House Marka Ragnos AED February Report


House Marka Ragnos AED February Report


A short time ago, in a galaxy you’re in right now...

District IV, Warehouse 89
Eden City, Yridia IX

The dingy warehouse was full of crates, many dusty. It wasn’t as if they couldn’t be moved, but there was a lull in the operation. The scouts were out, bounties were being made and found, and there were customers for the goods. But something was amiss.

Xolarin strode across the small office, mumbling to himself as he thought back on the neglect he had caused with the small syndicate he had formed long ago. He slammed his fist on the desk nearest him. _“It’s got to be out there,”__ he said to himself. And then out loud to no one, “I’ll find it, then we can move on with things here.”_

His partner and main investor had backed out. Initially Xolarin did not need the money, but after the events of Clan Tarentum in the Brotherhood, financial assistance was required. So without that backing, it was easy to see that his business would crumble. He didn’t need any farsight for that. But his focus on dark artifacts were blinding him to other eventualities. What he didn’t see is that he needed guidance along with that fervent focus, lest he waste away in an alley.

To read how Xol gets pulled into CNS, read the full fic here.



Hello friends. Xolarin here, a.k.a. Chris formerly using the character Dael Provect in COU. I am glad to be in HMR and CNS - this summit is stellar and I look forward to working with all of you in the Clan and House. This is my third stint as an AED and I was a BTL as well. I was on the Wiki team a while back as well.

This report will have just a few things as I still get settled, but there are many activities in the works in the clan, including a couple comps I will be spinning up here soon.

I also hope to continue my Stix Wars sketch comics like I started in PLA.

But most importantly, I hope to make a real home here in CNS and make this clan awesome alongside all of you. Let me know if you have any questions on Discord or over email. Otherwise, see you out there!




So in this month of February, we’ve had quite a bit of activity, and I just wanted to give a shout out to folks who are doing great things. This is just awards, not a full list of participation and such - we had a lot of activity that did not necessarily end up as awards.

Let’s keep the action going folks, and more importantly have fun!

Xolarin AED Sig

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