House Marka Ragnos AED June Report


House Marka Ragnos AED June Report



Welcome to this report of awesomeness, the most bodacious artifact in the entirety of HMR, CNS, and the DJB. Ok, slight exaggeration. This will actually be brief. I have a couple reminders of competitions and some recognition of our members. Also, another lame Stix Wars sketched comic with a bad joke.


Important Stuff

WAR! (soon…)

Unless you’ve been in a hole, you will be aware of most of this section. But I wanted to highlight a few things. First, our Grand Master has announced the next Great Jedi War (Vendetta) coming in July. This is exciting, and is a way for you as an individual AND us as a Clan to get heavily involved in DB efforts. You’ll hear more soon from the council and our own summit, but we need to participate as much as possible in this one. Let’s represent CNS!

Clan Event Done

By now, I hope you saw and participated in the CNS event Rebels and Ruins. We made landfall on the moon of Yavin IV and are using this as a stepping stone to get back to Orian and reclaim our home. I hope you had a good time competing - I know I did. I didn’t do everything I wanted to given RL time, but I had a lot of fun! Stay tuned from our leadership for the results.


I would suggest you look at all the competitions as there are a few fiction and gaming ones up right now. Also, the Shadow Academy has changed things a bit and they have their SASsy event series going on right now. A couple easy ones, but all fun.

Do all the things? </meme>

Other Clan Reports

Here is a brief list of recent reports from our clan:


Glory and Honor

Now to recognize the greatness from our House! We’re half-way through some parent competitions so these will have a varied amount listed. But it’s a good snapshot of what we’ve been up to. These will include participation in some events (like Rebels and Ruins) that have not been graded yet. I’m also going to start calling out News Comments because I like to see people doing that, especially in-clan!

A special shout-out for Muz for his 3rd place in the Shroud of War II event from the Herald. Well done, sir!


Stix Wars #3

Stix Wars #3

Xolarin AED Sig

Yes! Do the SASsy events! Especially the run-on! </shameless-co-organizer-plug> ;)

Nice report, Professor! Well done!

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