Overseer report #:7 Look at how the time fly's.


Overseer report #:7 Look at how the time fly's.



Hey everyone. Wow, that war was something right? In all honesty, I feel that we did pretty damn good. Especially with how many of you put in 120% and got all the bins done, and then some. But I’ll get to the details of that praise a little later in the report. I’ve got some important information, some fun stuff to look through, and some new arrivals. Apologies for this report being late. Almost forgot what day it was, and this first week back to work and in the heat has been kicking my butt :P Can’t believe we’re already halfway through 2020.

  • New recruits!
  • Promotions!
  • Looking forward...
  • Shout out!
  • Competitions
  • News
  • Conclusion



New recruits!

This last month has brought us two new joins. Allow me to introduce these two wonderful new people to you. Give a huge welcome to, Xanatos Xavier, and Livia Mariquita Daffel (who is also my littlest sister in RL). Woooo welcome to the Ascendant Clan, happy to have all of you. Hope you two are having a great time here and loads of fun!



Congrats to both of our newcomers on already achieving new ranks. Congrats to Xanatos on reaching the rank of Novice (Novitiate 3), and to Livia Mariquita Daffel for already reaching the rank of Neophyte (Journeyman 1)!! Great job and hope to help you both keep going.


Looking forward...


Our next fun, and easy, event is our upcoming Pro Bowl with Taldryan, and Naga Sadow! Prologue week starts on the 31st of this month, and the official start of the Pro Bowl is on the 8th of August. Now these competitions are super easy fun and the great thing is that we’ll be in teams. If this is your first Pro Bowl (I know there are a few newbies), don’t sweat it, this is all for fun and the shinies. You’ll be a part of a team of members made from all three clans who are participating. At the end of the Prologue week, the Consuls will pick their teams and then the event begins. May the best team win, and have fun!
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to send a message over Telegram or email me or any of the summit members.


Shout out!

TuQ’uan has decided to retire from his Leadership role for a bit. He has done 3 years, doing various roles from BTL to PCON, and he has been awesome in every instance. I wanted to take this moment and give him a huge THANK YOU!! TuQ you have been such a great leader and friend, always up for answering my sometimes dumb questions, and helping me when there was something needing done. I am so proud to have had you as a guide and someone to look up to. I seriously looked back at all the emails you sent me during events, from when you were AED, RM, and QUA, checking in on me and asking how things were going. I appreciated that greatly. I’m also proud to have worked alongside you as your AED in Karness Muur, and when I became QUA of Ajunta Pall. Thanks for everything you have taught me and for everything you’ve done for Plagueis. Have fun in retirement mode, and good luck in your upcoming endeavors.
BTW Tahiri still owes TuQ a new hat, I’ll have to write up that fiction soon. :)



Alrighty, there are lots of competitions going right now, so let's get to it!

As always head over to the Competitions tab to see more and upcoming competitions.





As always, if anyone wants to reach me with questions or just want to talk, I can be found on [Telegram - Log in to view join link] and of course by email. Definitely hit me up if you have any questions on the Pro Bowl, especially if this is your first time, and about anything else.

See you around,


Woo hoo! Pro Bowl! I wonder what I'm cooking up for you all :)

Excellent work as always, Tahiri!

I find this to be a cool report on account of the refreshing content and Frozen gif.

Awesome Report

Excellent report, Tahiri! Let's get this Pro Bowl starteeeed!

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