Howie Flee!


Howie Flee!

Hello all. I'll be on vacation without access to a laptop/desktop for four days this coming weekend. I'll be off wandering from the afternoon of Saturday, May 5 to the afternoon to Tuesday, May 8. I will still have my phone with me, but seriously. Use email.

Email me. Email Teylas. The MAA Staff group email address is at the bottom of this news post. If you only email me? Or worse? Just message me? Things will take way more time. Probably four days. That's why you email both of us. Just send an email, it really isn't that hard.

Message howie for everything, got it. :P

Enjoy your time off!

Your on vacation more than not!

Cry medal, and let slip the panda of vacation!

No, wait, come back

Howie so get it. Message both you and Teylas. I didn’t need the last 9 reports and extra links I swear, lol 8-P

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