HSD Quaestor Report #1 - Exciting times!


HSD Quaestor Report #1 - Exciting times!


Pride of Dakhan - Striker Cruiser

In Orbit of Aeotheran

Battlemaster Evelynn Wyrm stood quietly in contemplation on the bridge of Shar Dakhan’s new flagship, Pride of Dakhan. This Strike Cruiser would be her new base of operation in the foreseeable future. The recent campaign had wore on all of the members of Naga Sadow and Tarentum’s joint forces. The Sith Artifact had become something that no one expected. Half of the Warhost troops, and the Tarentii troops as well, had come under the influence of the spectres on Qirool VI. When the dust had settled however, both clans had come out on top. The Sith Artifact, the Temple, and the spectres had all been dealt with. Now it was time for more pressing matters.

Pravus and the Inquisitorius forces were making their presence felt throughout the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Recently there had been destruction of Warhost forces and even system wide annihilation of forces, like the loss of the entire Cocytus System. Scholae Palatinae had been reduced to little more than a shell of their former selves. These reports from her new Aedile Jurdan Krennel, a recent survivor of the Grandmaster’s temper, had worried her deeply. The time would soon come that Naga Sadow would need to defend itself. This is what Shar Dakhan would try and help stop. The same thing would not happen to Aeotheran.

Evelynn’s pacing had begun to worry the bridge officers of the Pride of Dakhan. They hid behind their consoles as she walked back and forth. The wrath of their Quaestor was not something that they wanted to incur this day. One of her Lieutenants walked up to her and halted her pacing. He whispered something into her ear and turned on his heels quickly making his way off the bridge.

“Captain,” Evelynn said sharply, “make ready my shuttle for take off. I have a meeting to attend on Aeotheran. Something has come up planetside. Keep the ship in one piece while I’m gone.”

Evelynn walked off of the bridge and made her way for the hangar. There was an emergency meeting called in Shar Dakhan’s headquarters and she would be in attendance.


New Ties

Well, New Ties is over. It was an awesome event with our friends in Tarentum, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of our cooperation, and much more is still to come. As far as Clan Naga Sadow is concerned, I am happy to say we took four of the top five places overall, three of which come from House Shar Dakhan (the best house, obviously). Full participation details can be found in Frosty’s report here.


CNS Fools

I am running a small clanwide event during our downtime from major Club events. Some of the prompts are weird compared to the usual, so I urge you to read the competition details carefully! The container can be found here.


HSD General News

The first thing I want to bring to your attention is that we are rapidly losing members to the real world. This is highly unfortunate, especially since the DJB has sort of become a second home for me. On that note, I want to hear from you! Tell me everything and anything that is on your mind concerning the DJB. Do you want more of specific types of competitions? Do you want to do stuff that is currently not being done? Is there a way to upgrade your experience? I know it sounds cliché but I am here to answer any questions or try and resolve any problems you are having.

Next, I want to congratulate you on a job well done since I have become Quaestor. Many of you have made my life easier by being awesome! Henceforth, I will be awarding Aexodcookies to the member who has impressed me the most throughout the month. This month’s Aexodcookie goes to Locke, who has truly stepped up to the plate since resigning from Consul, and has been involved in many activities, whether it be promoting HotS, or participation in New Ties, placing, as already mentioned, fourth overall.


Last, but certainly not least, I want to draw your attention to our upcoming event, courtesy of our lovely Aedile, Jurdan. The event can be found here. I urge you to participate as this event will be added as official House lore, and the overall winner will be allowed to choose the prompt for the next House Shar Dakhan event! More about this from Jurdan himself, so keep an eye open!


Final Words

This has been an active month for our Clan, and I am extremely satisfied with how you all stepped up and did all the things. As for the others, I am looking forward to hearing from you and learning what it is we’re doing wrong and/or could do better! I highly recommend that you join our [Telegram Channel - Log in to view join link] as this is where most of the fun happens, whether it be random chit chat and getting to know eachother, competitions like live trivia sessions (which I will start holding regularly once again, I promise(™) ), or discussions about Dark Jedi Brotherhood events.

Yours Faithfully,


If the cookies are Aexod flavor, is it a reward or a punishment? Nice report :)

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