Naga Sadow: Before the Bowl


Naga Sadow: Before the Bowl


Good evening, Sadowans. Or maybe it is good morning for some? In any case, I bid you a good one. I am going to be touching on a couple of things this month, highlighting our members who have been recently recognized, chatting a bit about the Pro Bowl, highlighting some competitions of particular note or interest and some other Consul-like things. So without any further ado or fanfare, let's get into things.


The Direction/Projects of Naga Sadow

We currently have more than a few interesting things cooking for Clan Naga Sadow. One thing that is being spearheaded by our Rollmaster is going to be some RP activities using those shiny new rules laid down by the Voice and the Exarch. Another involves the "what is the next chapter for the Clan" and "how do we make the story of the Orian Empire more engaging and fun for everybody, so that everybody can contribute to and build our collective and individual narratives in greater ways."

Do be sure to put a pin in the fictional stuff to check back in upcoming reports as we do have some things cooking. The Pro Bowl we are going to be participating in will give us a little more time in the kitchen to get some of these things ready for all of you. We want to be sure that we get it done right.

There are other things we have which are a little more immediate: we will be running Clan-level or Clan-sponsored competitions which will be gathered together under a month's theme and could even be considered like very low-pressure events that very naturally push an underlying narrative forward. That isn't to say that these stories and competitions will replace the bigger fictional competitions or events that we have sometimes run. It just means that we will be paying closer attention to keeping a more visible,running, overarching storyline that will give a greater feeling of an ongoing narrative rather than bursts of FICTION followed by quiet periods.

Now, there are some more traditional projects like Wiki updating (which is pretty constant if sporadic) that we are still working on. However, if you have any interest in helping out or even perhaps an idea that you want to give in a way that we could better engage you as a member, feel free to reach out to myself or your Summit. In particular, if you have ideas, concepts, or maybe even want to help run something from the RP-session front I am sure that our Rollmaster would be more than glad to work with you in helping to create something that we can all enjoy as both a Clan and as members alike.


Recent Accolades and Recognitions

We have seen a number of recent awards and even some promotions of late from Clan Naga Sadow since my last report. I wanted to take a moment to highlight you all here today!

  • Taaj Veg was promoted all the way from lowly initiate up to a Neophyte!
  • Revi Stryde has been promoted up to the rank of Novice!
  • Tobias (aka Syntari) recieved a Dark Cross
  • Malik Sadow earned a Dark Cross
  • Jashashi "Vesh" Zaes earned a Dark Cross
  • Jinius Griffin earned a Dark Cross
  • Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar earned a Dark Cross
  • Etah Obsidyn earned an Anteian Cross
  • Raistlin Sadow earned a Steel Cross!
  • Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow earned a Sapphire Blade!
  • Tasha'Vel Versea earned an Amethyst Kukri!
  • Malisane Sadow earned his Dark Sage - Tactics Shadow Academy Degree
  • (the Consul also did get his promo to Elder but I wanted to be sure to uphold all of you first)

I considered briefly to give a description of what exactly earned each member their award, but I was hit by a thought. I thoroughly believe that a short blurb about a member does not do them justice, and as such I invite you all to click on the links in each entry so that you can join me in celebrating our fellow Sadowans for their accomplishments.


The Pro Bowl

To quote Selika of Clan Plagueis, "the Pro Bowl is is a three-week, multi-event competition designed to test each and every member of the Clans." I am sure that you all remember the last time that Clan Naga Sadow participated in the Pro Bowl. We are going to be doing a bit of a return to form. The members of the Clans will be split into teams through an alternating draft, to form three teams.

Once you all have your teams, the emphasis will be on showing up and participating!

I know the last time was a lot of fun to run and to compete in, and I hope that we will see all of you take part in the Pro Bowl. Remember, that the Pro Bowl is a competition that is won by doing, not necessarily just by placing. Show up, represent your team, and win together! :D

Stay tuned for more details from the Pro Bowl organizers in the coming weeks and for the launch of this three week, inter-Clan event.


Competitions and Such of Note

  • A threat has been detected. Tell the tale of how you "go dark" to liberate a kidnapped individual in Malisane's Protection Duty fiction competition.
  • Given I know that some of our number play and enjoy Heroes of the Storm, I feel I would be remiss if I didn't point to the GMRG's Taking Shots at the HoTS bots competition.
  • Speaking of Heroes of the Storm, the Clan will be running a Heroes of the Storm Cluster Race that members can participate in. If you are new to Heroes of the Storm? Well you would be in luck, as the mode in question is also versus bots in order to keep things both fair and fun. This competition will be running up until roughly the start of the Pro Bowl.
  • The Consul is currently running a Big Bowl of Star Wars trivia series that can test your knowledge of the Star Wars movies that will be running for the remainder of this month.
  • An interesting fiction competition in the form of the Word Bank series is available in which members can write about investigating an archeological site. The Chapter One competition gives you a chance to, within some slightly out-of-the-ordinary parameters to tell the tale of ruins on Dromund Kaas. Want to know more? Click this link to check it out.
  • Xantros of CSP is running a puzzle series of competitions that many might find as a fun diversion.
  • The Justicar is running a graphics competition that takes a slightly comic-al twist in which you can draw your character in the form of a Venom Symbiote bond. I for one am hoping I find inspiration to do something REALLY awesome with this and I am sure that many of you are more creative than I am and could hit it out of the park in this competition.

These are a few of the competitions that you can find on the trusty, old competitions page you can check if you find yourself wanting more opportunities to compete for Crescents and chances to express yourself!


Parting Words

The Summit and myself will be putting out some competitions in the interim before the Pro Bowl, will be running some gaming nights (watch the Clan chat) that folks can take part in and more in the coming weeks. I look forward to the report in this next month, and I hope that on the other side of the Pro Bowl, we will have lots of reasons to praise and recognize all of you.

For now, I will leave you with a thought that has been occurring to me repeatedly of late: "The Orian System is a big place." I mean, yeah, there is a lot that has been etched out in some detail, but there is always more land that can be expanded upon or utilized.

There is a place in the system, much like in our Clan, for all of you to shine. There is a place within our Clan that you can flourish, a role you can fill, or a story that you can tell and that we can share together beyond just the big bullet point story lines. I hope that with RP activity being a thing in the Brotherhood, we will be able to explore these possibilities together.

If nothing else, I hope that we can rock the Brotherhood together once again.

I Am, As Ever, Your Servant in Darkness,


Overlord of Naga Sadow

Excellent report as always Sir. Looking forward to it all! Congrats to all our promotees and award recipiants!

Very nice report. Looking forward to working with CNS members in the upcoming Pro Bowl.

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