House Shar Dakhan Aedile Update - November 28th, 2014


House Shar Dakhan Aedile Update - November 28th, 2014

Inos System
M-CRV Reaper's Call
Concurrent with Operation: Vengeance

Captain Sola Keithel was frustrated. She had received word of the fighting near Tarthos, and longed to be there, but her orders were clear. She was to remain in this lifeless corner of the Orian System until her TIE Hunter scouts had located a suitable base location. There were many that probably fit the criteria Locke had left her, but they were all so barren. She figured that there must have been resources to exploit, but the sensors that could detect them could not be mounted on the starfighters. At least, that was why she thought Locke had ordered the establishment of an outpost out here. He had not said much before leaving on whatever assignment he was on.

Still, it was a job, and they would do it. If it brought further power to the Warhost, it was important. Sola just hoped that the action at Tarthos would go well. We're just one corvette, she thought. We wouldn't make much of a difference. Still, even Locke had said that the Reaper's Call could do much on it's own, especially since it had a good crew and a good captain. That made her smile, though she often wondered if it was sincere.

Regardless, this operation bored her. "Commander Moross," Sola said. "Let's review the locations we have so far again. I want to have something ready when the Senior Commander returns."


Hey guys! It's been awhile since my last report, and in that time a lot has happened. To recap, the final section of Fading Lights has come to a close and Seals and Novae have been issued for that. On the home front, we're in the middle of Vengeance, the name for our final battle against the evil witch Anaxela (who happens to be Macron's sister) and her Organization allies. With the conclusion of this battle, Naga Sadow will hold undisputed control over the Orian System, via our front government known as the Orian Assembly.

But! We can only do that with your help!

Vengeance: Runon

How can you help? By taking the fight to the enemy. Post in the Runon, located here!

Currently, we are fighting on two fronts, one of which you may already be a part of. A strike team of Sadowans is on their way to Anaxela's fortress in the remote mountains of Aeotheran to eliminate her and the last of her cult of inferior Dark Jedi, while on Tarthos, a mixed force of Sadowans and Warhost forces fights to defend Mucenic from the last strength the Organization can muster, while in space we defend the space platform Onyx II against the onslaught of their fleet. But that is not all…

Vengeance: Competitions

The main battles are important, but there are always other tasks to support the war effort, and this is no exception. There are missions that call for specific skills or knowledge, and here they take the form of competitions. Show the leadership of Sadow your might, and you may be rewarded!

Currently, there are three active competitions, but more will become available soon as we receive more intelligence about what is currently needed on the battlefield.

In order of when each competition ends, the first is: CNS Historical Trivia, which is a trivia competition, of course. I don't know what history has to do with the current battle, but that is for the Consul to figure out. I am just the messenger. Regardless, history is important. For those who do not remember the past may be doomed to repeat it! (And in the future, we want LESS of our enemies getting really, really close to burning down our cities! This ends on the 29th, by the way, so you have about 24 hours or so to do it, depending on when you read this. It doesn't take long, though, so go expand your knowledge!

The next competition is fiction. It is called Code Name: Silent Hydra. In this one, your objective is to deal with a great threat who could aid Anaxela, and prevent it from doing so. This mission must be completed by the first of December, lest the target achieve his goals!

The final competition is a gaming competition and more general. It is called Battlefields of Vengeance. Here we are simply watching the warriors of Naga Sadow in action. Prove your skill via a variety of games. The victors shall be those who earn the most Clusters of Fire for themselves.


With all this talk of the current conflict, those of you who often look to the bigger picture must wonder what is in store for us next. After this conflict, what looms on the horizon? Well, a couple of things. First, the Dark Council has informed us that the next Great Jedi War will tentatively take place sometime in January. Rumor says that the focus of this conflict will be the invasion of the One Sith-held world of Korriban, and the final battle against the bulk of their forces. It is sure to be a titanic encounter.

That, however, is more than a month away. We estimate that the bulk of the campaign against Anaxela and the Organization will end no later than the 8th of December, allowing for at least three weeks of "down time" in which members will have time to pursue their own interests, as well as participate in a variety of missions and tasks for the Clan and House leadership. This will give everyone a time to rest and hone their skills for the coming war.

Finally, we have tentative plans for a project involving House Scholae Palatinae in the future. If there are further details, they lie in the hands of our Clan leadership, and that is above my clearance!


It is important in each report to recognize members for what they have accomplished thus far. The far reaching activities of Naga Sadow ensures that we cannot all be in one place for an awards ceremony, and thus it is here that our member's accomplishments are recognized all in one place. This is the result of past victories such as those we hope to see from the Runon and competitions above. When the Organization is defeated and Anaxela breathes her last breath, the leadership of Sadow will pass judgement and make sure that those who assisted in the conflict are justly rewarded.

In the meantime, please join me in congratulating those mentioned below.

First, please join me in welcoming Vestr Nilo to our ranks. Vestr, finding your place in a brotherhood of Dark Jedi can be daunting, but you have taken the first, major step!

Next, Mandeo Pyxis has been quite active. Mandeo has passed two courses in the Shadow Academy, specifically, ACC Qualification and Leadership Competitions. Next, he has earned an Amethyst Crescent for placing second in the Brotherhood-wide competition "Visions of the Future." That is no easy feat! Finally, Mandeo earned two Seals of the Crusader for efforts in Fading Lights. Excellent Work!

Additionally, the brothers Methyas L'eonheart and Mirado L'eonheart have each earned a Seal of the Crusader for their work during Fading Lights. Congrats!

Daedric Turelles has earned four Seals of the Crusader, one Seal of Loyalty - which is certainly not common at his rank - and two Sapphire Crescents. The first is for placing second in the first graphics competitions for the Clan event Vengeance, and the other for the poetry event for Vengeance. Awesome job!

Finally, Roxas Buurenaar has earned a Seal of the Crusader, and Shi Long recently earned an Emerald Crescent for placing third in the Vengeance Poetry competition. Nice job!

Last, but not least, our Quaestor, Shirai Dupar earned two Seals of the Crusader. Good work!

Congratulations to everyone! It's always great to see hard work pay off, and victory go to members of House Shar Dakhan, especially in club-wide competitions, as Mandeo demonstrated by placing second in Visions of the Future. Way to show 'em how it's done!


That's all I have for this report. My duties on the battlefield near Mucenic demand my further attention, and I'm sure you all have much to get back to. Remember, all things have a Time and Place, and for all things there is a Price. Today, that Price is the blood of the Warhost mixed with that of the vile Organization and Anaxela's cult as we purge them from our territory. Remember that conquest is our destiny, and we will not fail to achieve it!

For Sadow!

Nicely put.

I wish more people started with fiction like this. It helps get a sense of how the brotherhood works when it's not in wars. Nice report Locke! Always a pleasure to read.

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