July Report: Family Fued between (CNS) and (CSP)


July Report: Family Fued between (CNS) and (CSP)



July is here and we have a few things in store. Let’s see what we have...

Brotherhood News

  • New Magistrates have been chosen!

  • Lightsabers,Whips and Robes Oh my!

  • There is a recent change in the policy when dealing with Clusters of Ice

  • New people chosen in the Wiki Staff!

  • We have some code changes for July

The Feud has come! First Phase and interlude has concluded currently we need to step up the game. So let’s get it going for Phase Two Naga Sadow!

House News

We still have Phase 2 going on so please participate as much as you can. So gear up and go for it! Also, sad to say we wave goodbye to Aul Celsus as he goes to Shar Dakhan to become a Battleteam Leader there. Because we have also had so much inactivity in Shadow’s Bane, I have chosen to close it for the time being. If you would like to join the NightHawks Battleteam, send me an email. I am hoping that even with one Battleteam, we can create a stronger team that works together.

Here are links to some of the competitions running and coming up.


For more competitions, check them out here


6x Clusters of Ice, Participated in Feud

Participated in Feud

4x Clusters of Fire, 4x Clusters of Ice, Appointed to Magistrate of the Headmaster of Assistants

Has been doing some wiki work and participated in Feud

30x Clusters of Fire, 5x Clusters of Earth, 1x Crescent of Ruby Star awarded, 1 x Crescent of Amethyst Star awarded

Participated in some competitions

8x Clusters of Fire, 2x Clusters of Ice, 1 Crescent of Ruby Star awarded, 1x Crescent of Amethyst Star Awarded

1x Crescent of Amethyst Star awarded

Promoted from Initiate to Apprentice

Ask the Quaestor and Aedile!

Atra asks: When will you be falling in line with the Grand Master's directive and purging yourself of all those pesky honor-based emotions and hopes?

Tasha says: Whenever I feel like becoming a mindless tool.

Ophelia: We did that already.

Firith asks: As your soon to be former Blackguard, what advice can you give me to move ahead in my life within CNS and the DJB?

Tasha says: I would say to do something you enjoy doing. There are fiction stories you can write, plenty of competitions to participate in, and many other things. It depends on what kind of goal you have in mind and what you would like to achieve.

Ophelia: Find something you enjoy doing and get good at it. Want to do leadership? Then work on it and ask for projects.

Atra asks: Why haven't you crushed CSP under foot yet? Is it merely that they outnumber you, or is it that they embrace the dark that you fight?

Tasha says: I haven't awakened my monster Aedile yet.

Qyreia asks: Can we expect any inter-House cooperative and/or competitive events between the Feud and the upcoming GJW?

Tasha says: I would have to talk to Darkblade and Zachary about that.

Ophelia: If i get to kill HSD, yes.

Atra asks: What suggestions do you have for participating in competitions that may not be to either one's personal liking or even to their skills? What can one do to ensure their participation supports the clan even when their skills and interests clash?

Tasha says: That is a very tough question. I try to do my best to help encourage, motivate, and work with my clan, but again it is ultimately up to them to choose to do it. Most times all I can do is help encourage them to step up to the challenge and try to do the best they can. I can never promise them they will always win, but I can help motivate. Participation still unfortunately is one of the hardest challenges I have faced so far.

As for a person I take it as the mindset of a challenge or trial I have in front of me. The question I ask myself is will I let this get the better of me or will I tackle and overcome it? Once I decide to overcome the obstacle I motivate and push myself to do it. No matter how difficult, annoying, or regardless of my skill I will try to do it. You have to look past the initial this is too hard or boring and will yourself to do it.

Ophelia: Do what you enjoy. Hate fiction? Give it a whirl anyway, no harm in trying. Get better at things you aren’t good at. Learn, develop and get better. Ask for help if you get stuck and those who are good to teach you.

Just learn and develop in everything you do.

Tasha’s Corner

Heya all, it has been an exciting bit for the Versea Family. We have been in the process of moving up to Alaska. So far it has been nice and i’ve been settling down and starting up work. Things so far in DJB have been sort of quiet except for the current Feud. Overall, I am hoping we can continue to thrive and do some awesome things. Again if you need any help, have questions, concerns, comments, or ideas feel free to contact me either telegram @Tasha’vel or [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Ophelia’s Spot

Basically been working away this month. First job in a while and working 6 day weeks. New lady in my life and playing pokemon go. Not to mention nearly achieving 100% in the Feud. Life is good. Done a few projects and generally been kicking about. Looking forward to my new OPhelia commission so you can all see what beautiful monster your Aedile is.

Not much else to say this month. Have a good rest of the feud guys.

Email: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


  • We have a little fiction!
  • Lots of News Articles!
  • The Feud Phase 2 is running and ends in August!(Participate!)
  • A couple competitions are running.(Go participate!)
  • We have some active people!
  • A few good questions.
  • Battleteam Shadows Bane has been closed.(Aul moves to Shar Dakhan. (Gonna miss my Auly.sniff)

Till next time,


Nice report. Good to see members participating in the Feud. Keep it up guys!

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