HSD Disciples of Dakhan BTL August Report: Adieu, Citadel Station


HSD Disciples of Dakhan BTL August Report: Adieu, Citadel Station



August Report: Adieu, Citadel Station

I would like to congratulate all of our CNS winners regardless of what subgroup they belong to. We’ve all been given a lot of opportunity to shine in a variety of categories and there were many participants who put in a ton of effort right up until the end. Kudos to the organizers for putting this together as well. As for the rest of this report I will be narrowing the scope of participation to this battle team only. The container competition as well as Songs and Merriment have not yet been graded so they have been excluded.


Battle Team Recognitions:

[Phase 1] Hold Your Drink - 12 participants - (Erik Cato - 2nd place) & (Jinius Griffin - 5th Place)

[Phase 1] Bar Trivia - 8 participants - (Erik Cato - 5th Place)

[Phase 1] Puzzling it out - 10 participants - (Erik Cato - 2nd Place)

[Phase 1] Mix It Up - 11 participants - (Erik Cato - 2nd Place)

[Phase 2] When Fists Go Flying - 16 Participants - (Erik Cato - 2nd Place) & (Jinius Griffin - 10th Place)

Conspiracy Theories - 7 Participants - (Jinius Griffin - 2nd Place)

[Phase 2] A United Front - 12 Participants - (Erik Cato - 5th Place)

[Phase 2] Sadow Operations - 11 Participants - (Erik Cato - 2nd Place)

Well there you have it. I was hoping to grab some of the first placements but alas this was not the case. I guess I’ll just have to fight a little harder next time.

To Knight Jinius Griffin I say well done! Your fiction-fu is very strong and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I realize you’ve been busy with the SA so I appreciate the fact that you put a lot of effort into the Conspiracy Theories competition. According to Bentre the fiction grading was very tight and you deserve an extra round of applause. As an added bonus I see that you’ve ranked up in the Inquisitorious. Keep up the excellent work.

To those who haven’t been able to participate you're really missing out. I’ve sent a few emails previously to get your attention and if you have a moment to respond to them it would still be greatly appreciated.


Still Hungry for Placements?


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Dozens of Games II

Clear My Name

August Trivia #4


Well I guess that’s it then. Oh wait…


I’ll be organizing a small two week fiction competition for the House to take part in. It will begin as of the 31st of August at which point the details will be revealed to everyone.


Until next time, Disciples.

I heard fiction! You can pretty much always count on me for fiction comps!

Good showing and good report, Erik! I may have made waves in the writing but you had some rockin' participation. We'll kick butt in the next one!

Good report, Erik. Thank you! And well done to House Shar Dakhan!

Very nice report Erik! I look forward to returning to HSD someday and bringing it all the glory it rightfully deserves!

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