Master at Arms Report 6


Master at Arms Report 6


Some small bits of news this week, and some puzzles to do!

  • I am running another puzzle competition. Click the puzzle!. It runs for about a week! I’ll also be away for about a week starting at the end of June, so I figured I’d post another puzzle. You should also click this puzzle, it closes July 1 and starts June 25.

Howie Flee!

I’ll be on vacation for a little over a week starting on the 24th. I’ll have access to email/internet/what have you for part of it, but much of that time will be spent in the mountains – AKA the cell phone dead zone. So if your thing is urgent, make sure you include Teylas on the email too. Which you totally should be doing anyway.

I’ll be back to regular status on July 4th ish – I think.

Great Jedi War

As Mav mentioned a few days ago, Great Jedi War XII (the Great Jedi War-ening!) will be starting August 1st. This has two implications for the Master at Arms office:

  • The clan to clan transfer ban will be enacted on July 31 sometime. No members will be allowed to transfer between units at that time, but rogue transfers are still allowed.

  • I would also ask that all competitions that will be submitted in the next six weeks not continue past August 1st. Anything submitted for that time will be remanded until the post Great Jedi War period. For those of you that have long term competitions set up to run during that time, I’d ask that you think about changing the dates if at all possible (with six weeks out, I think that’s reasonable?). Please let Teylas and me know if you have any questions about it.

Ask the Master at Arms

Samael Ozriel: We're supposed to bold stuff in our reccs right? Cause you love that? Right?

Oh, please don't.

Dolash asks: Is there a how to write a recc that'll be approved guide? Personally speaking I find writing reccs intimidating. Is there a place I can go to see examples, suggestions, etc?

Not really, no. Every MAA report I post some (see up) – and that’s why I put links to eat one of my reports at the bottom of the new report (look down). There’s also the statistics page for medals. You can also hit the recent promotions statistics page too

Wally asks: #askapanda what is the most common, repeated thing you have to advise competition organizers on?

I was going to say grading criteria – because people often forget it (especially for container competitions). I suppose this is also a good place to mention that having something to account for ties is a good idea. Pel also said “Don't disallow both early subscription and late subscription - then nobody can ever subscribe.” He’s right. That. Don’t click both.

Medals and Promotions of Note

Howie- Great report. Appreciate the recc sharing. Those are always helpful!

For all- All FIST led gaming events currently scheduled for august will be cancelled, including Gorefest. There will be plenty of gaming options during the GJW!

But what if I want to click both? :p

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