Master at Arms Report 9


Master at Arms Report 9


First up – congratulations to Grand Master Giant Jac… I mean Mav. Yay Mav.

Second! Puzzles! Everyone damn well loves puzzles! Or else. Love the puzzle!

Both of these puzzles close on March 11th – go forth and puzzle the puzzle!

Howie Flee!

I am going to be on vacation from Wednesday, February 28 (North America time) – and I will be back in the evening of March 9 (North America time) – in that time, Teylas has the proverbial keys and the stamps and all that jazz.

So here’s the big thing, I’m not bringing a computer with me, so there are going to be things (I’m looking at you, manually editing competitions) that I really can’t do from a phone or tablet. This is where it is critical that you make sure you email either the MAA staff google group (link is at the bottom of this report) or make sure you email both of us. If you only email me, and it takes a week and a half for what you want to get done to get done? Quite frankly? That’s on you. Also, don’t just ask James. :P

Additionally, I’ve been forwarding the site emails to people who aren’t getting them due to the Microsoft server block, but I expect this to not happen as much – due to both vacation, and doing that from a phone isn’t super pleasant – but I will try!

Google Documents and Recommendations

This is something that has come up a number of times – people enjoy collecting recommendations (especially for sacramental awards or higher level equite promotions) in Google Documents for ease of organization and tracking – that’s awesome. Now, the thing is, we have a site for a very good reason – and it should be used wherever possible. But there’s a habit of people going in and saying “hey, can I get it approved before I get it approved?” That’s silly. That’s what the website is for.

That said, for some things it does make sense – if there’s a medal you can’t award (thinking higher level sacramentals for consuls) – that’s what we’re there for. But the idea of getting pre-approval? Yeah, that doesn’t make sense.

Competition Creation

Before submitting your competitions – make sure you double check links, details, dates, grading criteria – all that jazz. If you’re unsure about a competition, you can and should check with your summit. Now, we don’t mind fixing competitions, mistakes happen, but do be careful.

Something else that has happened a few times lately. People have been closing competitions because there’s an error. Don’t do that. If there’s an error, send us an email and have us fix it. Closing competitions generates credits for you as an organizer – and then they have to be removed by the Regent staff.

Co-Operative Fiction

One the things that has come up in the past (among many others) – co-operative/paired fiction competitions being run across the club. These are fun and they’re great! But they are a little bit weird to administrate when the grading is done. These competitions as normally submitted as fiction competitions and graded normally. With paired fiction, the competition organizer needs to email the MAA staff to get us to switch the competition from a fiction archetype to regular, then the organizer can add additional competitors, when finished, we can switch it back – then it can be closed as normal.

Promotions of Note

Medal Recommendations of Note

Howie, I would like pre-approval to award you a shiny medal, TBD, for services not rendered during your vacation. Kthxs.

Good report Howie! Now go eat ssume some bamboo or something.

So what you're telling me is that everything should go through docs and be submitted before actually being submitted, yes? Good good.

I will start deleting them and then having you beaten, Halcy.

You will be the whipping boy!

Have fun in the dense bamboo forests of Canada.

Great report Howie! Yay, more puzzles :) Thank you for the mention too :)

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