Plagueis Consul Report: 1/9/2021


Plagueis Consul Report: 1/9/2021


Welcome, everyone, to my first report of 2021! We have some cool stuff to cover, so let's get on with it.


New Tyranus Summit

Recently, Kelly and I had to appoint an entirely new summit after Shimura and Marcus's departures. As a result, we have a brand new summit for House Tyranus: Quaestor Taranae Rhode and Aedile Khryso Mallus!

Tara and Khryso have been working to provide fun competitions for both Tyranus and Plagueis, including this little competition inspired by the destruction of the Circle. I strongly urge all Tyrants to participate!


Upcoming Feud

As several of you already know, we have been working with Clan Odan-Urr on an upcoming feud that will take place between February and March. To tease y'all a bit, here's a preview of our side of the story:

***Within the preceding months, Plagueis has been recuperating from a Killik invasion and strike from the Phantom Assembly, led by former di Plagia Laren Uscot, who surprised no one with this sudden but inevitable betrayal. The Circle's destruction has dealt a symbolic blow to the Clan, pushing Dread Lord Ronovi Tavisaen to reorganize the House Tyranus summit and order the construction of both the Helot Prison Complex and Damask Academy, the latter being where, as the clan states, the real learning begins.

Meanwhile, intel from TuQ'uan Varick di Plagia indicates that Uscot's next target is Myrkr, a planet that potentially houses an artifact that could provide more power and energy to the clan's industries and ranks. Tavisaen has begun drafting a military order to quietly travel to the planet in order to search for the relic. However, Plagueis may not be alone in seeking it out...***

Where did this blurb come from? Why. from none other than our latest Clan Pulsefeed Aggregator! I encourage all of you to read up on every clan, not just ours.


Lore Building

Part of what Plagueis does best is lore building, and we've got some cool stuff along the way. Here's what's been destroyed and what's being created:

  • The Circle, our former training grounds, was decimated by Laren Uscot and the Phantom Assembly. Let us take off our hats and remember the symbol of our clan's growth.

  • Meanwhile, a new academy develops. Damask Academy is where, as opposed to the Shadow Academy, the real dark side training begins.

If you would like to add to our lore and structure on the wiki and in our storyline, please don't hesitate to contact the summit.


DB-Wide News



Zuser asks: Who would you shove into a locker?


Liandry asks: And why would it be Zuser?

'Cause he squandered my Whyren's.

How excited are you for Plagueis this year?

On a scale of one to ten? These go up to eleven.

Ronovi isn't going to get jealous that Liandry has a big bodyguard now is she? :P

Nah, she good. She has plenty of women to woo, including Ranin.

If Ronovi could have one Possessions item she doesn't currently own, what would it be and why?

A better speeder bike. Not sure which yet.

How does Ronovi feel about the new Tyranus summit?


Andrelious asks: Is Andrelious now a bounty for leaving?

Nope. Ronovi has bigger fish to fry.

Aura/Blade asks: I've replaced all the cookies with lightside cookies. How do you like them?


Aleister asks: What would Ronovi do if, hypothetically, a small independent colony in the edge of Plagueis space, hypothetically, got reduced to ash by a group that, may or may not be, affiliated with Plagueis? ... hypothetically... maybe... I'm not apologizing.

To quote Sir Integra from Hellsing Abridged: WHAT did you do?

Tahiri asks: Has Ronovi made any New Year resolutions?

Smile less, slaughter more.

Can Tahiri come on your next sushi adventure with Tasha and Erinyes?

But of course!

Erinyes asks: When are we having another fun- and gore-filled adventure?


Can all three of those things be on the same adventure, like last time?

Fun, gore, and sushi? Abso-total-lutely.

Does that restaurant serve Togruta sashimi, and if so, have you verified that Tahiri's alive and well?


Tasha asks: Will Ronovi and Tasha ever pay the restaurant for all that sushi?



Folks, it is a new year, and 2021 has just asked 2020 to hold its beer. Time to hunker down, down a shot, and get to dark sidin'.

Let's kick some arse!

Love the report Ronovi! Haha I love your response to Erinyes' questions! Also yay, Tahiri gets to have sushi for dinner (or lunch, even breakfast would be acceptable)! :)

I didn't figure we would ever pay that bill. XD,

Another Sushi adventure sounds great. I will have to take you out to some places Tahiri.

I was minding my own business!

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