Tarentum Consul Report: New Ties Results and Final Words


Tarentum Consul Report: New Ties Results and Final Words


New Ties Results

New Ties was a fun co-op event. I've enjoyed hosting it with Sang and everyone else involved. I hope you guys enjoyed the events. Before I present the results I'd like to apologize for the delay in grading, I got really busy IRL just at the end of the event. But that's life. What can you do? :)

Week 1

Clan Entries_ Participants_ Total Points
Tarentum 42 13 65
Naga Sadow 117 19 165

Week 2

Clan Entries_ Participants_ Total Points
Tarentum 22 9 34
Naga Sadow 46 13 86

Week 3 and Event Long Competitions

Clan Entries_ Participants_ Total Points
Tarentum 20 9 58
Naga Sadow 44 12 126

Final Standings

Clan Entries_ Participants_ Total Points
Tarentum 85 16 157
Naga Sadow 210 20 413


Clan Average Entries_ Average Points_
Tarentum 5.3 9.81
Naga Sadow 10.5 20.65

New Ties


Naga Sadow pretty much killed it! Gratz to them and gratz to the victors! I'd also like to congratulate every Tarenti that participated and to Ranarr for placing third. He's really a champion of Tarentum.


Now that New Ties is over, time to get back in the saddle with these fun and easy competitions:


  • The DGM report is out. You should read it HERE. It has the quarterly unit report and other juicy stuff.
  • A new gaming update has been posted by the Fist staff. You should definitely give it a read if you're a gamer.
  • Laren Uscot was selected as the new Praetor the Headmaster. Read the announcement.
  • 12 weeks haiku is back!
  • Additional Character slots and NPCs were introduced. Read more about it HERE.

Tarentum News

  • Kromtal has posted a new Rollmaster Report.
  • Liath Aedile position open for applications. Read more HERE
  • Geosh has stepped down as Mortis Aedile due to RL contraints. We thank him for his service!
  • In other Tarentum news I will be vacating the Consul of Tarentum position. It's been close to a year since I took the position. I've entered this position with great ambitions and with the "small steps" policy in mind. I think Tarentum grew from month to month and we've even managed to open up a new House, Liath. I couldn't have done it without you, Tarenti. It has been an honor serving with you and for you. But now my life has gotten really busy with work and I just don't have as much time as I'd like to put into it. I thank you for allowing me to be your Consul! It has been an honor!

You will probably be hearing more from GM Pravus on the future of this position. We'll that's all folks. Time to go back being a regular soldier. A nice little break from the stress of it all. :)


Frosty Romanae Tarentae

Consul of Tarentum

Thank you Frosty, Beef and the rest of Tarentum for taking the time out to do New Ties with us. I hope you enjoy the time away from the hot seat, Frosty! Congrats to all of you who worked hard and placed in New Ties.

Stay Frosty, dude!

Looks like you guys had some fun and got some insight into the state of things on both ends. Looking forward to what the future holds for y'all.

Being CON is never easy, but we appreciate your tenacity and dedication, bossman. Thanks to CNS for New Ties. Let's look ahead to the GJW. Tarentum Momentum!

Thank you all for participating. Hope you get a much needed break Frosty.

Sorry to see you go, Snowman. You've done a great job this past year, thank you for your service and leadership.

Thanks for all your hard work Frosty. We've come a long way.

You are a great person and a pillar of Tarentum. We love you Frosty. Thanks for everything.

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