House Marka Ragnos AED May Report


House Marka Ragnos AED May Report


Ryloth 37ABY

It had been far too long since Tasha’Vel had last been down into the deep dark depths of her Estate. She walked down the dark hallway towards the artifact’s room and opened the door. Inside were several rows of various Rylothian historical artifacts, several different trinkets, old heirlooms, and various other items on the shelves in front of her. As interesting as these items were, there was one artifact that she was looking for. She turned to the left of the room and walked forwards a couple steps towards a glass pedestal holding a dark brown box that was covered by a glass display casing.

She removed the glass casing and carefully lifted the dark brown box from its holding place. She blew off the dust as she opened the lid. Inside a purple velvet lining, lay a beautifully designed dagger.

Learn more about this awesome dagger here...

Joint Fiction with CNS Rollmaster Tasha (Scrounging winner) and HMR Aedile Xolarin



With the completion of Operation Antiquity, HMR’s Scrounging mini-series (see below), and other clan-wide event, CNS and our House prepare for something big. Stay tuned to the reports and clan news here on the site for details as we make plans. We are NOT destined to remain living on starships!


Scrounging for Leftovers

So I had been running a small mini-series competition called Scrounging for Leftovers where Xolarin on behalf of HMR was attempting to find one last artifact. He felt it was necessary, and his farsight did not let him down.

Since there were only 5 total entrants, I have included a synopsis of their contributions and the top 3 places. I also wanted to share Ciara’s poem, as it rang a bell with me both in and out of the the competition.

  • Battlemaster Tasha'Vel Versea, 1st place! (entered Poetry, Graphics, and Fiction)
  • Knight Hilgrif, 2nd place (entered Poetry and Graphics)
  • Warlord Bentre Kairn'tel Sadow, 3rd place (entered Poetry and Fiction)
  • Warlord Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae (entered Poetry)
  • Acolyte Jannala Umbra (entered Poetry)

To hear the shout of broken chains,
to taste victory in freedom’s veins,
look long and want for naught,
breathe deep of passion’s lot,
touch the forbidden,
and fear not the hidden.
- Warlord Ciara


Woop Woop

So I believe we had one newcomer since my last report and he has been doing some good work as well, but first his name:

And now for shinies and props and praise oh my! Some decent activity for the House since last time I threw out numbers. Note that these do NOT include the Scrounging rewards, given the timing of everything and cluster calculations. These will be covered in the June report.

A special call-out for some crosses:

And now the complete list:

Whoop Whoop

Xolarin AED Sig

A special thanks to @Tasha for the fiction and letting me add on to it. House Marka Ragnos now has a very cool gift from our own Clan Rollmaster!

You are quite welcome, nice little report. I absolutely love Ciara's poem, it was a hauntingly beautiful piece. Well done everyone!

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