aspires to be...and I do believe that me and Zuji said that her and Sera would be getting together to practice Battle Meditation and some other pertinent skills. Kordath...well, I believe Sera’s only interaction with him was being assigned to pilfer a certain pair of sovereign underpants.

8. As members, what are your hopes in the coming months for the House? -- Q: More activity, more movement on the Eldar plot. -- S: I want everyone to enjoy themselves, and to grow closer as a House.

9. For the Clan? -- Q: A little more clarity on what the overarching Clan plot is. -- S: I’d love to see more people actively involved in both House plots, if they’re able to.

10. For Q...Ryntron? Eh? Ehhh? I'm sure Zuji will be open to the idea. On second thought, hold on that. -- Q: For the umpteenth time, NO.

11. For Sera, Will the Zabrak become more straitlaced and professional with this new job, or still throw protocol (and shoes) to the wind? -- S: This will be a necessary transformation, yes. As Sera starts growing into leadership -real leadership- she’ll naturally gain a greater understanding of rules and discipline...though I can’t imagine her becoming a real stickler for them. She’ll still be Sera; just with a better ability to separate “play” from “work”. Probably. Hopefully. Eventually…

12. You two, uh, spar yet? Asking for a Chiss. -- Q: Negative. -- S: Gotta happen someday, though, right? :D

13. Arcona just bought a bunch of new ships, what would you name one of the new big ones? -- Q: Depends on the kind of ships. I tend to follow naming conventions based on ship type. -- S: I do really love our dark and light naming convention. How ‘bout Monochrome Glow for one of the new big ones?

14. Is Galeres going to keep being a very militarily oriented House, or are we shifting focusing at all? -- Q: Not currently planning on changing the fictional purpose of the House. Arcona can’t afford to have both its Houses being party buses. -- S: Yeah, we’re sticking to the military theme. On that note, everyone could probably use a trip back to boot camp.

Xenna asks again: Can I use house credits on space hookers and space blow for... Personal reasons.

  • Q: School rules. You get enough for everyone to share, or you don’t get it at all.
  • S: You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit! So, if you get space’re covering the costs of that treatment on your own.

And again: Do vaporized people count as unintended casualties for the post-mission score card?

  • Q: The… what? Why would you unintentionally vaporize someone?
  • S: Well, maybe not, since it’s very difficult to prove that you actually did vaporize someone...except for the smell. That’s the kinda stinky stank that you just can’t get rid of, unless you bring in a priest.

Aay’han asks: Where can I have my illicit supplies from this month?

  • Q: You can go buy your own like everyone else. We’re not your dealer or supplier.
  • S: Depends on what you mean by “illicit”...mostly. Kinda.

Atty asks a lot as well:

1) any thoughts as to how your respective characters end up in these positions, and, thereof, how they're going to work together/feel about working with the other? We usually see Q pretty exasperated by Sera IC, while Sera is, well. Sera! Positive and admiring of prowess. -- Q: Still working on that, since the ones doing the hiring couldn’t come up with anything either. -- S: In my head, Sera was offered the position after Skar retired for his health. She then went to recruit Q for Quaestor, by force of charm (or begging).

2) speaking of Q's exasperation with 90% of things, current summit? Current House members? Is she trepidatious of the work or validated to be back in the driver's seat? -- Q: Trepidatious. Good word. Not an accurate descriptor of Q, but a good word.

2a. How's that Lucine thing going? Think anything would have changed for Q after the last Christmas rp, with on/off screen apologies or discussions? -- Q: You should know better by now that there is no such thing as “off screen” with me. It’s either written out in some form, or it never happened. -- S: Sera thinks Lucine is great.

2b. I think I know the answer, but what about Sera? How's she going to view the summit now that she's moving up higher in it? No more just having a team and ignoring paperwork, she's an actual admin now and there's politics -- S: She’s actually coming around on the paperwork thing. Boring, but also mind numbing, so she can sort of lose herself in doing that while not worrying about the things eating at the back of her mind. Still, she works best in the position of a pure leader; I don’t think this Galeres summit is going to be very politically savvy.

3) Personal interest one, will Q/Sera still allow or enlist Ruka's help at times for operations as a Lotus "free agent" or no change, just kinda still there to volunteer? Perhaps actually restrict him? -- Q: Uhh… purple? What’s the difference between these options? -- S: I think Sera would definitely want Ruka’s help. But...I also think that she would want to keep him out of heavy fighting. Helping people, teaching people, certainly...but maybe no bloody, brutal business until he’s fully recovered.

4) Do these appointments change any plans each of your characters had for their immediate or distant futures? Are they even planning that far ahead or are they in the moment and/or avoidant? -- Q: somethingsomethingweddingsomething -- S: Oh, I think it’s perfect. Sera’s climbing ever higher, without giving any thought as to what happens if she falls...

5) how are Remy and Montraka doing what with the whole uh...El3 Techweaver strolling in to steal yo droids and yo ships and yo port? -- Q: Remee is safely shut off and won’t be hijacked or hijacking anything. -- S: Heh. Motraka...well, wait and see

6) Shameless plug for the comps! Have you guys done any entries yet? -- Q: Yes. -- S: You know that I’ve gotta do everything

7) where will Galeres continue to be centralized? Blindshot? Are we going to keep up our activities and fictional ties to Selen, or are we as a House moving back to Eldar? -- Q: For now, the House headquarters is still on Blindshot. Moving to Eldar is a potential future plan when there’s something to actually move to. -- S: Yeah, still not a lot of infrastructure for Galeres on Eldar, though i would like to flesh out Toronaga’s village more in the future.

8) What are your plans for the battleteam? -- Q: It’s going to remain as-is for now. More decisions will be made after a period of observation of activity among the members.

9) What are your philosophies on inter-House activities and bonding, being Arconan, being a Clan, vs being part of the House? -- Q: Totally down for inter-House activities so long as Galeres gets its own “me time” in the mix. -- S: I love clan and inter-house stuff, just as long as we can continue developing a distinct personality for our house.

10) How do you feel about Arconan identity personally? Brotherhood? -- Q: Vague question gets vague answer. -- S: I think one of the reasons that Arcona does so well in the Vendettas is because we have a very, very strong identity as a clan. We support our people; I think the DJB would be wise to try and emulate it.

11) What DB storyline interests you? Which faction is your favorite or which would you like to see in the future? Is Galeres gonna incorporate those plot points and characters into our stories? -- Q: The DB has a storyline? -- S: I’m really looking forward to seeing what Avitus Oligard ends up doing, but it’s tough for me. I missed a lot of the beginning of this storyline, so I always feel like I’m missing…something.

12) Happy New Year! Have you considered a theme for this year? Much better than goals. I'm still deciding mine, but I'm thinking Year of "trying," "positivity," or "reading" since I lost touch with the latter on books over the years, despite consuming who knows how much fanfic and fanwork (which, equally valid, but you catch my drift) -- Q: -- S: Determination. Sticking to my guns, and fighting for what I want to do.

13) pet tax required -- Q: Yes, you owe us pet pics for all these questions we’re answering. -- S: I have prepared pictures of the bun, yes.

14) Let's see, I promised 20 soooo what's your favorite foods? OC, but feel free to answer IC too -- Q: IC, curry. OOC, family’s rigatoni recipe. -- S: IC, Sera loves a nice bantha steak, cooked blue rare. OOC, Orion loves himself some blackened fish.

15) As the Admiral of this ocean, how's them ships? Got a favorite? Status update? Feed me -- Q: Uh… we still have the Nighthawk around. So… that’s a thing. -- S: ….oh, that kind of ship. Y’know Sera. Floating happily along, yes yes.

16) What DB activity do you wish you got to do more of? Or maybe just generally what character thing? Writing, drawing? -- Q: Yes. -- S: Need to get better at drawing, and I’d like to fully develop how I do the codebreakers. Writing is a given.

17) hey. Hey. Hey. You. Remember. You're both awesome, I admire and adore both your characters and writing and brains, and I'm just wondering if you know that you're pretty great.

18) if your characters were (cough) animals or furries in some AU universe etc what would they be and why (see: one of our Gal chat rambles) -- Q: ...Wut? -- S: hug hug

19) do we wanna do more Hangouts or discord sessions as a house? -- Q: I’m down if the rest of the House is. -- S: Always down for discord, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a hangouts before…

20) share one Good Thing. Anything you want. (also Barf says hi from AUland) -- Q: I woke up breathing today, so… that’s a start. -- S: You can tell when a bunny is sleeping, because that’s the only time that their nose isn’t twitching. You’re welcome!


Final Notes

To those of you that made it all the way to the end and read everything, you are truly wonderful sausages, and I thank you. Shout out to Atty: every single sentence I wrote was double-spaced after each period. You’re welcome. Good to be back. Q&As, for what should be obvious reasons, will be an occasional thing, and not something that comes up for every report. If you have questions though, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for a report! We have e-mail and Telegram wherein you can message me, Sera, or both of us! And speaking of...

As always, I can be reached by e-mail at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or on Telegram with @QyreiaArronen (PM or through our group chats). You can find Sera at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or @OrionR on Telegram. And if you’re bored, feel free to follow my meant-for-recruiting-but-still-fun in-character Twitter feed @TheRedQek!


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So many questions

Thanks Q I hate you :p

Welcome back and all that.

Great first report to the new Galeres team!

Love it! And honestly I was wondering why we had two chats xD Didn't really make sense to me. Glad we got some groundwork for the new year! I'll mark my calendar!

Not first, but nice report, Q

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