HQD January Report


HQD January Report



Strap in, boys and girls. If you only read one report this year….read the last Grand Master’s Address. Because yeah, I’m not crossing him. But if you read two reports this year, read this one. It’s got some awesome awards, some big promotions and a major change to our policy on Battleteam membership that might leave some of you out in the cold. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Fiction
  3. News
  4. Competitions
  5. Awards
  6. Promotions
  7. GMRG
  8. Transfers
  9. TL;DR
  10. Quaestor Corner
  11. Crescent Leaderboard
  12. Closing Words



This month’s fiction is brought to you by Zakath, winner of last month’s Crescent Leaderboard. Thanks, Zakath, for the great vignette.

Warrior-class Gunship Broken Blade
Styx’s new mobile headquarters

Thump thump thump

Zakath’s heavy fist pounded the door to the office in a quick efficient manner, intentionally designed to display the fact that he had little patience. It was a move designed to rattle and off-set whomever was within.

“Come in.” A muffled male voice came from within the office, and Zakath grunted, slapping the release button.

The door whisked open, and the Barabel entered. The office was sparse, with only a small desk and three chairs dominating the room, with a few boxes piled up on the commander’s side of the desk. And standing from behind the desk was the new commander of the operation- A thin and somewhat bony man, whose long hair was kept tied back in a ponytail, and his eyes- were not eyes at all.

At least not in the normal sense.

“Ah, you must be Zakath,” The man smiled thinly as he gestured to the front of his desk. “Come on in, please.”

“Yez. Greetingz, Commander,” Zakath replied as he stepped forward, reaching the desk in three long strides, his hand extending a datacard. “My orderz.”

“Commander?” The man raised a dark eyebrow at the title as he accepted the datacard.

“Nobody haz yet to explain the hierarchy of thiz operation,” Zakath grunted as he met the man’s unusual eyes- noting that his own glowing violet eyes were reflected back in the obsidian marble-like surface. “Commander will do for now unlezz you decide otherwize. You are… Emm Kay Ezz?”

“Yes, Mks,” Mks nodded slightly as he popped the card into a datapad and reviewed the orders. “Yes, this matches up with what I’m told about you. Here, take this datapad, and follow me. I’ll show you to our operational briefing room, and you can review the material on this new operation of ours while our team is assembling. I’ll be conducting the introductory briefing within the hour. You know your role, I assume?”

“Yez,” Zakath’s lips curved up into a serpent’s smile. “I am to serve as your second-in-command, or whatever title you chooze to give me, and I will overzee the interrogation of any prizoners.”

“That’s the initial assignment, yes. Though I imagine circumstances may change as time goes on,” Mks’ smile widened slightly. “In any case, welcome to Operation Styx. Now come, let’s get prepared for the briefing and to meet our new team, shall we?”

“Lead the way.” Zakath said, inclining his head.

Mks nodded slightly and swept past Zakath, leading the way out of the office, with the huge Barabel falling into step just behind him. The two passed the next few minutes in a comfortable silence as the Barabel reviewed the information on Operation: Styx and the background leading to it.

“If I may azk, Commander,” Zakath said, his eyes still on the datapad. “What prompted the formation of this operation? My underztanding iz that we will be conducting cover-upz?”

“Among other things, yes,” Mks replied as he glanced back at the Barabel. “Cover-ups will be the primary objective of this operation, though I imagine not the only things we will be placing our skills to use on. The briefing I was given also emphasized joint operations with other Battle Teams in the future once our infrastructure is more solidly in place.”

Mks paused and slapped the release button on a door leading into a large empty conference room, and entered while continuing on with his words.

“As for what prompted the operation’s creation, there has a recent spike in overt Force usage on Port Ol’val and elsewhere, enough that it threatens to expose a considerable amount of House Qel-Droma’s operations in the Dajorra system,” Mks said as he stepped up to the holoprojector and gestured to a plainly dressed man seated in front of it, who promptly began to tinker with the terminal. “Obviously, that cannot be allowed to continued. Hence, Operation Styx. Consider us a test-bed of sorts. If we’re successful on Port Ol’val, then our role will most likely expand to include a greater amount of Qel-Droman, and eventually, Arconan operations.”

“Ambitiouz,” Zakath noted as he watched the holoprojector come to life with interest, noting the various images that popped up as the man tinkered with it. “And judging from the imagez you are uzing, thiz operation iz already in play?”

“To an extent, yes,” Mks nodded slightly in agreement as he turned to face Zakath. “Limited operations that we’ve conducted to showcase our potential to the Clan Summit. This won their approval for a full-scale test on Port Ol’val. If we succeed in this, then the sky’s the limit to what we can achieve.”

“Interezting.” Zakath said after a long pause, a slow smile touching his lips as he reached out with the Force. “Then I look forward to seeing what we can achieve… Commander. And now it seemz our new people haz arrived.”

“So they have.” Mks agreed with aplomb. “Let’s get ready for glory, my friend.”


Want to read more? Join Styx!



  • With the exception of the Run-On, grading for the Dark Council’s December events have been completed. Those should be released soon, so keep your eyes out.
  • Valhavoc is stepping down as FIST. He’s done an amazing job keeping pace with new platforms and leading the Brotherhood’s gaming efforts into the modern age. Let’s all take a minute to thank him for his contributions.
  • Timeros is still kicking ass and taking names in the Grand Master’s Invitational Tournament. Everyone drop him a few words of encouragement when you see him on Telegram.
  • Do you have a need for speed?

    Ever wanted to make a piloting character but thought "eh, when would I ever use piloting?"

    Want to be a member of Arcona's first Legendary Unit?

    If you said yes to these (we will also accept only saying yes to questions 2 and 3), then it might be time you have a look at the Ace Pilot Initiative. The API was made for members who wanted to make a pilot and want to roleplay one without leaving your battleteam, allowing you to continue what you're doing while also getting access to some pretty cool craft and join in with some quite fun people.

    More details can be found on the wiki page here: https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Arconan_Aces

    Have a read, and keep on being awesome Arcona!

  • The Shadesworn Wiki has been significantly revamped. If you’re currently one of the Shadesworn, or interested in becoming one, check it out for more information. It’s a terrific fictional benefit for activity within Arcona.

  • Battleteam Membership Policy

    In order to promote activity and streamline our Battleteams, House Qel-Droma is enacting a policy of mandatory activity for Battleteam membership. Remaining in a Battleteam (as opposed to in the House at large) requires that members compete in at least one Battleteam/House/Clan competition a month. Members who don’t will be transferred to general House membership at the beginning of each month, effective February. Keep in mind, this isn’t a punishment. We would simply like to limit the breadth of focus required by our Battleteam Leaders and make sure our most active members have their needs met.

    Should members have extenuating circumstances and wish to maintain their membership in their Battleteam, they can let their Battleteam Leader and House Summit know. Such situations will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

    Members who have been so removed and wish to rejoin a Battleteam should email the prospective Battleteam Leader and their House Summit. Having been removed in the past will not be held against you.



  • With just a few days left in the current round of Captain Arcona: Civil War, make sure you check it out and get your submissions in.
  • Celahir and Dash are hosting a new competition titled It Takes Two. Make sure to sign up. I have, and I’d love to get paired with one of you so we can kick some ass together.
  • Adult Holo Star!
  • Arconan Flash Series
  • Arconan Gaming Dominance
  • Lastly (but certainly not leastly), Uji and Braecen will be hosting a follow-up to the Fall of SCEPTER competition series they ran. Fall of Perdition will be starting soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Additional competitions can be found in the Competition Center.



Adem Bol’era

  • Crescent w/Sapphire Star
  • Crescent w/Emerald Star

Alaris Jinn

  • Dark Side Scroll
  • Crescent w/Emerald Star

Altair Tellaryn

  • Crescent w/Ruby Star

Celevon Edraven

  • Crescent w/Ruby Star
  • Crescent w/Amethyst Star

Cyris Oscura

  • Dark Cross

Kanis Da’uul

  • Scroll of Indoctrination


  • Crescent w/Sapphire Star
  • Crescent w/Topaz Star


  • Dark Cross

Marick Arconae

  • Dark Side Scroll
  • Dark Cross
  • Steel Cross x2
  • Crescent w/Sapphire Star x2

Mks Ehn

  • Crescent w/Amethyst Star x2
  • Crescent w/Sapphire Star
  • Crescent w/Emerald Star

Nath Agrona

  • Crescent w/Sapphire Star
  • Crescent w/Emerald Star


  • Pendant of Blood

Rrogon Skar

  • Dark Cross


  • Legion of the Scholar
  • Pendant of Blood
  • Crescent w/Diamond Star x3
  • Crescent w/Ruby Star x5
  • Crescent w/Amethyst Star x3
  • Crescent w/Sapphire Star x3
  • Crescent w/Emerald Star
  • Grand Cross

Terran Koul

  • Crescent w/Ruby Star
  • Pendant of Blood


  • Steel Cross
  • Anteian Cross

Zakath Agrona

  • Pendant of Blood x2
  • Crescent w/Ruby Star
  • Crescent w/Sapphire Star
  • Crescent w/Emerald Star x2
  • Crescent w/Topaz Star



  • Royrafa Trytow promoted to Apprentice
  • Jokka promoted to Apprentice
  • Jaivan Andslandari promoted to Apprentice
  • Het’d Oero promoted to Novice
  • R41D-3R promoted to Neophyte
  • Lonewolf gained the rank of Knight. Good going, LW!
  • K’tana was promoted to Equite II. Congratulations, girl!
  • Zakath was promoted to Equite III. Congratulations, Lizardman.
  • I finally got EQ4! It only took fifteen years. Don’t be like me, kids.



  • Zakath gained GMRG X
  • Arcona had six members picked to guard Dark Councilors (out of nine possible slots) this Quarter. This is a huge deal, and they all deserve a heartfelt congratulations.
    • Rulvak
    • Celahir
    • Ernordeth
    • Zakath
    • Kordath
    • Mako



  • Revs rejoined us in Shadow Gate. Welcome back, buddy!
  • Debric Santhe transferred back in from the Rogues. He’s been away a long time, so make him feel at home.



  • Zakath kicks some serious GMRG ass
  • Battleteam membership is a privilege, not a right
  • Strat once again ninjas everyone else into looking bad with his medals


Quaestor Corner

Hey there, all. Sorry I haven’t been around much the past two weeks. Sadly, my laptop turned off for a final time almost a fortnight past. It shall be missed... Never fear, however, for I have one in reserve. I just need to drive and pick it up once I have more free time.

All of the shinies you guys have pulled in this past month is awesome! Keep up the good work! :D

Revs, Debric: Welcome back!

It’s a New Year, everyone... Time to get out that red pen whenever you accidentally write 2015 for the next month until it really sticks.

Those of you who are in regular membership should have a look at Battleteam Styx, which is accepting members. As Terran stated earlier, however, you can only remain in a Battleteam if you maintain activity through a bare minimum of one competition per month. The higher amount you participate and place in, however, could likely earn you a spot in the next month’s report fiction. Don’t let Strategos’ numbers intimidate you... unless, of course, he somehow makes a Character Sheet within the next decade.

Keep up the amazing work, everyone! See you next month!


Crescent Leaderboard

Member   Points
Strategos 81
Zakath 18
Mks 17
Marick 8
Adem 7
Nath 7
Altair 6
K'tana 6
Terran 6
Alaris 3


Closing Words

There you have it, boys and girls. Celevon is out for a bit, but your friendly neighborhood tyrantAedile is here to help and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Do all the things, be awesome, and keep kicking ass!

SBL Terran Koul
Aedile, House Qel-Droma

OP Celevon Edraven
Quaestor, House Qel-Droma

Kark you, Strat and your 81 Cresent [expletive deleted].

Grats to everyone else! Let's make 2016 epic as all hell! Xoxoxoxoxooxo!

Excellent, HQD. Welcome back to some old faces and the new. Let's keep seeing (heh) good things. ;P

Welcome back, Debric! Go HQD.

Well played HQD, glad to see you guys steamrolling through everything in your path!

Well done to all those who have gained awards, promotions etc, glad to see the clan is still as great as I remember. The note on BT membership seems very fair, the BTs should be there for those who want to participate, having spent 3 months as a BTL, I remeber what its like (vaguely), keep up the fantastic work, I look forward to once again be participating in clan activities with you all. As a side note, some things havnt changed in 9 years, Strat is still gathering enough awards to build a small model town (used to be a fort).

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