House Galeres Report: Some Pecan RPie


House Galeres Report: Some Pecan RPie


Another month, another credit. We hope you all have been enjoying the downtime from events and are ready to kick things back into gear. This report will be a bit on the shorter side, so enjoy the abbreviated content. Special thanks to Atty for her contributions in helping us with data collection.

Table of Contents
  1. Admin Notes
  2. Event Calendar
  3. News
  4. Activity in the Last Two Months
  5. Final Notes

Admin Notes

Leadership Changeover

If you didn’t read Rhylance’s report and opted into reading this one, your Quaestor Qek will be stepping into the role of Proconsul (PCON) in the near-ish future. There is a little bit more I want to do with the current House storyline before I do, and when paired with my current real-life constraints, the changeover will honestly be best saved for when I can invest a little more time in the new seat. Until then, enjoy Atty as your Mirialan Pecan Pie.

Since I am a fan of expectation management, the tentative timeline for the rotation will be around the turn of the new year. There will be a period of applications and appointment of an Aedile, as the current expectation is that Orion/Sera will pick up Quaestor (pending availabilities, etc.). Feel free to prep applications, but please don’t send them in until the application period.

Telegram to Discord

As of… whenever the report was, the DC is moving the Brotherhood over from Telegram to Discord as its primary means of communication. This will primarily affect club-hosted channels such as Fiction chat, Gaming chat, Art chat, and so on. The big, club-wide ones. There are also Clan and House chats that have been put together. The House one will, for now at least, remain open to the general Arconan population unless there is a call for a “Galeres safe space”.

That said, while the official “changeover” is set for 01 October, we will still be maintaining the Galeres TG chat for the time being. Between feedback from House members and my own person feelings on the matter, while we (the Summit) will maintain at least some presence on Discord, extenuating circumstances will dictate how much of a presence that is. If or when the TG channel gets “abandoned” is a “future us” problem. For now, this is your notice to clarify any questions about it. Any contention on this can be PMed or e-mailed to me and Ori.

If you’re having particular issue with figuring out how Discord works in its minutia, Wally (aka Marick), Zuza, and Kris have all put in a lot of work compiling information and a how-to manual for it. Give them a ping; maybe a hug too for their hard work.

Event Calendar

There have been some changes to the event calendar. Frankly, we didn’t get to the stuff we should have in a reasonable time, so we’re a little behind the curve. Case in point, the full event we had planned for this month will be reduced to one or two competitions instead. We’ll make it up to you all. Promise. Expect next year’s tentative plans by next month.

  • September: House competition related to ongoing RP and House plot. Comp #soon.
  • October: House mini-event with spoopy themes because October. Less plot, more antics.
  • November: Break time.
  • December: Hey look, Sithmas and Life Day are back. Tentative House/Clan events?

As this RP (which we can now get Clusters of Ice for) closes out and the competition for this month gets approved, look forward to some House fiction updates to go with it.



Going to hit on just a few of the big news releases that came out recently.

  • Here’s that report about PCON from Rhylance again, in case you missed it in the above text.
  • Here is HQD’s report for the month. Head on over and show them some love.
  • Want to get the links for the DJB Discord move? Look no further.
  • Get your post-RoS graphics updates from the Herald office here.


Activity in the Last Two Months

Note: the below stats only reflects Crescents, Clusters, and other Awards, and does not directly reflect participation.

Ood Bnar

  • 1x Crescent with Quartz Star
  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star
  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 2x Crescents with Sapphire Stars
  • 2x Clusters of Ice
  • 6x Clusters of Graphite
  • 1x Legion of the Scholar


  • 7x Clusters of Fire


  • 1x Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 42x Clusters of Ice


  • 18x Clusters of Ice

Nero Inferni

  • 1x Crescent with Quartz Star
  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star
  • 1x Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 3x Crescents with Sapphire Stars
  • 1x Cluster of Ice
  • 2x Clusters of Graphite

Xenna Azara

*1x Anteian Cross * 3x Clusters of Ice


  • 21x Clusters of Ice

Tyga Orn

  • 3x Clusters of Graphite


  • 9x Clusters of Ice

Vahrosa De

  • 1x Dark Cross

Oriah Chaar

  • 6x Clusters of Ice


Final Notes

Nothing special to note here this time. As always, I can be reached by e-mail at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or on Telegram with @QyreiaArronen (PM or through our group chats). You can find Sera at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or @OrionR on Telegram. And if you’re bored, feel free to follow my meant-for-recruiting-but-still-fun in-character Twitter feed @TheRedQek!


alt text

Awesome report boss!

Proud of y'all.

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